A Chinese fashion photographer whose pictures for French fashion brand Christian Dior sparked fury for perpetrating racial stereotypes has apologised for her ‘immaturity and ignorance’. 

Beijing-based photographer Chen Man shot an image showing a Chinese woman who critics say was portrayed as having ‘sinister’ small eyes and a ‘gloomy face’ for the Lady Dior exhibition in Shanghai.

Following a fierce backlash by internet users and Chinese publications who claim that the image reinforces Western stereotypes of Asian face, the image was removed quickly from the exhibition.  

She was criticised in 2012 by users of the internet for a set of similar photographs she took for i-D Magazine. Since then, she has officially apologized for her ‘past works. 

Some commenters, however, have been supportive of the photographer. One wrote on Weibo, “Why can’t an Asian woman with small eyes be beautiful?” It’s fine with me.

A Chinese fashion photographer shot an image (pictured) showing an Asian woman who critics say was portrayed as having 'sinister' small eyes and a 'gloomy face' for the Lady Dior exhibition in Shanghai

A Chinese fashion photographer shot an image (pictured) showing an Asian woman who critics say was portrayed as having ‘sinister’ small eyes and a ‘gloomy face’ for the Lady Dior exhibition in Shanghai 

Taking to social media platform Weibo, Ms Chen said that she had ‘reflected deeply’ and ‘blames herself for my immaturity and ignorance at the time’. 

Ms Chen stated that her country is dear to her heart and she hopes her photos will reflect the Chinese national culture and showcase China’s beauty.   

According to the photographer, she is ‘deeply conscious’ of her critics and has taken the relevant content from her portfolio. 

Ms Chen is a successful fashion photographer in China and has worked with with major brands worldwide and has shot for fashion magazines Vogue, Elle and Marie Claire. 

After furious backlash from internet users and Chinese publications, Beijing-based photographer Chen Man (pictured in 2014) has 'formally apolagised' for some of her 'past works'

Chen Man, Beijing’s photographer has apologized for some of her “past works” after receiving a furious response from Chinese newspapers and internet users.

She is married to Raphael Ming Cooper and has two children. Studio 6 Productions, her high-end production house, she works in China as well as Los Angeles.  

The image was first displayed earlier this month, quickly sparking a backlash from internet users and local newspapers who said it was a ‘prejudiced’ image.

China Women’s News is the official newspaper for the All-China Women’s Federation. It stated that the image was ‘extremely uncomfortable’.  

The paper stated that while there may not be a single standard for beauty and aesthetics, differences exist between China and Western countries. However, in foreign eyes, the symbols of Asian women are a “pancake face”, “squinting eyes”, a flat nose, high cheekbones, and a flat nose.

Ms Chen, pictured in 2017, is a successful fashion photographer in China and has worked with with major brands worldwide and has shot for fashion magazines Vogue, Elle and Marie Claire

In 2017, Ms. Chen was a top fashion photographer in China. She has photographed for Vogue and Elle as well as Marie Claire.

The photographer, pictured with late German fashion designer Karl Lagerfeld in 2016, runs her own high-end production company Studio 6, working across China and Los Angeles

This is the photographer, who was pictured in 2016 with Karl Lagerfeld (deceased German fashion designer). Studio 6 is Studio 6’s high-end production house. Studio 6 works across China and Los Angeles.

They forget beauty can come in many different forms. It is strange that some photographs and advertisements for foreign brands only show the stereotypical beauty of the netherworld. 

Meanwhile the Beijing Daily accused the photographer of portraying the model with a ‘gloomy face’ and sinister eyes’ in an editorial.   

The paper said that the photographer was “playing up to brands or aesthetic tastes in the west” 

“Asian women are often seen with smaller eyes and more freckles than Westerners, yet the Chinese view of beauty and art is not affected by this. 

However some social media users have defended the photographer, with one user writing: 'Chen Man is one of my favorite fashion photographer. Love most of her art works'

But some users of social media have stood by the photographer. She is a great artist.

Some social media users, however, have supported the photographer. One user wrote: “Chen Man is among my favourite fashion photographers. I love most of her artworks. Incredible and exceptional. Can’t understand ‘ppl’ digging her old portfolios to ‘cancel culture’ her’.

Another commentator said, “lmao wotf?” They were really mad that Chen Man selected women not included in the beauty standards. Yup, she selected women many believe are unattractive and can be very imaginative with their makeup. How about that? It’s not their fault if they can’t comprehend art. 

According to the BBC, the fashion house said in a statement shared to its Weibo account: ‘Dior, as always, respects the sentiments of the Chinese people… If there are any mistakes, [Dior] must be open to receiving feedback and correct them in time’ and claimed the picture was an artwork and not a commercial advertisement.

MailOnline reached out to Dior in order for them to comment.