After being accused by three women of sexual assault, Chris Noth lost $12 million to buy his Tequila brand.

Entertainment Arts Research, Inc., an Nevada-based beverage firm that frequently buys into celebrities’ drink brands, announced Sunday that it is ending all discussions about buying Noth’s Ambhar Tequila.  

Bernard Rubin (CEO of EARI), stated in a press statement that ‘it doesn’t make economic sense to us to proceed with this deal at this time in light of these claims’. We will be looking for spirits brands that can fit EARI’s philosophy of social responsibility. 

Ambhar could have earned $12 million from the sale. The claims come as Noth’s career gets ruined by the claims, just weeks after Noth saw his character John James Preston (better known as Big) die in Sex and the City reboot And Just Like That. requested comment from the Tequila Company, but it did not reply. It still features heavily the Sex and the City actor on the brand’s website, which is now at 67.  

Former Sex and the City actor Chris Noth, 67, faces accusations of sexual assault from three women

Chris Noth (67), a former Sex and the City actor, is facing accusations from three women of sexual assault

Noth is a part owner of and ambassador for Ambhar Tequila and still features heavily on the company's website

Noth, who is part of Ambhar Tequila’s ambassador team and an owner/participant, still appears prominently on the website

A company is ending discussions to purchase Ambhar that would've earned $12million in profits

Ambhar has been sold to a company which would have earned them $12million.

After a third victim, Noth was accused of sexual assault by a woman who allegedly had sex with her in a Manhattan restaurant when she was 18 years old. All claims against Noth are dismissed.  

The unnamed 30-year-old Canadian tech executive claimed Noth, then-55, repeatedly groped her while she was working as a hostess at the Da Marino restaurant in Midtown, the Daily Beast first reported.

It is claimed that Noth pulled on her tights, touched and held onto her so hard that her “limbs hurt in morning” after she pushed and kicked him away.  

According to her, she said that it felt like she was the only person who could understand me when I said no. 

Noth, pictured with wife Tara Wilson, is accused of sexually assaulting three women, beating and threatening to kill an ex-girlfriend and being sexually inappropriate at an NYC club

Pictured with Tara Wilson is Noth. He’s accused of assaulting 3 women and beating an ex-girlfriend. Noth was also accused of being inappropriate in a NYC club.

This allegation is made because Noth was accused of sexually assaulting and raping two women, Zoe (40) and Lily (30), in 2004, and 2015. 

A resurfaced article, which was published online this week, also claims that he threatened to kill or disfigure Beverly Johnson’s ex-girlfriend between 1990 and 1995. Zoe Lister Jones (39), claimed that Johnson was sexually insensitive with females at a New York City nightclub in 2005. 

The bombshells have caused his agency, A3 Artists Agency, to drop him, and a long-time friend of the actor told The Sun that Noth’s wife, Tara Wilson, might not spend Christmas with him. 

A woman with the pseudonym Ava, 30, claimed that when she was 18, Noth groped her multiple times inside the Da Marino restaurant in NYC in 2010. She said she tried to push him off, but he continued to touch and kiss her before she managed to get away

A 30-year old woman, referred to as Ava, claimed that Noth touched her numerous times at the Da Marino NYC restaurant in NYC when she was 18. He continued to kiss and touch her, she claimed. She tried to push him away but she was unable to do so.

Noth and Johnson (seen in 1994) dated from 1990 until 1995, however the resurfaced article claims she was left 'frightened' by his behavior at the end of the relationship

Noth and Johnson (seen in 1993) dated from 1990 until 1995, however the resurfaced article claims she was left 'frightened' by his behavior at the end of the relationship

Noth and Johnson, seen right in 1993, and left in 1994 respectively) were both in the same relationship from 1990 to 1995. However the article that resurfaced claims that she was ‘frightened by’ his behaviour at the end.

The Daily Beast has made the latest accusations against Noth. Ava, the former hostess who was given the pseudonym Ava by The Daily Beast, stated that she was delighted to meet Noth back in 2010. 

As Noth, the Sex and the City fan, arrived intoxicated and allegedly told Noth, “I love Canadian women,” as he tried to press her against his erection. 

Ava stated, “I recall how electrifying his hands, the one I saw hold Carrie Bradshaw’s in Sex and the City,” 

After she claimed Noth, Noth followed her to the back office where she began to kiss her and press her against a desk. 

The actor felt her tampon, she said. She then asked her when her period was over before continuing to grope her.  

Ava protested, but Noth continued to allegedly tell him “not here”, convincing him they could continue somewhere else. 

She said, “I’ve been struggling to forget the look on my face when Chris Noth walked into the kitchen,”  

Ava shared the story with her friends and boss, but after Noth told her she wouldn’t be interested in her being as small as her, Ava left the restaurant. 

Noth denied Ava’s accusations and the allegations of all other accusers and insisted that Zoe was and Lily had been consensual companions. No charges against Noth were ever brought.

Noth, right, rose to fame playing Detective Mike Logan on Law and Order

Right: Noth rose to prominence as Detective Mike Logan in Law and Order

He went on to play Mr. Big in Sex and the City, who returned to the limelight in the new sequel series. His return is what prompted his accusers to be vocal once again

His role as Mr. Big was reprised in Sex and the City. He then returned to the limelight with the second series. It was his return that caused his critics to become vocal again

These alleged events have shown that Noth has been unfaithful and had committed crimes against Wilson. Wilson met Noth in 2001, and they were married in 2012. They have two children together, Orion (13 years old) and Keats (18 months).

“If anything, he’s guilty of that.”[cheating], A long-time friend of the star told The Sun.

‘[Wilson] is in LA and is very upset… she’s not doing well. Their plans were to spend Christmas together. However, it’s not known if they will be able to do so.  

He said that Noth’s friends stand by him, and believes the allegations made against all four women to be false. 

He is flirtatious, but not a sleaze. “He’s not Weinstein,” said a friend. 

Noth has two sons with Wilson - Orion (pictured), 13, who was born in 2008, seven years before the alleged second attack took place, and Keats, one, who was born in 2020

Noth has two sons with Wilson - Orion, 13, who was born in 2008, seven years before the alleged second attack took place, and Keats (pictured), one, who was born in 2020

Wilson and Noth have two sons – Orion (left), 13, was born in 2008 seven years before the second attack. Keats (right) was born in 2020.

In the The Hollywood Reporter story that broke the flood gates, two accusers claims that Noth had sex with them, with the first attack allegedly taking place in 2004, while the second reportedly occurred in 2015, three years after Noth married his wife, Tara Wilson, with whom he has two children.

Both women also claim that Noth attacked them in their homes, the first one in Los Angeles and the second in New York City. They were invited over by the actor.

On Thursday evening, the Los Angeles Police Department said that it is not investigating the claims against Noth made by the woman in LA ‘at this point’. 

Zoe claimed that Zoe visited actor’s West Hollywood home to retrieve a book he had loaned her. The second said that Zoe went to Noth in Greenwich Village to taste ‘his whiskeys’ after she was on a date.

The women allege that the Sex and the City reboot, And Just Like That, has brought back painful memories of their interactions with Noth. Noth’s shock death in the premiere episode of the new series in the last week’s news made him a prominent figure in the media.

The Hollywood Reporter received a statement from Noth about his two sons, Keats, and Orion. He said that he’d had “consensual interactions” with Wilson’s two daughters, although he strongly denied the allegations that he assaulted or abused them. 

Noth's most famous role is as Carrie Bradshaw's (Sarah Jessica Parker) love interest John James 'Mr. Big' Preston on Sex and the City and now its spin-off

Noth’s most famous role is as Carrie Bradshaw’s (Sarah Jessica Parker) love interest John James ‘Mr. Sex and the City with Big Preston and its spin-off

According to the statement, “The allegations against me that I was made falsely by persons whom I had met many years ago, or decades ago, are absolutely false.”

‘These stories could’ve been from 30 years ago or 30 days ago — no always means no — that is a line I did not cross. These encounters were consensual. 

“It is difficult to not question the timing of these stories being out.” Although I am not certain of the reason they have surfaced now, I know that I didn’t assault these women.

Zoe claims that she met Noth in 2004 while working as an intern at a prominent firm, where Noth was a regular client. The actor, who at the time was famous for his Sex and the City movies and according to Zoe’s boss was considered as a “god” by colleagues and she alike, began flirting with Zoe in the workplace.

Noth was dating Wilson since 2001. Wilson had previously been with Noth for three years. The couple met at The Cutting Room in New York, where Wilson worked as a bartender.

Zoe says that actor Zoe started sending ‘flirty” messages to her voicemail. Her boss was alerted to this.

The boss spoke to THR and confirmed she knew about the messages. She said it was strange for the actor to reach out to her younger worker, but she insisted that they were not a concern.

Zoe claimed that Noth raped her in West Hollywood when she was only 22 years old. He was then 49. The friend who confirmed their visit to the pool said that Noth raped Zoe and that she sat with him in the jacuzzi while Zoe went to his apartment to make a call.

It was then that Noth, who asked her for the book to be returned to his house, told her that it would be a pleasure to hear her thoughts.

Zoe arrived at Noth’s home to hand the book back. Zoe says Noth “kissed” her right away as she approached the front door. But she later revealed that she didn’t feel initially bothered by her kiss. 

Noth met Tara Wilson in 2001 and the couple married in 2012, after the alleged assaults

Noth married Tara Wilson after allegedly being assaulted.

She claims that Noth pulled her toward him and moved her to his bed. He then took off her bikini tops and shorts before turning her back and raping her “from behind” while she was ‘facing a mirror.

“It was extremely painful, and I shouted out, “Stop!”,” said Noth. Noth says that Noth was his first victim. He left Noth bleeding in his LA house.

Zoe, 40-year-old Zoe was Noth’s first accuser. Zoe claims Noth invited Zoe to Los Angeles to pick up a book and then raped her. 

He claimed that he kissed her when she entered the room and she then ‘tentatively kissed his back’, before she tried to flee. 

Zoe says that the actor then pulled Zoe towards him and moved her to the bed. He also took her off of her shorts and bikini bottom and started to rape them from behind, while Zoe was looking into a mirror. 

It was so painful that I called out “Stop!” She claims. “And he didn’t. He didn’t. I replied, “Can you at most get a condom?” He laughed at me. 

Zoe claims she noticed blood on Zoe’s shirt after the incident and went back to Noth’s apartment to wash it off. 

Her friends encouraged her to visit the hospital, where she received stitches. 

“I needed stitches.” Two police officers were there. She said, “I wouldn’t tell who it was,” adding that she worried she might not be believed and would be fired if Noth were publicly accused of rape.

Also, she claimed the actor had not used protection. He allegedly ‘laughed’ at her when she requested he get a condom.

It was so painful that I called out for help. She told THR. “And he didn’t. He didn’t. I replied, “Can you at most get a condom?” He laughed at me.

Following the incident, Noth claims she was forced to return to her apartment in Noth’s building. She tried to get the blood off her shirt at a friend before her friends encouraged her to take her to Cedars-Sinai.

“I was stitched. Two police officers were there. She said, “I wouldn’t tell who it was,” adding that she worried she might not be believed and would be fired if Noth were publicly accused of rape.

Cedars-Sinai, when contacted by The Hollywood Reporter about Zoe’s story, stated that they don’t have any records back to the time the attack occurred.

Zoe did not accuse Noth of assaulting or rape but she said that she spoke to many people about it, including her boss. She told THR that Zoe called her following the alleged rape and informed her Noth had attacked.

According to Zoe, her boss, who is now deceased, said Zoe was upset and in shock during her phone conversation. She relayed details about the horrible incident but she insists that Zoe not reveal it.

“I was 25 when I did it. It was overwhelming. “I didn’t know how to proceed,” the woman unidentified said.

Lily, Noth’s second accuser is currently working as journalist. She claims that Noth raped him in Greenwich Village in a relationship she had with actor Noth. This was in 2015. Lily was serving at the former New York nightclub No.8.

Noth, then sixty years old, had been married for three years to his wife. They had had one child, Orion in 2008, and had had one more. Keats was born in 2020. 

Both women told THR that the recent publicity surrounding the release of the Sex and the City sequel And Just Like That prompted them to come forward with their claims

They both claimed to have been inspired by the publicity around the Sex and the City sequel And Just Like That. 

Noth has featured heavily in the press in the past week after his character, Mr. Big, died of a heart attack in a shocking twist in the first episode of the new reboot

Noth featured prominently in the media in the week following the death of Mr. Big in an unexpected twist to the premiere episode of the reboot. 

Describing herself as a long-time fan of the actor – whom she knew from his days starring in Law & Order, as well as his role on Sex and the City – Lily says she was ‘truly star-struck’ when he began ‘hitting on her’.

“I was crying when it happened”: The second victim of Actor says he raped him in New York.

The second accuser – a woman using the pseudonym Lily, now 31 – alleges that Noth assaulted her in his apartment in Greenwich Village in 2015 after he invited her on a date at Italian restaurant Il Cantinori.

Lily said that they had to drink wine together because the restaurant kitchen was closed when they arrived. Noth recommended that they return to their home in order to sample the whiskeys. 

They spent time listening to music and talking about his books on art and fashion, she says. He then tried to get in a relationship with her. 

Lily said that she had ‘cautiously entertained him’, but that he became more assertive with time. 

“He tried and tried and tried and failed, so I shouldn’t have said more and left. “Then, the next thing that I knew, his pants were pulled down, and he stood in front me,” she claims, alleging he then “thrust her penis into his mouth”.

Noth, who she claimed was married to Tara Wilson and they had one child together at that time, said that her marriage was a scam and that “monogamy wasn’t real” before torturing her. 

‘[Suddenly]He was having sex from his back with me in a chair’, she stated. “We were looking at each other in front of the mirror. It happened, and I felt kind of weeping.

Lily claims that after the attack she went to the toilet and changed her clothes. She also said she felt terribly violated. 

“He was hitting me for sure. He was very kind to me. She said that she knew he was married.

Lily says that Noth approached her for her number and asked her for dinner.

The kitchen was closed when the pair first met. Lily says that they had wine at the bar and then discussed Noth’s inability or unwillingness to be in the third Sex and the City movie.

Lily acknowledges that she “had too many to drink” but insists that it was not a serious problem when she went to Greenwich Village with actor Michael Jackson to sample some of his whiskeys.

Although the woman claims she is not super sexually active, she says that she doubted that he would ever try to have sex. Instead she said that she thought that they would just ‘drink whiskey and discuss his acting career.

Lily claims that they listened to music together and talked about the actor’s art collection. Then he tried to get ‘intimacy’ with Lily.

She admitted she had ‘cautiously entertained him’, but she said that she was nervous because he looked older than she and was “older”.

Lily claims that he was more assertive as the years went by, and that he “kept trying, trying, and trying.”

She stated, “I shouldn’t have said any more and fled,” claiming that the next thing she knew he was standing before her, pulling down her trousers and then inserting his penis in her mouth.

He claimed that she had told her about his wife and children, but then he said to her that “marriage was a sham” and “monogamy wasn’t real”. Lily says that Noth then sexually assaulted her behind while she was sitting in front of the mirror.

“He was having sex from behind me in a chair. The mirror was in front of us. She says that she was almost crying during the incident.

Lily claims that after the assault, Lily went to the toilet and changed her clothes. She claimed she felt ‘awkward’ and was ‘totally violated.

She added, “All my fantasies with the star that I had loved for so many years were over,”

Lily said that while in Uber, she talked to Alex (THR) on the phone. Alex informed Lily about Noth’s sex and told her she acted ‘pretty violently’. She refused to phone the police despite her friend telling Lily. 

The second woman - Lily - claims that the alleged attack took place in Noth's Greenwich Village apartment (building pictured) after they met while she was working as a server in a club

Lily, the second woman at issue claims that Noth was attacked in Noth’s Greenwich Village Apartment (pictured). Lily met Noth while she worked as a server at a club.

Lily says she was working as a server in the VIP section of New York nightclub No. 8 (pictured), which has since closed, when Noth 'hit on her' in 2015

Lily claims she worked as a server at the VIP section in New York’s nightclub No. 8 (pictured), has since been closed by Noth. 

According to Lily, she and Noth went on a date to Italian eatery Il Cantinori - however the kitchen was closed by the time they got there, so she says they drank wine at the bar

Lily claims that she went out with Noth to eat at Il Cantinori on an Italian date. However, the restaurant was closed so Lily says she drank wine at the bar.

The restaurant actually featured in season four of Sex and the City, serving as the location for lead character Carrie Bradshaw's 35th birthday party (pictured)

Actually, the restaurant featured in the season 4 of Sex and the City. The location was used for Carrie Bradshaw’s 35th Birthday party (pictured). 

Alex, Lily’s friend and confidante confirmed the story to the newspaper. She claimed she had listened to Noth’s voicemail on Lily’s phone following the incident.

Alex claims that Noth sent the following message to Alex: “Hey, I hope you didn’t do anything wrong last night.” It was great fun. We just wanted to be sure that you did not take this the wrong way.

Lily however offered her own interpretation. That would be awesome if you could keep the conversation between me and you.

Lily also provided text messages that she had sent to Noth between March 2015 and April 2015 to The Hollywood Reporter. The texts apparently discussed their incident with Noth asking Lily if she had enjoyed the night. He replied by saying that he “thought it was fun” but not sure of her feelings.

The outlet reported that Lily replied she enjoyed it. [Noth’s]She said she was ‘feeling slightly used’ and that company is not hers, but suggested that they carry on their conversation over the telephone.

Noth proposed that the couple meet again, by sending messages to her suggesting they have a drink and saying that it didn’t need to be at her place even though he had the best whiskey.

In another message seen by THR, Noth reportedly asked Lily: ‘Oh mysterious one… where did you go.’

Lily states that she had agreed to have dinner with him on one occasion, but they ultimately cancelled and never met again.

Zoe and her have never spoken openly about the allegations. Zoe and Sheryl first became aware of the publicity around the Sex and the City reboot in January this year.

Zoe Lister-Jones has claimed that actor Chris Noth was 'sexually inappropriate' to female workers at a club he owned in New York City and once sniffed her neck as she guest starred on an episode of Law and Order: Criminal Intent in 2005.

Noth,67, has vehemently denied the claims of sexual abuse

Zoe Lister Jones (left) claims that Chris Noth sexually indecently treated female employees at his club in New York City. Noth once sniffed Zoe’s neck when she was appearing on an episode Law and Order: Criminal Intent, 2005. Right, Noth has vigorously denied any claims of sexual abuse

Lister Jones, 39, was the first to criticize Noth in public for her alleged behavior.

According to her, she felt inspired by the stories of two other women, Zoe (now 40) and Lily (now 31), which were shared with The Hollywood Reporter.

Her statement was written by the actress, who is well-known for her roles in Life in Pieces.

“He inquired why and I replied that it was because I could not separate the actor and the man. The man is a sexual prey. 

“My friend was concerned about my use of the word. To be sincere, I was too.

An old newspaper clipping posted to Instagram on Thursday appeared to show court documents accused Noth of 'battering' model Beverly Johnson back when they were dating

A clipping from an old newspaper that was uploaded to Instagram Thursday showed court documents showing Noth accused of “battering” model Beverly Johnson in the past.

“I had not thought about the man for so long, but there was something deep in my vocabulary that brought out virility.”

Lister-Jones explained that he worked in New York at Chris Noth’s club. On the rare occasions he did show up, he was sexually inappropriate with another female promoter. 

“That year I also appeared as a guest star in Law and Order. It was the first time he had returned to Law and Order as a detective since ‘SATC. 

She stated that “He was drunk” and added: “During my interrogation scene, he had a 22-ounce beer under his table, which he would consume in between takes.

“He got very close to me and sniffed my neck. He then whispered, “You smell nice.”

I didn’t even say anything. My club friend never spoke. We rarely do.

She continued, “Part of being female in the world is to take a little pride in how you handle these situations.” 

“In denying their influence as a means to survival. It is normal to feel guilty about the mistakes we’ve made.

“My personal experiences pale in comparison to those of others who have bravely shared their stories of assault today.

All women have to carry the burden of navigating predation at every level. There is almost no accountability or consequence.

‘Chris Noth capitalized on the fantasy that women believe Mr. Big represented,’ she alleged, concluding: ‘F*** Mr. Big.’ 

Noth was accused of committing the same crimes just one week ago, when he made headlines around the globe for his performance as Mr. Big in the Sex and the City reboot And Just Like That.

She claimed that her experiences were small in comparison to the other allegations against Noth that were reported on Thursday

Her experiences, she said, were not as significant as the others against Noth reported Thursday.