This is it! This Christmas fan covers his entire living room and kitchen in festive papers – right down to the kettle

  • Two rooms of his Brighton house were covered in newspaper from floor to ceiling by a man who lives in Brighton. 
  • Tom Hooker spent £20 on festive paper and even wrapped appliances
  • He loved it but eventually had to remove it so that he could use the fridge. 


One man wrapped his entire home in wrapping paper, after creating a special Christmas. 

Tom Hooker (38), challenged himself to wrap the entire of his living room and kitchen with wrapping paper in order to create the perfect festive space.

Brighton content creator, David wanted to make his house more festive.

Many people will hang festive decorations but Tom took the time to wrap the entire room and kitchen with Christmas wrapping.

Content creator Tom Hooker, 38, from Brighton, UK, wanted to spruce up his home and make it feel more festive

Tom Hooker (38), a content creator from Brighton, UK wanted his house to feel festive and spruced up.

The content creator even wrapped up small items such as his kettle, the whole sink and the taps

Even small things like his kettle and whole sink were wrapped by the content creator

Tom was inspired after wanting to create something more festive than just the usual decorations

Tom became inspired to design something extra festive than the traditional decorations.

Even the kitchen cabinets got the Christmas wrapping treatment¿no object was exempt from being wrapped

Even the kitchen cabinets got the Christmas wrapping treatment—no object was exempt from being wrapped

With £20 worth of wrapping paper, Tom covered the living area and even extended the wrapping to his furniture and appliances.

Tom could not leave his home without wrapping it up too much. The patterned paper began to cause him headaches and made it quite difficult for Tom to reach his appliances.

Tom said: ‘I’d seen wrapping paper on sale in the shop so I bought £20 worth and went to town on the living room.’

He was not one of those people who would do anything half-heartedly. The cheery Christmas lover went as far as possible to find the smallest things in the room. 

Pictured: Tom's dog looking out the window. Tom didn't wrap the tree and opted for regular festive decorations

Pictured: Tom’s dog gazing out of the window. Tom chose to use regular decorations instead of wrapping the tree.

The Brighton local used scissors and cellotape to stick down his project to make sure it wasn't a permanent piece

To make sure that his piece wasn’t permanent, the Brighton resident used cellotape and scissors.

Tom and his dog enjoyed tearing up the wrapped sofa together after the project was finished and it was time to take it down

Tom and his dog had a great time ripping up the couch wrap together once the project was completed.

The bold look left no surface untouched as the content creator strived for the most festive look he had ever created

As the content creator, he was determined to create the most joyful look possible.

Tom worked meticulously at getting each individual stripe to line up over each surface in his kitchen

Tom spent hours ensuring that each stripe was perfectly aligned over every surface of his kitchen.

Tom's house during the project. He even wrapped his own television so he was unable to watch christmas films

Tom lived in his house throughout the entire project. Even wrapped his TV so that he could not watch christmas movies.

Pictured: Tom's kitchen during the project. Tom spent hours wrapping every little thing in his house

Photo: Tom’s kitchen in the middle of his project. Tom spent hours wrapping everything in his home.

The bins, kettle and the fridge were rendered unusable while Tom's home was covered in wrapping paper

Tom was wrapped in wrapping paper and made the bins, kettle, and refrigerator unusable.

“It started out as the kitchen cabinets and walls, but it grew to include the sofa, bins and television.

Tom lived his fantasy, and had to finally get rid all of his paper decorations in order to be able use his space properly. 

“I’d have liked to leave it up for longer but I foolishly wrapped my microwave, TV, and fridge so it was forced to go!”