The UK asserts that criminal trafficking groups are plotting to cross the Channel into Britain.

  • A new platform for Channel crossings is being established by asylum seekers as they gather in this country.
  • German-based sites are being used to store dinghies by organized crime groups as well.
  • Six in ten migrants only arrive in France the day after they cross. 

It was revealed last night that Germany has become a major hub for immigrants trying to reach Britain.

Asylum seekers have begun to gather in this country, as it serves as an entry point for Channel crossings that are being orchestrated by criminal gangs.

Sources say that organized crime groups use German sites as a place to keep dinghies or other small boats for crossings.

Six in ten migrants only arrive in France the day after they try to cross, and travel through Belgium and the Netherlands.

Sources in the UK described Germany as “the hub of criminal trafficking gangs” and called it the UK’s most established European country. 

The criminals also have this location as a hub for their supply chains. There, boats, life jackets, and equipment can be sourced to channel crossings.

Germany is becoming a hub for migrants attempting to reach Britain, it emerged last night. Asylum seekers are massing in the country as a new staging post for Channel crossings masterminded by people-smuggling gangs

According to last night’s revelations, Germany is now a destination hub for immigrants seeking asylum in Britain. The country is becoming a hub for asylum seekers, as it serves as an entry point to Channel crossings orchestrated by people-smuggling groups.

Priti Patel, Home Secretary of India, attacked EU open border policies that allow migrants to freely access the continent. She called for action from Brussels. 

Officials from the UK are growing dissatisfied at the French response to the crisis. 

During the last major Channel surge – which saw the ‘Jungle’ camp spring up at Calais in 2015 – France sent 3,500 of its tough Compagnies Republicaines de Securite officers to the area.

By comparison, the UK’s latest £54million handout to Emmanuel Macron’s government has seen just a couple of hundred reservist gendarmes deployed. 

Organised crime groups are also using German sites to store dinghies and other small boats used to attempt crossings, sources said

According to sources, organised crime groups use German sites as a place to keep dinghies or other small boats for cross-border crossings.

Officials from Britain believe that the French are unable to cope with the large numbers of gang-related arrests.

Yesterday, however, France’s president took aim at Britain over the crisis.

He stated that the British oscillate between provocation and partnership. Collaboration must be strengthened.

This month, more than 4,000 migrants have reached the country.

That’s 23761 people who have arrived at UK shores in this year. More are expected to arrive tomorrow as more brave the harsh conditions.