Is it possible that fans are staying away from Christmas because they fear being quarantined? There are many empty seats at Stamford Bridge as Chelsea faces Everton in a clash. This is because of the rise in Covid cases across the UK. Premier League matches have been canceled due to positive testing.

  • Plenty of seats were vacant for Chelsea’s match with Everton Thursday 
  • Omicron is a variant of Covid-19 that has resulted in a substantial increase in Covid-19-related cases in the UK
  • Premier League games are being called off, and Premier League players are not playing.
  • Some fear that positive testing could result in people being quarantined at Christmas.

Covid-19-related cases are increasing in the United States, and it seems that there is a growing number of seats left empty at stadiums. 

Omicron has seen a significant increase in Covid-19 positive cases in the UK. Wednesday saw 78,610 individuals test positive for the Omicron variant – the highest number of people ever tested since the outbreak.

The effects of positive testing have also had an impact on football. Matches were called off and players missed games. As was evident in Chelsea’s match with Everton, there were many empty seats in grandstands.

The empty seats are not surprising, given the surge in UK tourism and less than one week until Christmas.

It is possible that people could become isolated during the holiday season if there are positive results.   

Individuals who are positive for the virus will need to isolate themselves for 10 days.  

There was a large number of empty seats at Stamford Bridge for Chelsea's clash with Everton

Chelsea’s game against Everton was attended by a lot of people at Stamford Bridge.

Thomas Tuchel and his team were without a few key players during the match with the Toffees.

Mateo Kovacic passed a positive test last week. Romelu Kuku, Callum Hudson Odoi and Timo Werner also all tested positive Wednesday. Ben Chilwell was not able to return from surgery on Wednesday. 

It could also be the reason why the Stamford Bridge is full for Everton game on Thursday night.

Stamford Bridge holds an attendance of 40,834, but numbers were much fewer than usual

Stamford Bridge has a 40,834 attendance but these numbers are much lower than normal

Chelsea's game with Everton went ahead despite a number of positive Covid cases within the squad

Chelsea played Everton despite positive Covid cases.

Glenn Hoddle, BT Sport’s pundit said that Covid had returned and hurt football. It’s what it is. It’s good that the game continues.

The Omicron surge has caused football to prepare for over a dozen matches being postponed.

Prior to kickoff at Stamford Bridge the Premier League had already made an announcement that they would be rescheduling games between Southampton and Brentford as well as Watford and Crystal Palace and West Ham and Norwich.

Liverpool also had positive reports, with Curtis Jones unavailable for the match with Newcastle. 

Some fear that positive tests now could mean that people will be placed in quarantine for Christmas.

The match between Brentford and Manchester United at home on Tuesday has been postponed for the new year after they closed down their training facility in the lead up to the match.  

Burnley’s Wednesday match against Watford was cancelled two hours prior to kick-off because of an outbreak within their Hornets team. 

Leicester’s top flight clash with Tottenham, and Saturday matches between Sheffield Wednesday’s and Accrington and Crawley’s encounter with Oldham Athletic have all been called off on Thursday, with officials expecting many more to follow suit.

After both teams had their appeals denied earlier in the week, the Foxes made a request to the Premier League to postpone Thursday’s match against Spurs. In an effort to contain the spreading disease, Foxes closed down their training facility. 

The Premier League is holding daily briefings, while the League Managers’ Association is in regular dialogue with the top flight and EFL as managers seek clarity on a rapidly worsening situation.  

Thomas Tuchel's side didn't their normal level of backing at Stamford Bridge for understandable reasons

Thomas Tuchel’s side did not receive their usual level of support at Stamford Bridge. This is for good reasons.



The Bees have 13 cases among players and staff – the club are now calling for a circuit-breaker shutdown to help clubs recover. The Bees have closed their training grounds and, as such, Saturday’s trip to Southampton has been postponed. 


Covid had to postpone Tottenham’s game on Thursday, meaning that they would have lost several of their players.  Although their training ground was closed Thursday morning due to the spread of the disease, they are unable to travel to Everton for the weekend because there is not enough players.

Manchester United

While the numbers of these cases are not known, it is believed that there was a widespread outbreak which saw Brentford’s game postponed. Due to an outbreak at the club, calls for Saturday’s fixture with Brighton to be rescheduled were received on Thursday.


After an outbreak at the club, Had requested that Wednesday’s match with Wolves be postponed. Premier League refused. Graham Potter said there had been a number of positive cases prior to the match. Manchester United game has been postponed.


Dean Smith faced a anxious wait to find out the extent of the disease at his club. Over Saturday’s match against West Ham, the Canaries met with Premier League officials and agreed to delay it due to insufficient players.


The game against Burnley was postponed hours prior to kick-off. Numbers of cases are currently not known. Their home match against Crystal Palace was postponed after their training grounds were closed.


Spurs was the Premier League’s first club to become infected with the Omicron virus last week. Rennes and Brighton were also postponed as a result. After completing their 10 day self-isolation, those who have tested positive are likely to be back in the coming days. The Spurs match against Leicester is postponed, despite the initial requests to cancel it being rejected.


The Blues were the next club to become infected by the Covid virus after Brentford. It was discovered that at least three other first-teamers had been tested for the disease before the game against Everton. Mateo Kovacic became the first Chelsea footballer to contract the virus.


An hour before the start of Thursday’s match against Newcastle, it was revealed that Curtis Jones (Fabinho), Curtis Jones (Virgil van Dijk) and Curtis Jones (Fabinho) had tested positive for Covid.