Bridget Moynahan claimed she didn’t have any comment to make on the rape accusations against Chris Noth and Sex. She said that she doesn’t ‘know anything’ about the matter and it wouldn’t be appropriate for her comment.

But the 50-year-old actress, who reprised her role as Mr. Big’s ex-wife Natasha Naginsky in HBO Max’s And Just Like That, did say she was fine with his character’s death in the new season.

It was fine, I thought. Elle agreed.

Last week, Noth, 67, was accused of rape by two women, who both shared details of their alleged assaults with The Hollywood Reporter — with one of the women saying she was just 22 when Noth, then 49, attacked her and left her needing stitches. 

Another woman came forward to accuse Noth, and Zoe Lister Jones recalled behavior which made him a predator.

Bridget Moynahan said she had no comment on the rape allegations against Sex and the City costar Chris Noth, insisting she doesn't 'know anything about' it (pictured in 2014)

Bridget Moynahan stated that she did not comment on the allegations of rape against Sex and Chris Noth from the City, but insisted she does not ‘know anything’ about it. (Image: 2014).

The actress plays Natasha Naginsky, who was briefly married to Noth's character Mr. Big in the original Sex and the City series

The actress plays Natasha Naginsky, who was briefly married to Noth’s character Mr. Big in the original Sex and the City series 

She did say she was fine with his Noth's death in the new reboot, And Just Like That, saying: 'I thought it was okay. It made sense'

She did say she was fine with his Noth’s death in the new reboot, And Just Like That, saying: ‘I thought it was okay. That made perfect sense.

Elle asked Moynahan about the accusations and she declined to respond.

‘I don’t know anything about… it would be inappropriate for me to comment on things I don’t have any knowledge of,’ she said.

Although she readily spoke about the show, she did share her thoughts on Big’s heart attack and death in the premiere. 

‘It’s part of life — it’s part of the lives of women and men of a certain age,’ she explained of why she thinks the death made sense. 

‘It’s what’s happening. To me, it was like, “Okay, this is the way that they’re jumping into it, ripping off the Band-Aid.” Good for them [for] being bold and being real. 

‘I’m seeing friends of mine have real emotional, grieving responses to the first two episodes. Like, sobbing. These characters have been part of people’s lives for so long and they have really gotten invested in the characters’ lives; they are grieving for someone they feel like they have known. 

Also, the actress admitted she was thrilled to receive the call from the reboot team after feeling “left out of it” when she wasn’t able to attend the movie premieres.

The 50-year-old actress reprised her role in HBO Max's And Just Like That

Actress, 50 years old, reprised her role on HBO Max’s And Just Like That

She did sing Sarah Jessica Parker's praises: 'Sarah Jessica Parker is such a pro. Her comedic timing, her expressions, the way she makes adjustments... she really is so good'

She did sing Sarah Jessica Parker’s praises: ‘Sarah Jessica Parker is such a pro. She is so funny, with her comedic timing and expressions.

She was reserved about Noth but sang Sarah Jessica Parker’s praises.

“Sarah Jessica Parker has a great sense of humor. “Her comedic timing, expressions and the way that she adapts… she’s so funny,” she stated.

Last Thursday, The Hollywood Reporter published the explosive allegations against Noth, which the actor has vehemently denied.  

In the report, both accusers — who went by pseudonyms Zoe, now 40, and Lily, now 31 — claimed that Noth raped them from behind in front of a mirror. Noth allegedly committed the first attack in 2004. The second occurred three years later, in 2015.   

Both women claimed that the recent publicity surrounding the Sex and the City reboot ‘stirred painful memories’ of their encounters with Noth and ‘triggered’ them to go public with their claims. 

Zoe was the first to claim that she met Noth in 2004 while working as an entry-level employee at a prominent firm, where Noth and other stars regularly did business. She claimed that the actor — who was then at the height of his Sex and the City fame and, according to Zoe’s then-boss was seen as a ‘god’ by her and colleagues — began flirting with her in the office. 

Last Thursday, The Hollywood Reporter published explosive allegations against Noth, with two women claiming that he raped them

The Hollywood Reporter reported explosive allegations about Noth on Thursday. It included two claims by women that Noth had raped them.

Noth, pictured with his wife Tara Wilson this month, denied the allegations against him

Noth is pictured this month with Tara Wilson, his wife. He denies the accusations against him

Noth was dating Wilson since 2001. Wilson had previously been with Noth for three years. The couple met at The Cutting Room in New York, where Wilson worked as a bartender. 

However, according to Zoe, Noth began leaving ‘flirty’ messages on her voicemail — which she was alerted to by her boss. 

Zoe said that Noth raped her in West Hollywood when she returned the book he lent to her.

After she entered the room, he kissed her and then moved her into his bed. He also removed her bikini bottoms. Then he began to rape her from behind while they were looking at a mirror.

She also claimed that the actor did not use protection, that he ‘laughed at her’ when she asked him to get a condom — and that she was left bleeding after the assault, and had to go to the hospital to get stitches.  

It was extremely painful, and I shouted “Stop!” According to her, she shared this with THR. ‘And he didn’t. “Can I at least get you a condom?” I laughed and he agreed.   

“I needed stitches.” Two officers were there. I wouldn’t say who it was,’ she says, claiming that she feared she would ‘not be believed’ and could ‘be fired’ if she publicly accused Noth of rape. 

One woman claimed that the alleged attack took place in Noth's Greenwich Village apartment ( pictured) and that he raped her from behind, in front of a mirror

A woman claims that Noth attacked her in Noth’s Greenwich Village Apartment (pictured), and that she was raped from her back in front of the mirror.

Noth and Wilson (pictured in 2002) met while she was working as a bartender at New York jazz club The Cutting Room, which the actor owns

Wilson and Noth (pictured in 2002). Wilson met Noth while working at The Cutting Room in New York. 

Noth’s second accuser, Lily, who is now working as a journalist, told a similar story to THR, alleging that the actor raped her in his home in Greenwich Village after they struck up a flirty relationship while she was working as a server at former New York nightclub No.8 in 2015, when she was 25. 

At the time, Noth — who was then 60 years old — had been married to his wife for three years and the couple had one child together, Orion, who was born in 2008. Keats was born in 2020.  

Lily claimed she was star struck when he first began to “hit on” her and that they ended up going together to a restaurant.

Afterward, Noth invited her back to his home to ‘sample his collection of whiskeys’ — and says he began trying to ‘make out with her’ when they got there. 

“I shouldn’t have said more and then left,” she stated, adding that the next thing she knew he was standing before her and having pulled her down and stood in front of her.

He claimed that she had mentioned that he was married with a child. She then told her that the actor would tell her that “marriage is a fraud” and that “monogamy isn’t real.” Lily stated that Noth then raped Lily from behind, in a chair facing a mirror. 

“He was having sexual relations with me, from my back, in a chair. The mirror was in front of us. She says, “I was almost crying when it all happened.” 

Zoe Lister-Jones has claimed that actor Chris Noth was 'sexually inappropriate' to female workers at a club he owned in New York City and once sniffed her neck as she guest starred on an episode of Law and Order: Criminal Intent in 2005.

Zoe Lister Jones, who published the report, described Noth’s behavior as that of a sexual predator.

In her Instagram story on Thursday, Lister-Jones said she was 'relieved' by Big's death because she remembers him being 'consistently sexually inappropriate' with a female promoter

Lister-Jones, in an Instagram post on Thursday said that she was relieved by Big’s passing because she recalls him as being “consistently sexually inappropriate” with a woman promoter.

Lily claimed that after the assault, Lily went to the toilet and changed her clothes. She said that she felt terribly and was utterly violated.

She added, “All my fantasies with the star that I had loved for so many years were over,” 

Noth made a statement to The Hollywood Reporter confirming that he did have ‘consensual interactions’ with the women. But he denied all allegations that he assaulted them. 

The statement states that “the accusations made against me by people I have known for years or even decades are categorically false.” 

‘These stories could’ve been from 30 years ago or 30 days ago — no always means no — that is a line I did not cross. These encounters were consensual. 

‘It’s difficult not to question the timing of these stories coming out. I don’t know for certain why they are surfacing now, but I do know this: I did not assault these women.’  

Though Officer Drake Madison of the LAPD initially told Deadline on Thursday that ‘there is no investigation at this point’ into the claims against Noth, an LAPD spokesperson later told People that they are ‘looking into the nature of the report’ and trying to figure out ‘when, where or even if a report was filed.’ 

She also recalled him sniffing her hair when she guest starred on Law and Order: Criminal Intent

Also, she recalled her guest-starring on Law and Order: Criminal Intent and he sniffing her hair. 

She concluded her statement by cursing out Noth's character on Sex and the City, claiming that he capitalized on the role to seduce women

After concluding her speech, she cursed Noth on Sex and the City’s characters and claimed that he used his position to seduce women.

Officer Madison stated that there was no evidence of an investigation being started. A report is not required for an investigation.

Late on Thursday, actress Zoe Lister-Jones also detailed her encounters with the embattled actor, claiming that he was ‘sexually inappropriate’ to women who worked at a New York City club he owned, and sniffed her neck while drunk on set of the detective show. 

She wrote an Instagram caption: “Last Week, my friend asked how I felt regarding Mr. Big’s passing on And Just Like That. And I honestly said that I felt relieved.”

“He asked me why. I explained that it was because I couldn’t distinguish the actor from his man. The man is a predator sexually,” she said, before sharing some of her personal experiences.

A third woman, then 18, accused Chris Noth in sexual assault. She allegedly groped her in a Manhattan restaurant when she was 18. 

The unnamed 30-year-old Canadian tech executive claimed Noth, then 55, groped her while she was working as a hostess at the Da Marino restaurant in Midtown, the Daily Beast first reported. 

Noth allegedly came in drunken and told her that ‘I love Canadian women’ while he tried to force her against his erection.  

Ava said, “I can remember how electrifying that hand was, the hand Carrie Bradshaw held in Sex and the City,”  

After she claimed Noth, Noth followed her to the back office where she began to kiss her and press her against a desk. 

According to her, he had pulled her tights down and touched her. She claimed that her legs hurt after she pushed and kicked him away.  

She told the outlet that she felt like the universe was listening to her say no.  

The actor felt her tampon, she said. She then asked her when her period was over before continuing to grope her.    

Ava tried to protest, but Noth said that she would continue until she stated, “Not here,” convincing him that they could go on. 

She said, “I’ve been struggling to forget the look on my face when Chris Noth stepped out of his office,” 

Noth’s publicist told the Daily Beast that the actor ‘denies this as ever happening and has no idea who this woman is.’