As the number of people crossing into Scotland continues to rise, channel migrants are now being taken 500 miles by bus to Scotland. 

Dozens have taken the eight-hour journey to Dungavel immigration detention centre in Strathaven, South Lanarkshire in the last few weeks, according to a pressure group. 

Although migrants were previously processed at Dover’s Home Office temporary holding facility, officials have had to move the record number of arrivals, which was 4,000, further afield. 

Until now, migrants have been processed in Home Office short-term holding facilities an hour or two from Dover, but a record 4,000 arrivals this month have forced officials to use facilities further away. Pictured: Home Secretary Priti Patel

Although migrants were previously processed at Home Office temporary holding facilities located an hour to two minutes from Dover by the Home Secretary, a record number of arrivals in this month’s March have forced officials into using facilities farther away. Pictured with Priti Patel (Home Secretary) 

Dozens have taken the eight-hour journey to Dungavel immigration detention centre in Strathaven, South Lanarkshire (pictured) in the last few weeks, according to a pressure group

According to a pressure group, dozens of people have made the eight-hour trip to Dungavel, South Lanarkshire’s immigration detention center. (pictured).

Dungavel is an immigrant removal center that is often used to house failed asylum seekers before they are deported. Eight other centres are located in the UK: seven in England and one Northern Ireland. 

The Guardian was informed by Kate Alexander, Director of Scottish Detainee Visitors: “When I visited Dungavel in October I learned that approximately 50 individuals who crossed the Channel with small boats were brought to Dungavel for processing.” 

The staff said that it was only the second instance in one month.

How do migrants get settled in the UK after arriving? 

If a migrant has been picked up at the border or is intercepted at sea, they are usually taken to Dover’s Border Force Processing Centre. 

Arrivals are assessed for any potential medical issues and vulnerabilities. They also get fed, checked for criminal records and checked. Before being allowed to stay in accommodation centres across Britain, they must undergo an interview. This is paid for by the UK taxpayers.

The migrants are given £37.75 per week for essentials like food, clothes and toiletries while they wait for a decision on their asylum application. Kent County Council typically takes unaccompanied children into care. But, there are other local authorities involved.

Some migrants may be held in a detention center before they are sent to Europe. Five were expelled last year, despite ministers admitting to having ‘difficulties. 

While a member of the EU, Britain was part of the Dublin Regulation, an EU-wide deal that required migrants to apply for asylum in the first member state they arrive in and could be deported back to that country if they moved on to another.

However, no formal arrangement has been made to permit migrants to be sent to France or other EU members since Brexit.  

The Home Office stated that the British public had grown tired of watching people die on the Channel, while the ruthless criminal groups profit from the misery. Their new plan for immigration will address the systemic problems which allow migrants to take this deadly journey. 

‘People should claim asylum in the first safe country they reach – rather than making dangerous journeys to the UK.

“That’s why we’ll have rules to insure that asylum applications are not admissible in countries where the claimants have traveled through, or have connections to safer places. 

The minister had warned French officials that they were not doing enough to enforce their land borders well enough to stop people from crossing the Channel.  

Minister argues that French officials don’t enforce their land borders ‘well enough to stop migrants crossing the Channel’.

After crossing the Channel by small boats, more than 24700 people arrived in Britain this year. This figure is almost triple the amount in 2020.

Paul Scully (Business minister), defended Priti Patel’s performance face to the number of arrivals and said Sky News: ‘(It’s) because we’ve made an arrangement with France which unfortunately isn’t being affected well enough currently, and that’s what we should go back and complete.

He continued, “One of our things is to stop the draw factors. We’ve got stop people traveling through unsafe countries like France to get to the UK.

“Actually we have to ensure they receive the best treatment in France.

He stated that while migrants can see the channel crossing because of the insufficient enforcement on both the French and the land sides, the French border is not being properly enforced. While we don’t allow illegal immigrants to be treated differently than legal ones, these pull factors are what we continue to work on and try to eliminate at all costs.

One of the 200 migrants that sailed yesterday along Kent’s coast held a baby in its arms.

The aftermath of the three boats landing near Dungeness was captured on video, showing around 65 people trying to squeeze onto each boat.

The new arrivals bring the total number to have made it to the UK this month to 4,019, exceeding the previous record of 3,879 in September. This year's total is now a record-breaking 23,761

This month, 4,019 people have arrived in the UK. That’s more than the 3,879 September record. Record-breaking 23761 people have arrived in the UK this year.

Migrants huddle together on the beach at Dungeness yesterday after three crammed boats arrived on the shoreline

Yesterday, migrants congregated on Dungeness beach after three large boats arrived.

Witnesses reported that Border Force personnel led the men from the beach to their coaches, which were mainly filled with men.

Paul Fenney was 40 years old and from Folkestone (Kent) when he spotted the landings.

New proposal suggests that migrants might be housed in Army barracks, rather than hotel rooms.

The Government is facing criticism from the task force that will examine options for housing asylum seekers at Army barracks, rather than in hotels.

Boris Johnson has appointed Steve Barclay as Chancellor of Lancaster, to handle the matter of rising numbers of immigrants arriving on Britain’s shores. The Sunday Times reported.

This paper stated that the initiative would consider accommodation options, including the possibility to reduce benefits. Return agreements could be strengthened and offshoring to third-country countries during claims processing, according the paper.

Labour accused Priti Paltel, the Home Secretary, of failing to stem the flow.    

Mr Fenney stated that he had seen three ambulances, three coaches, and 40 police or RNLI boats.

“There was only one coach left, it had been full. On the back of the bus it stated that it was an 87-seater. The coach to our right was a coach with about 10 people. We walked towards the ocean and saw about 90.

“There were 3 boats. They were overloaded. The mother of a baby was also rushed to safety by female paramedics.

“We saw ten little boys. They looked as if they were walking on their own. They were walking with Border Force members.

“The majority of them were men. I saw one woman with a very tiny baby on her chest.

This year, more than 247,000 migrants arrived in the UK.  

These news come amid reports of asylum seekers getting tattoos featuring Jesus and cruxifixes, as proof they converted to Christianity. They cannot return to the Middle East due to religious grounds.

According to Sunday Telegraph, more than twenty asylum applicants have received immigration appeal judgements in the last five year. These tattoos are connected with Christianity, Atheism and Gay Pride.

Each case involved tattoos that were used to explain the risks individuals could face returning to Muslim homelands. Most of those countries consider gay and abandoning the Islamic faith criminal offenses.

Boris Johnson, the Prime Minister of Britain is being pressured by his party’s to be tougher on immigrants crossing the channel. According to a poll 77% Tory voters believe the Government’s approach is too soft. 

Johnson was advised by top party officials that moving to the centre of politics would “open up a space” on the PM’s right flank. It could also leave room for an alternative party, which could result in the Tories being unable to win a majority in future elections.

Just one of the three boats - each estimated to have been crammed with about 65 people - which landed in Kent yesterday.

Yesterday, only one of the three boats arrived in Kent – it was estimated that each boat contained 65 passengers.