Christian Eriksen says he’s not afraid of another cardiac arrest since being fitted with an external defibrillator. He is now focusing on his return to football in light of the interest shown by Danish, Dutch and Premier League clubs.

  • Christian Eriksen experienced a cardiac arrest while playing for Denmark at Euro 2020
  • In the meantime, the playmaker of 29 years has been equipped with an intra-defibrillator
  • Eriksen says he is not afraid of collapsing again after having a defibrillator fitted
  • Now, after having been banned from playing football in Italy for two years, he wants to get back to soccer 

Christian Eriksen claims he is not afraid of another cardiac arrest, as he continues to work towards his football goals.

Since his collapse during the Euro 2020 match between Denmark and Finland last June 12, 2017, the Dane is speaking now for only the second time. This was his last competitive appearance.

AsSportsmailOn Tuesday, it was revealed that the 29-year old is looking to return to training this month with an European club. His representatives met with Premier League teams as well as Dutch and Danish counterparts.

Christian Eriksen has declared that he is 'not afraid' about having another cardiac arrest

Christian Eriksen declared that he’s not afraid of another cardiac arrest

Eriksen answered the question, “Not at all. Not in any way.”

“At the beginning, I was cautious. I was unsure how much my heart could take. It was something I really wanted to try. However, I was cleared to test it. “I’m confident it won’t again.”

After the incident Eriksen received an emergency defibrillator. This means Eriksen cannot legally play in Italy. He was released from Inter Milan in December.

Former Tottenham player, the former Tottenham midfielder, takes solace in having the device to monitor and record his heart rate should he experience a similar event.

Danish TV station DR1 asked him: “Worst-case, if this happens again, I will use this to help me immediately. Knowing you have something to fall back on is very satisfying.

“In the unlikely event that it occurs again, we have something to assist you. It’s very comforting. It won’t happen again.

“I was afraid I would get scared there, but it’s not true,” she said. People can put aside their worries because I do not plan on falling again.