Spot the cat Spot the cat!

  • Hailey Forbes (27), from Glasgow, Scotland, caught her cat under the Christmas tree.
  • Dexter, a three-year-old Dexter, was captured nesting in the holiday decoration 
  • He reached through the trees and inspected his face from the top.

The moment when a family’s cat “vanished” inside the Christmas tree is this: 

Hailey Forbes (27 years old) shared this video showing her tabby Dexter, a three-year-old cat, making a nest in a tree near her Glasgow home.

Although cats are known to climb up Christmas trees, few cat owners have the same camouflaging skills as this feline.

In the cute video posted by Hailey Forbes, 27, cat Dexter explores the newly put up Christmas tree

Hailey Forbes’ 27-year-old video shows Dexter, a cat who explores the freshly decorated Christmas tree.

The clip captures curious Dexter in the tree as he explores the festive decoration

Dexter, a curious little dog, explores the holiday decoration in this clip.

He peeps through the branches as he sits burrowed inside the tree

While he’s buried within the tree, he peeks out through the leaves.

Footage captures him nestled among the fairy lights, baubles, and white leaves. 

Even Ms Forbes can see the cheeky dog winking as she zooms in on him to show his hiding spot. 

Ms Forbes is a technician and said that she has had her cat, Mr. Forbes, since about 15 weeks.

“He climbs the tree each night.”

Dexter’s antics, however, have caused damage to the holiday decorations.

Dexter's clambering has damaged the branches and baubles on the Christmas tree

Dexter’s climbing has resulted in damage to the Christmas tree branches and baubles

Dexter with his brother Arlo (right), who stays away from the tree and is 'the angelic one'

Dexter (right) with Arlo (right), his brother who is away from the tree, and is called ‘the angelic’

He was also told by his owner that he broke the tree branches sitting on them, and had also broken many baubles.

Arlo is the brother of Dexter and he never leaves the tree.

“My family and friends found these videos funny and adorable, and I heard some told you so.

Forbes shared the clips on a series TikToks. The most-viewed clip had more than 1.85 million views.

Dexter makes his way through the tree, which is decorated with baubles and fairy lights

Dexter navigates through the decorated tree with fairy lights and baubles.

Commenters found Dexter’s cheeky winks and hilarious antics funny.

Jacqueline Kilikita remarked: ‘The wink. I’m wheezing.

Casey, a commenter on the site said that Casey was also planning to kill the tree. 

A nicolaroberts129 commented: “Just makes the whole thing more beautiful, if I may ask you.”

Mandy posted another Dexter picture in the tree. There could also be an animal in the home.