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Kristen Stewart (a U.S. actress playing Diana in the absurd biopic Spencer) believes that the spirit of Diana hovered above her while filming.

She told the LA Times that there were moments when she felt like “Oh, god,” and it almost seemed like she was trying to make it through. It was bizarre. Amazing.

Everybody can now channel Diana and claim her as their imaginary friend. Eloise Moran, a blogger, explained, on Diana Queen Of Style (C4) how Diana worships her as the Patron Saint for Betrayed Women.

'Everyone can channel Diana now and claim her for their own, as the ultimate imaginary friend', writes CHRISTOPHER STEVENS

‘Everyone can channel Diana now and claim her for their own, as the ultimate imaginary friend’, writes CHRISTOPHER STEVENS

With 1980s couture so much in vogue, Diana’s dress sense is being reinvented by designers. The popularity of The Crown has made her an icon all over again

Designers are reinventing Diana’s style with 1980s fashion so in fashion. The Crown’s popularity has made Diana an iconic figure again 

Eloise, who was going through a difficult breakup, started sharing photos of Diana via social media. She created an Instagram account @LadyDiRevengeLooks. The captions she added were barbed: “I was speaking to Princess Diana through my own ex.”

She has now signed a deal with The Lady Di Look Book: The Secrets Diana Taught Us Through Her Clothes. This documentary explains it all in detail, and is available for download in case you can’t wait. Every outfit has a message, from the funny knitwear to the lacy collars and plunging necklines.

Nicola Coughlan voiced that “Throughout her rollercoaster life, her clothes spoke about her emotions, her attitude, and her activism.” Banseka Kayembe wrote that Di is an icon for black women. She was an outsider who didn’t feel at home.

It got more and more absurd. Bimini, a drag model and star called Di, referred to Di as a punk rocker or ‘cheeky woman’.

Without Diana, it would be impossible to have Kim Kardashian and Beyonce. Diana was even called an inspiration for Black Lives Matter.

Di is the person who invents social media. Bimini called her the ‘original influencer. Justine Picardie was a former fashion editor and imagined that Princess Diana would be able publish selfies or portraits on Instagram to get around the paparazzi.

Unbeknownst to many, there was an intriguing idea. Fashion designers are trying to reinvent Diana’s sense of style, with 80s-inspired couture very much in fashion. The Crown’s popularity has made Diana an iconic figure.

Princess Diana (pictured right) dances with John Travolta (left) at a White House dinner in Washington, US in 1985

The right-hand picture shows Princess Diana dancing with John Travolta in Washington at the White House Dinner in Washington, US. This was taken in 1985.

Opening the programme was a walk down Bond Street. The clothes displayed in all windows echoed her style.

The most telling example was a red woolly jumper, decorated with fluffy white sheep — and a single black one. Diana purchased it at a Covent Garden stall and she wore it twice, once as a fun dress and one with more emphasis when her marriage began to take shape.

It’s not hard to believe that she sent a message.

Kate Humble is encouraging us to get messy in the backyard and save the earth with her knitwear, Good Life, Green Life. She planted saplings.

Kate Humble’s knitwear is telling us to get muddy in the back garden and save the planet, on Good Life, Green Life on Channel 5

Kate Humble knitwear tells us to ditch the lawn and help the environment, Good Life, Green Life channel 5

She planted saplings and said: ‘Trees are magnificent and they’re kind of miraculous,’ she said, and went hunting for great crested newts in her pond'

She planted the saplings, then said that trees are beautiful and almost miraculous. Then she went on a hunt for crested newts in her small pond.

She then built a pergola out of willow stems from the grass. She smiled and said, “I wasn’t a Wendy House child.” “I was more of an outhouse girl.”

Ludo’s husband Kate films Kate’s show on their Wye Valley farm. They are all pleasant, with variations of the same themes. As ever, gin featured — with a stroll along the hedgerows to forage for herbs to flavour her alcoholic cordials.

After straining elderflowers and nets, she declared: “I like Gin, quite a bit of it.” Chin-chin!