Christmas Day is ruined by rotten turkeys and empty mince pie pies.

  • Christmas Day brought a little bit of tragedy for festive revellers
  • Twitter was filled with stories about rotten turkeys and smashed eggs.
  • Stanley, the greedy cat, indulged in a chocolate gateau intended for guests. 

Many people have shared their holiday culinary mishaps via social media, including one family who discovered that the turkey she was about to eat had been carved green.

The other festive mishaps were a boy who accidentally dropped his skateboard into an oven and a cat who got all the cream and most of the yuletide cakes.  

Sam Colderwood posted a photo of Sam and her furry friend, after they made their way up the kitchen counters for the dessert prize.

Sam said:We hope that everyone had a Merry Christmas, as did my pet @IcelandFoods chocolate gateau.’

One user posted a picture of his turkey, which he had bought for special occasions. However, a magpie took the photo before he was able to get to the meat.

John B said, “Christmas has been destroyed.” Turkey was moved outside as it was too big to fit in the refrigerator. Magpie was the first to get it.

Yesterday’s trending hashtag #RottenTurkey was also on Twitter, where many customers were unhappy with their supermarkets and asked why their bird became rotten so early in the season. 

FEMAIL compiles the worst Christmas Day catastrophes.

One user said he was 'absolutely fuming' that their Christmas was ruined by a rotten turkey he bought from Sainsbury's for £50: 'After such a difficult year when we could finally celebrate with our family again, this has spoilt what should have been a brilliant day'

One user said he was ‘absolutely fuming’ that their Christmas was ruined by a rotten turkey he bought from Sainsbury’s for £50: ‘After such a difficult year when we could finally celebrate with our family again, this has spoilt what should have been a brilliant day’

This Canadian Twitter user posted a disgusting picture of his 'rotten' turkey on Christmas Day, to add to the many others shared during festivities

A Canadian user on Twitter posted an infuriating picture of his rotten turkey Christmas Day to join the many others that were shared during celebrations

Bit of a misunderstanding: Charlie Brewer jokingly posted a picture of his Christmas turkey and seasonings in the bath, when his wife asked him to bath the baby

A bit of confusion: Charlie Brewer posted a jokey picture of his Christmas turkey, seasonings, and the bath to his wife when he asked her to take the baby bath.

All-butter mince pies, but with no mincemeat... One user was 'shook' to find that two out of six of the Deluxe mince pies they bought from Lidl were empty inside

Marmalade-free all-butter mince pie, with no mincemeat… A user was surprised to learn that 2 of 6 Deluxe mince pies he bought at Lidl were missing their insides

Becky Handy said her aunt ordered a six-person turkey from Tesco, only to be substituted for a one-person stuffed chicken - making for very small portions

Becky Handy claimed that her aunt bought a 6-person turkey from Tesco. However, the one-person stuffed bird was substituted by Becky Handy. This resulted in very tiny portions.

A magpie got to John B's turkey before he and his family had the chance to - after leaving it outside because it was too big for the fridge, he took it back in for cooking to find it like this

John B’s Thanksgiving turkey was seized by a magpie before his family could. After leaving the bird outside, it was too large for him to store in the refrigerator. John B brought the turkey back inside for cooking and discovered it as this.

This person was not happy whatsoever after finding their Aldi roly poly bronze whole turkey was rotten with an 'unbearable' stench, leaving them with no turkey for Christmas Day

The person complained that the whole Aldi poly bronze turkey they bought was unfit for consumption.

Another was equally upset with their rotten turkey from Aldi's Cardiff Bay store, which smelt 'absolutely rancid', leaving them with no meaty centrepiece for their Christmas dinner

One of their turkeys from Aldi Cardiff Bay was also a problem. It smelled ‘absolutely rancid,’ leaving no centerpiece for Christmas. 

Sam Colderwood had a giggle at her cat, Stanley, who jumped up on the kitchen counter to taste a bit of her Christmas chocolate gateau for himself

Sam Colderwood laughed at Stanley her cat who ran up to the counter and tried a little of Stanley’s Christmas chocolate gateau.

One woman captioned a Facebook post, later shared to Twitter, 'Do not buy skateboards' after her kid crashed into the oven with it - when some crucial Christmas cooking needed to be done

After her son crashed into the oven, one woman wrote on Facebook, “Do Not Buy Skateboards.”

Another addition to the rotten turkey trend on Twitter yesterday, user @eyescotia shared pictures of her discoloured rotten Christmas turkey from Marks and Spencer

Twitter user @eyescotia posted pictures of her discolored, rotten Christmas Turkey from Marks and Spencer.