BREAKING NEWS! 50-60 Omicron Covid-infected people are found in Norway at the Christmas Party. This would make it the largest outbreak of this variant in history.

A Christmas party at Norway’s Gotham City has seen between 50 and 60 victims infected from Covid-19. It is believed to be the Omicron super-mutant variant. 

It would represent the largest outbreak of the strain in the history of mankind if confirmed. 

Doctors dismissed the possibility that the infection is Delta variant and said the new strain was highly probable.

Officials said 50 people tested positive on a PCR test following Norwegian renewable energy company Scatec’s Christmas dinner at Louise Restaurant & Bar in Oslo.

According to authorities, 10 more people were positive for lateral flow testing. 

The least of the parties had returned to South Africa recently, where they do some business. 

However, it was not clear at the time if this employee was Patient Zero or had they been traveling in South Africa to Scatec.  

Jorum Thaulow from Oslo West, head of the infection monitoring team, stated that every case had been treated just like Omicron and was instructed to self-isolate over seven days. 

Thaulow stated that the close relatives of those infected were warned to remain under quarantine for 10 days if they contract Covid-19.   

Minimum 41 cases reside in Oslo.