Today, the Queen was seen taking a stroll around Sandringham after Prince Andrew made it clear that he wanted a jury trial.

Members of the Royal Family will urge the Duke of York to settle with Virginia Giuffre, which could cost him £10million, but he wants to tackle accusations of rape and sexual assault made by the Jeffrey Epstein ‘sex slave’.

According to senior royals, he is being pressured to pay Ms Giuffre in order to protect his mother’s Platinum Jubilee. They fear that a trial might be worse than the car accident BBC Newsnight interview.

Andrew has so far resisted them. The Queen, however swiftly and ruthlessly forced Andrew to return the royal patronages he had earned and asked him to fight the case in his capacity as a “private citizen”. However, experts believe that his hard line may be an attempt to “buy time” and deceive the Queen.

The Queen (95), was snapped this morning at Wood Farm, Sandringham, where she will be staying for the next several weeks. This is just over a month after the cancellation of her Christmas trip to Norfolk.

During the holiday season, she hosts Sandringham for her family. On Christmas Day, the royals go to church near Sandringham. In December however, the Queen elected to be at Windsor Castle despite the rising Covid-19 caseload.

The milestone of 70 year reign of her will be reached on February 6. This day also marks the official start of Platinum Jubilee celebrations. Normally, her winter vacation ends following her Accession Day on February 6, 1952. This is also the anniversary of her death in 1952. 

According to a royal source, ‘After Newsnight’s car accident, no one thinks that a seven hour deposition would be a good idea. He could make things worse, and the senior royals were stunned to hear that he demanded a jury trial.

The Queen is photographed this morning leaving Wood Farm on her Sandringham estate in Norfolk

Today’s photograph shows the Queen leaving Wood Farm, her Sandringham Norfolk estate.

The Queen is driven in a Range Rover this morning as she leaves Wood Farm on her Sandringham estate in Norfolk

This morning, the Queen drives a Range Rover as she departs Wood Farm in Norfolk’s Sandringham Estate.

The Queen looks out of the window from her Range Rover this morning as she leaves Wood Farm at Sandringham in Norfolk

As she departs Wood Farm, Sandringham, Norfolk this morning, the Queen gazes out from her Range Rover’s window.

Prince Charles, Prince WIlliam and other senior royals are said to be 'deeply shocked' by Prince Andrew's demand for a 'trial by jury' (pictured together at Prince Philip's funeral)

Prince Charles, Prince WIlliam, and other senior royals were reportedly ‘deeply stunned’ by Prince Andrew’s request for a trial by jury (pictured at Prince Philip’s funeral).

The Duke of York was photographed with his arm around the bare waist of then 17-year-old Virginia Roberts. In the background, Ghislaine Maxwell. Ms Roberts claims she was forced to have sex with the royal, he denies ever meeting her

Virginia Roberts was 17 years old when the Duke of York photographed him with his arm around Virginia’s waist. In the background, Ghislaine Maxwell. Ms Roberts asserts that she was forced by the royal to have sex, but he denied ever having met her.

Andrew's decision to speak to the BBC's Emily Maitlis caused major reputational problems for him and the Royal Family

Andrew’s choice to talk to Emily Maitlis, BBC Radio 4’s Emily Maitlis, caused significant reputational issues for both him and the Royal Family

According to The Sun, an insider said that the best outcome was for all concerned if this matter is resolved as quickly as possible. It is a deep concern that things will worsen for the family, and it will be a distraction to Platinum Jubilee festivities. 

In his official response to claims made against him by Virginia Roberts five months ago, the Queen’s son issued 41 denials, rejecting all allegations of wrongdoing – but said a further 40 times that he ‘lacks sufficient information to admit or deny’ other claims.

How do you defend Prince Andrew? 

The papers, filed today by Prince Andrew's legal counsel Andrew Brettler (pictured), contained a detail rebuttal of all of Roberts' claims and also requested that the Royal be granted a trial by jury

Andrew Brettler, Prince Andrew’s legal counsel (pictured) filed papers today. They contained detailed rebuttals of Roberts’ claims as well as a request that the Royal be allowed a trial before a jury.

In a court document from the latest hearing, the judge reiterated Ms Giuffre’s position regarding the 2009 agreement. She claimed that she ‘waived’ the claims currently asserted by the complaint.

The court was also asked by the legal team of the Duke to look into consent.

It reads, “Assuming that Giuffre did not suffer any injuries or damages alleged in this complaint, Giuffre claims are barred under the doctrine of consent.”

In addition, the Duke claimed that she should have barred the case based on her own wrongdoing.

Andrew’s lawyers also claimed that Ms Giuffre’s claim for damages should be denied because it is too speculative to recover at law.

It appears that the claim of Ms Giuffre is being made by the Duke. Jurors would then be left to speculate as to what the exact damages were.

Andrew’s lawyers stated also that Ms Giuffre’s claims “fail to establish facts sufficient to constitue viable causes of action for Prince Andrew.”

Additionally, the document argues against dismissing Ms Giuffre’s claims because she is an Australian permanent resident.

In addition to 11 defenses, he also requested that the case be dismissed. The Royal Family is unhappy with his decision to continue with the case. Sources say they are “desperate” for him settle the case and avoid the spectacle of a trial at New York City later in the year.

Sources said that Andrew was in collision with the Palace regarding this matter.  

Andrew did not respond to the 73 point civil claim. However, his attorneys almost immediately requested that a New York judge throw it out.

He was able to dismiss the charges against him earlier in the month. This means that he must now answer all the allegations against him.

As she is seeking unspecified damages of up to millions of dollars, Andrew claims that this amount to rape, assault and battery. Andrew admitted eight things that were already known, including the fact that he was a UK citizen who resides in Royal Lodge at Windsor Estate.

While he admits to his Central Park walk in 2010, and his stay at Epstein’s Manhattan home on that same trip, both were captured on camera. Andrew counters Miss Roberts’ complaint by denying that he has ever sexually abuse her.

He even – quite remarkably given photographic evidence of their relationship over the years – denies being a ‘close friend’ of Epstein’s girlfriend and now convicted sex trafficker, Ghislaine Maxwell.

Andrew’s legal staff also rejected Miss Roberts’ claim that Andrew has not cooperated with US authorities investigating Epstein’s co-conspirators. Despite officials insisting that he had done so. Andrew insists that he still disputes Miss Roberts’ claim of being a Colorado resident, which permits her to file the lawsuit in the US. The 38-year old mother-of-3 lives in Perth, Australia. Andrew and his legal team are still pursuing the matter in an effort to have it dismissed.

Concerning Epstein’s associations, Epstein admits that he first met Maxwell ‘in 1999 or 2000′. However, Maxwell rejects Maxwell as a close friend and says he doesn’t have enough information to confirm or deny they had been photographed together at’multiple social events’.

According to him, he can’t admit or deny that flight logs placed him aboard Epstein’s private plane or that he visited Epstein’s private island. He confirms Epstein and Maxwell attended his 40th birthday party in 2000 – but denies throwing Maxwell a birthday party at the Sandringham estate that year.

Prince Andrew has responded to sex assault claims by Virginia Giuffre-Roberts in a new court document. Virginia alleges she was forced to have sex with the royal three times when she was aged 17 by Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell. The first page of the document shows Andrew's official denial of Giuffre's claim.

In a court filing, Prince Andrew responded to Virginia Giuffre Roberts’ allegations of sex assault. Virginia says she was forced to sex three times with the royal when she turned 17 years by Ghislaine and Jeffrey Maxwell. Andrew has denied Giuffres claim on the first page.

Andrew claims he doesn’t have enough evidence to prove or disprove that the photographic evidence showing Andrew’s alleged encounter with Giuffre actually exists. His friends suggested that the famous picture might have been altered. Additionally, he says he does not have sufficient information to verify if Maxwell received emails from him in which he stated that he had “some specific questions” to ask about Virginia Roberts in 2015. He concludes his submission with defense claims claiming that the case should also be dismissed. Miss Roberts was accused of signing away her rights to sue Epstein in a legal contract, while she is also accused of helping to make Epstein victims. “Prince Andrew” demands that a jury be tried on every cause of action in the Complaint.

David Boies, Miss Roberts’ attorney said, ‘Prince Andrew’s reply continues his approach to denying any knowledge of or information about the claims against him and purporting that the victim of abuse is somehow responsible for it.

This may help to jog your memories, Sir. Prince Andrew stated in court documents that this week he doesn’t have “enough information” to admit or denial the most fundamental facts about himself, GhislaineMaxwell and Jeffrey Epstein. Let us help!

Prince Andrew’s official legal response to Virginia Roberts’ civil complaint against him was described as “defiant.” It might be described as vague, sometimes confusing or ambiguous by a more skewed assessment.

His answers, and his ‘affirmative defences’ contain 41 consecutive denials. There are also 40 further assertions that he ‘lacks sufficient info’ to allow or deny any other claims she may make.

Incredulous at the answers, some legal experts challenged the wisdom of his insisting upon a trial before a jury.

Roberts requested that the prince respond to Roberts original complaint within a specified time limit. This deadline was set by court. He may provide a more thorough response.

Given the evidence that Andrew was involved with Jeffrey Epstein, sex-trafficker Ghislaine Minwell and many other facts already available to the public, it is likely that some of Andrew’s statements will remain baffling.

His legal defense is unclear enough that it suggests that Maxwell never was a close friend or that Epstein introduced Maxwell to him. 

He said that Maxwell met him through his girlfriend, Emily Maitlis in November 2019. Maxwell was clearly referring to this.

He also admitted to flying in Epstein’s aircraft and staying on Epstein’s island during the interview. He is more careful in his legal response to Roberts’ suit. She claims that she was made to have sex three times with Epstein.

A photograph of Prince Andrew with his arm around a 17-year-old Virginia Roberts which was allegedly taken at Maxwell's house

The photograph shows Prince Andrew, holding his arm about Virginia Roberts (17 years old), which was apparently taken at Maxwell’s House

Buckingham Palace declined to comment about the tactics of Andrew, who is trying to clean his name as an ‘private citizen’ following his removal from his royal privileges. However, his aides fear more negative headlines, just one week before the historic Platinum Jubilee.

In the US, lawyers said Andrew – who strenuously denies the claims of wrongdoing – was gambling on ‘an incredibly risky strategy’, but sources close to the prince insisted he was entitled to defend himself when accused of ‘such heinous crimes’.

Let’s now examine some claims.


Prince Andrew “lacks enough information to admit/deny” that Maxwell’s widely publicized photograph of him, Miss Roberts, and Maxwell actually ‘exists.

One of the most famous – or notorious – snapshots in the world shows Andrew with his arm around the bare midriff of a 17-year-old Roberts. 

According to Maxwell, the incident took place on March 1, 2001 at Maxwell’s Belgravia home. It is believed that it was taken from Maxwell’s first-floor landing. Roberts claims it was after an evening out in central London.

It included dinner with Andrew and dancing at Tramp nightclub. He then allegedly had sex in Maxwell’s house with her. He claims that he did not have sex with her in Maxwell’s home. Roberts was also denied by him.

Andrew has in the past challenged the authenticity and legitimacy of the photo. The original negative is still missing. Roberts stated that the original negative was kept with FBI agents, in an Australian family house and in a safe location.

According to a Panorama documentary, legal papers reveal an ex-partner of Roberts told US officials he remembers being shown a copy of the picture – one of the most frequently viewed in the world – just weeks after it was taken.

Roberts also told the 2019 programme that a date on the back of the picture shows it was printed on March 13, 2001 – just two days after it was taken. She replied, “It is an authentic picture. I have given it the FBI. The back has a date that indicates when the photo was taken.


Andrew doesn’t have enough information to confirm or deny that Maxwell and he were photographed together at various social events.

This is perhaps the most bizarre claim. Numerous photos are available in public domain showing Maxwell and Maxwell at social events. 

How do you start? It’s a great place to start. Evidence shows that they spent most of their time in one another’s company, and the public eye.

Trump’s party.

Prince Andrew and Ghislaine Maxwell pictured together at a wedding

Prince Andrew and Ghislaine maxwell at their wedding

Andrew was photographed on February 12, 2000 at Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago Club in Palm Beach. One of the photos shows the prince laughing with Melania (Trump’s wife), Jeffrey Epstein, and Gwendolyn, a financier. He was believed to have fallen in love with Melania during an Epstein-owned Little St James Island stay the year after. Another picture shows Maxwell having a conversation with Andrew while Melania and Epstein look on.

New York’s tete-a-tete lunch

Andrew and Maxwell ate lunch at Nello’s on Madison and 62nd Street in New York City, April 20, 2000. Witnesses claimed that the couple ate lobster dinner and then held hands. Andrew spent $130. Both of them left the restaurant separate, but they were both pictured outside.

Weddings in society

He attended Aurelia Cecil’s Wiltshire marriage on September 2, 2000. He arrived at the church, left it with a female companion, and they drove home together. What is the name of this woman? GhislaineMaxwell.

The Duke of York and Ghislaine Maxwell at a Halloween party in New York

Ghislaine Maxwell and the Duke of York at Halloween in New York

Halloween cuddle.

Andrew attended Heidi Klum’s Halloween Party at Hudson Bar in New York, on Friday November 6, 2000. 

The prince dressed down – he took off his tie – but his female companion got into the spirit, wearing a shocking blonde wig and a midriff baring top. As they were watching the crowd, she was seen with Andrew’s arm around her shoulder. What is her name? Ghislaine Maxiwell again.

Sandringham Shoot

On December 7, 2000, Epstein and Maxwell flew into the UK on his private jet – landing at RAF Marham, the pilot log for Flight 1429 suggests. 

Mail witnesses claimed that they spent time together on Norfolk’s Queen Sandringham Estate. Maxwell and Epstein went on a photo shoot with pheasants and were photographed in the gardens.


Andrew “lacks enough information to admit/deny” that he was named in Epstein’s flight logs from 1999.

Many reports claim that Epstein flew the Prince as a passenger aboard Epstein’s planes. 

A May 12th 2000 entry shows that Epstein’s Gulfstream II business plane flew between TEB (Teterboro Airport in New Jersey), which is approximately 12 miles from Midtown Manhattan, and PBI (Palm Beach International Airport), the nearest airport to Epstein’s Florida residence.

Billionaire paedophile Jeffrey Epstein pictured with his private jet

Jeffrey Epstein is pictured in his private jet with billionaire paedophile Jeffrey Epstein 

Epstein and his jet, which was dubbed the Lolita Express, were named in flying logs

Flying logs named Epstein’s jet and the Lolita Express that he flew, Epstein.

The log indicates that Flight 1338’s passengers were JE, GM (Maxwell), ET(Maxwell’s assistant), AP. 

This was probably the personal protection officer for Prince of Scotland Yard.


Prince Andrew, Sarah Ferguson ad Princess Eugenie pictured with Princess Beatrice at her 18th birthday party

Prince Andrew, Sarah Ferguson and Princess Eugenie are pictured together at Princess Beatrice’s 18th Birthday Party

Andrew does not have sufficient information to confirm or deny that Epstein invited him to Beatrice’s 18th birthday celebration in 2006, even though Epstein was charged with child abuse.

Although Epstein had previously been raided his house by the police shortly before the event, the prince and his entourage posed for photos at their daughters fancy dress party in July. 

One of these portraits can be a reputation nightmare. 

It features Harvey Weinstein, the Hollywood producer (jailed 2018 for sexual offenses), Epstein (died at home in 2008 while waiting to be tried on sexual offences) as well as an unidentified woman. Name of her? Ghislaine Maxwell, once again. 


Andrew doesn’t have enough information to confirm or deny that Epstein was a registered sexual offender at the time he met him in New York.

This seems to be a curious contention, considering what Emily Maitlis was told by the Prince in his November 2019 interview with BBC Newsnight about his car crash. 

The Duke of York walks through New York's Central Park with paedophile Jeffrey Epstein

Jeffrey Epstein is the paedophile Jeffrey Epstein and Duke of York as they walk through New York’s Central Park. 

The woman asked him why he was staying with the convicted sex offenders. He said: ‘I went there with the sole purpose of saying to him that because he had been convicted, it was inappropriate for us to be seen together… I felt that doing it on the telephone was the chicken’s way.’ 

He knew Epstein had been convicted of sex offences when he visited the Manhattan tycoon in 2010. His legal team may be focusing on the term “registered” because it is what Epstein knew.


Prince Andrew is seen at paedophile Jeffrey Epstein's home in New York

Prince Andrew seen in Jeffrey Epstein’s New York home as a paedophile 

Andrew denied that he was ‘a frequent guest at Epstein’s many homes all over the globe, including New York City.

He told Emily Maitlis in a Newsnight interview that he stayed in Manhattan at the mansion of the former sex offender because it was “convenient.”


A leaked email exchange between Ghislaine Maxwell and the Duke of York

Email exchange leaked between Ghislaine Maxiwell and The Duke of York

Andrew did not have enough information to confirm or deny his allegations. He emailed Maxwell, saying that he would be happy to talk with him. I have some questions about Virginia Roberts. This was after Roberts had publicly accused him in 2015 of sexually assaulting her.

One month following his Newsnight disaster, Maxwell was emailed by the Prince of Wales at 5.50am. He said that Maxwell could talk to him when he is available.

I have some questions for you regarding Virginia Roberts. Maxwell said, ‘Have information. Maxwell reportedly replied: ‘Have some information. Call me when I have the time. This leaked email’s source is unknown.