According to the CIA the Havana Syndrome, a strange and mysterious condition that has been referred to as Havana Syndrome, is not the result of a prolonged global attack by a hostile country aimed at hundreds U.S. diplomats.

There were hundreds of cases that involved possible signs of this mystery illness. The agency claims they have now found alternate explanations for all except two dozen.   

In this unresolved matter, the agency was unable to exclude foreign actors from the investigation.

Biden’s administration instead has referred to those suffering as “anomalous” health events. 

The CIA refused to comment. 

The CIA has said the strange and mysterious symptoms are not as a the result of a sustained global campaign by a hostile power (file photo of the lobby of the CIA in Langley, Virginia)

According to the CIA, the mysterious and strange symptoms do not result from a global war by a hostile force (file photo: lobby of the CIA Langley, Virginia). 

The syndrome first surfaced at the US embassy in Havana, when government employees suddenly found themselves afflicted with the mysterious malady

This syndrome was first discovered at the US Embassy in Havana. Government employees were suddenly struck with this mysterious illness.

It was widely accepted for many years that brain injuries were caused by Russia, or any other country that deliberately targeted Americans.

According to some, the purpose was to either cause harm to them or gather intelligence. 

That theory has now been deemed to be completely unfounded according to sources  speaking to NBC News.    

Havana Syndrome sufferers have voiced dismay at the fact that claims have been dismissed by the agency. 

Many have also suggested that the CIA’s findings on this subject may not necessarily be conclusive, as it failed to coordinate with intelligence agencies such as the Defense Department.

Symptoms of Havana Syndrome include loud noise, ear pain, intense head pressure or vibration, dizziness, visual problems, and cognitive difficulties

Havana syndrome symptoms include earache, severe head pressure, vibrations, dizziness and visual issues.

What is ‘Havana Syndrome’? This mysterious disease that causes hearing and memory loss and started at the US Embassy in Cuba is known as Havana Syndrome.  

Because the first case affected U.S. Embassy personnel in Cuba in 2016, the problem was called the “Havana Syndrome”. 

At the moment, at least 200 cases from across the country are under investigation. 

Some people who have suffered from the condition have experienced headaches and dizziness, as well as symptoms similar to concussions. Others have required months of treatment. Some reported hearing an audible noise that preceded the sudden onset symptoms. 

Countries its been reported in: Cuba, United States, China, Russia, Vietnam, Austria, Germany, Serbia, United Kingdom, Georgia, Poland, Taiwan, Australia, Colombia, Kyrgyzstan, and Uzbekistan 

These are the symptoms:

-hearing loss

Headaches that are severe

Issues with memory 


-brain injury  

There is still much to be done in order to determine what happened, despite hundreds of cases being thrown out. 

‘Even two dozen cases is a lot of cases if Americans were attacked,’ one person who was  briefed on the findings said. 

Havana Syndrome symptoms can include severe ear pain, extreme head pressure, vibration, headaches, dizziness, cognitive difficulties, and loud noises. According to the 2020 National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine, many people still experience these and other health issues. 

According to the report, the symptoms were deemed consistent with the effects directed pulsed radiofrequency (RF) energy.

Some report hearing a loud sound before symptoms suddenly onset.

However, the extent of neurological damage sustained by victims or other long-term effects is not known. It also remains unclear as to what may have been the cause.  

U.S. intelligence personnel once pointed the finger at Russia when they suspected that Russia had deliberately attacked diplomats and CIA officials working overseas.

However, in all three years that have passed since then spy agencies failed to find enough evidence to pinpoint the causes or perpetrators of the incidents.

Report 2020 details how brain injuries observed were compatible with directed microwave energy effects, which was also reported in the report. Russia has been long studying these issues. 

Russia denies any involvement.

This leaves government officials and scientists puzzled over who could have been responsible for the attacks that started late 2016 

We don’t know if these symptoms were accidentally caused by surveillance equipment or if they were due to a strange sonic weapon.

However, some people doubt it’s existence and refer to it as’mass hypertrophy’. 

Scientists believe that the mysterious suddenly-appearing syndrome is caused by a device Russia may have developed during the Cold War. This device was then used to spy on US embassies using data from cell phones and laptops.

Experts now believe that this technology could have been used as a weapon by a hostile nation, such as Russia or China.

The involvement of both countries in the incident relating to the mystery syndrome is denied. Officials from the United States now state that they are unable to say if the attacks were deliberate or accidental.  

At least one of the three American serving at the consulate in Geneva (pictured) believed to be inflicted had to be medevacked from Switzerland to the U.S. for treatment in a 2021 incident

The consulate in Geneva was occupied by at least three Americans. One of them (pictured) had to be taken from Switzerland to the United States for treatment.

Although William Burns, the Director of the CIA, had privately described them as ‘attacks,’ he and Avril Haines have endorsed the most recent reports.

In the coming months, there will be many more reports about Havana syndrome. 

The White House National Security Council has put together a task force that is examining Havana Syndrome and it it is expected to report shortly. 

The State Department, FBI, and Defense Department all have their own investigations into the cause of this syndrome.

The suspected syndrome was recently reported to have affected three US diplomats, one of them in Paris and two in Geneva. 

Four officials from the U.S. diplomatic missions to Geneva and Paris contracted Havana Syndrome last summer.

A similar incident occurred in Paris, where senior embassy officials informed diplomats and encouraged others to report any unusual symptoms (U.S. Embassy in Paris pictured)

Similar incidents occurred in Paris. Senior embassy officials advised diplomats to inform others about unusual symptoms and encouraged them to do so (pictured: U.S Embassy in Paris).

Of the three American officials serving at the consulate in Geneva, at least one had to be medevacked from Switzerland to the U.S. for treatment, the Wall Street Journal reported. 

The incident was later disclosed to the staff by the leadership of the mission during a town meeting.

This was followed by a similar incident in Paris, where senior embassy officials informed diplomats via email about a suspected case, encouraging others to report any unusual symptoms.  

Antony Blinken of the U.S. State Department stated that all federal agencies are working hard to find the root cause of this illness in response to new reports. 

Blinken stated last month that he doesn’t yet know what happened or who was responsible.

I’ve heard them. They’ve been listened to. These incidents have a profound effect on the lives of their families and affect their well-being. We are doing all we can to help them. 

The sonic weapon the could cause Havana syndrome is said to be a smaller version of this 1990s Soviet microwave generator, which is kept at the University of New Mexico

Havana Syndrome is thought to have been caused by a small version of the Soviet microwave generator from 1990. It is stored at the University of New Mexico.

In Geneva, the Paris attacks occurred at the place where Russia and the U.S. held security talks early December about Moscow’s troop buildingup close to the Ukraine border. 

Blinken stated that the United States raised the illness with Russia, but could not make an accurate determination as to who is responsible.

Additionally, the Secretary of State stated that he met State Department staff around the world and heard their stories about the diseases and the impact on their lives.

He stated, “There’s no doubt in my head that people were directly and profoundly affected.”

Is it all in your mind? Expert claims that the Havana Syndrome, a mysterious global experiment in mass suggestions and not targeted attacks, is an example of this. 

Havana Syndrome was discovered in the latter half of 2016, and the US government has been spending tens to millions of dollars on research into potential foreign enemies using microwave weapons.

Robert Bartholomew, an expert in medical sociology is convinced that it’s mass delusion. He’s also co-authored the book Havana Syndrome: Mass Psychogenic Insomnia and the Real Story behind the Embassy Mystery and Hysteria.

The mysterious disease, first discovered in Cuba, is now being reported at US embassies all over the world. There have been 130 confirmed cases. The most common symptoms are severe headaches, hearing loss and memory issues.

The Embassy of the United States of America in Cuba, which is where Havana Syndrome was first allegedly encountered

Havana syndrome was first reported to be discovered at the Embassy of America in Cuba by American diplomats.

Dr Bartholomew is not afraid to speak his mind. Bartholomew says what he believes and means it. 

Katy Perry's music was blasted by the Philippines government to break up a demonstration

Katy Perry’s music was blasted by the Philippines government to break up a demonstration

Daily Mail Australia was informed by an American expatriate based in Auckland that there’s more evidence for Bigfoot then for Havana Syndrome. 

“The overwhelming evidence supports mass hysteria or, as scientists often refer to it by their acronym, mass psychogenic disease. Havana Syndrome can be attributed to incompetent officials at the government and bad science. You could even rename the Havana Syndrome Delusion. This is the bizarre belief insinuated that diplomats will be targeted by an energy weapon, despite the persistent evidence.

It is possible to use sound as a weapon but not like the Havana Syndrome victims believe.   

“In the Philippines, government shouted Katy Perry songs to disperse a protest. The laws of physics mean that it won’t work well.  

Dr Bartholomew states that there are at least four possible causes of Havana Syndrome. 

The weapon  

“The initial theory was that the weapon used soundwaves in order to cause illness. Because these Havana citizens weren’t targeted by the embassy, this theory is very unlikely. These people were targeted at their houses, but mainly in big hotels. Targeting someone in a large hotel would be against the laws of physics. 99 percent of soundwaves bounced off of the outside wall. That’s just how it works.


“The second reason was pesticides being used to kill Zika-infected mosquitos. That’s because the neurotoxin is not only harmful to American diplomats but also their families.

Frey Effect   

“The Frey Effect, a microwave phenomenon that causes the Frey Effect to occur is the third explanation. [an auditory phenomenon where microwave or radio frequencies generate clicking sounds inside the head]. After the National Academy of Sciences released their report, it gained popularity. They suggested that the Frey Effect could explain this phenomenon. They weren’t certain. The report is a guess. Ken Foster, University of Pennsylvania bioengineer, is the one who identified the Frey Effect mechanism. It’s not the Frey Effect, he assured me.

Mass psychogenic illness   

“So, you have the only possible explanation: mass psychogenic disease. Infected first were two intelligence officers working at the same small station. This is a defining feature of mass psychogenic illness. This disease follows the social network model. It usually starts in small groups that are cohesive and then spreads to larger areas. They all work in the same workplace. The environment is stressful, the people are in foreign countries, and they know they are being monitored 24/7. The classic example of mass panic.

Dr Robert Bartholomew has written a book called Havana Syndrome: Mass Psychogenic Illness and the Real Story Behind the Embassy Mystery and Hysteria.

Dr Robert Bartholomew has written a book called Havana Syndrome: Mass Psychogenic Illness and the Real Story Behind the Embassy Mystery and Hysteria.

Dr Bartholomew claims that mass psychogenic disease has existed for many centuries and in different forms. 

“It was previously known as mass, epidemic or epidemic hypersomnia. The term mass psychogenic illness has been used for it in the past 3-4 decades. It has been known for thousands of years. Clear cases can be traced back to the middle ages dancing mania and further. About 3,500 of these cases date back to the middle age.  

It began in a small CIA Unit in Havana (Cuba) in the latter part of 2016. That’s what you would expect for mass psychogenic illnesses. This disease starts within small groups that are close knit and spreads to others, often people with lower social status. 

The CIA officer then observed strange sounds in the night and began to walk around nearby their homes. Then one day they felt sick. One of them had dizziness and ear pain. So they visited the clinic at the Embassy. A man observed that the “it almost seemed like somebody was shooting at my head”. 

This ought to have set alarm bells within the medical community but it didn’t. 

They heard two more officers, both from the same unit that they’d heard similar strange sounds. They were then told by two other officers that the strange sounds had been recorded.  

The harassment of American diplomats in Havana by Cubans has a long and storied history that dates back many decades. 

“All diplomats who were dispatched to Havana’s new Embassy in Havana in 2015, after diplomatic relations between Cuba and the USA were restored under President Barack Obama), had been informed about the matter. 

Cuban agents harassed diplomats during the Cold War. They would enter their homes and throw dog poo all over the place, as well as open the windows to let in mosquitoes.

“So they became paranoid when they got over there. The paranoid were always on the alert for these things, and know that they’re being monitored 24-7.

Dr Bartholomew claims belief in Havana Syndrome is a global experiment in mass suggestion. 

The (US) State Department has issued an alert to embassies around the globe, and to intelligence officers and diplomats to watch out for unusual health events that could be accompanied or not by strange sounds. 

“What do you believe is happening?” All over the world, people are now on high alert for unusual developments in health. There are many mysterious and unsolved health issues that people experience, as well as general health problems. 

It is now renamed to “Oh, it must have Havana Syndrome.”

Dr Bartholomew gets passionate about his criticisms of Havana Syndrome. 

He said, “It is a huge waste of money. It’s an international wild goose hunt that has wasted millions of dollars by US government. It’s caused people to be upset. This money could be better used elsewhere. 

They had to follow facts. The facts were not followed by them. This case can be summarized in one sentence: When you hear hoofbeats at night, think of horses and not zebras.  

“The State Department searched for unicorns. The most unusual hypothesis was a sonic weapon. You would think that you were being attacked by a sonic weapon. Although some heard the noises, not all people were the same. They were everywhere.  

“All of them were experiencing ear pain. You may hear clicking or popping noises in your ears, but it is not unusual to experience these sounds.

What is the US government doing with its time, money, resources and Havana Syndrome research? The FBI has released a report on the subject that is part of a leak, although it has not yet been publicly made.

Dr Bartholomew said, “Honestly, it seems they’ve solved the problem.” 

‘We know recently, from the leaked FBI report that they concluded that it was mass psychogenic illness. This is something that I believe intelligence agencies know. It is mass hysteria. 

“But it is embarrassing that in the past five years under Trump’s administration and the Biden government, the same people have been working at these agencies and concluded that the sounds made by crickets and cicadas was a secret weapon.” This is ridiculous, and embarrassing. 

It’s almost like, “What are you going to do?” They are in a corner. After five years of misinterpreting insect sounds as a secret foreign weapon, now they have to apologize. This will be embarrassing for them and an indicator of their incompetence. 

The effects on white matter tract in the brain is one of the symptoms claimed for alleged victims of Havana Syndrome, but Dr Bartholomew says there is a far more benign explanation. 

He says that December 2017, information leaked to media showed that Havana syndrome patients were being examined by doctors who discovered white matter tract abnormalities in the brains. 

The cover of Havana Syndrome: Mass Psychogenic Illness and the Real Story Behind the Embassy Mystery and Hysteria, by Robert Baloh and Robert Bartholomew, which is out now

The cover of Havana Syndrome: Mass Psychogenic Illness and the Real Story Behind the Embassy Mystery and Hysteria, by Robert Baloh and Robert Bartholomew, which is out now

The full report did not support the extremely selective leak. 

‘Of 21 patients. Three had white matter tract problems. One was mild, and two were moderate. You would find 21 random people walking down streets in Sydney and Melbourne today. White matter tract changes can be found in almost everything, from depression to migraine, normal ageing, to even depression. White matter tract changes may be a fabrication, but the claim was known for over a year.  

Dr Bartholomew does not believe in Havana Syndrome. However, he feels great compassion for people being treated. 

“It is not that they are making this up. Their lives are causing them real symptoms. They’re psychological.’ 

“We are working overtime across all levels of government to determine who is responsible and what caused it.” He added that in the interim, he wanted to make certain we were caring for all those who have been affected as well as protecting our people to their best ability.   

European incidents are now added to the roughly There have been 200 cases reported of this mysterious illness. It was first identified in 2016, at the US Embassy, Havana.

Nearly half of these cases were involving CIA officers and their families, almost 60 of them had been connected to Department of Defense personnel or their family, while 50 of those involved the State Department.

The October issue will feature three Havana Syndrome patients came forward sharing their painful symptoms. Two of them claimed that the disease left them with brain damage and ended up in a career as diplomats.

Tina Onefur and Kate Husband were working together for the US State Department in Cuba when the strange malady struck.

It was discovered in Havana at the Embassy in 2016. This occurred months before Onefur Husband and Ferguson were also diagnosed. 

During an interview last year with NBC News, the three discussed their severe symptoms, which included hearing loss, serious headaches, memory problems, dizziness/grogginess, and brain damage. 

Onefur was overcome by pain and sobbed while she talked.

“The children were upstairs, I was looking out the window of my kitchen, and suddenly I felt I was struck by something.”

Onefur described the feeling as a gripping sensation. She said it felt almost like she was being held by an invisible hand and couldn’t move.

Onefur choked back tears when Andrea Mitchell asked her about her health today. She said that her symptoms are still strong and persistent, even though she had been gone for more than four years.

Onefur stated that it was difficult to speak about one’s health as this is an invisible injury.

Onefur, who is in tears, says that the disease has caused four and a half years of severe headaches.

Kate Husband, Doug Ferguson and their family were living in Havana’s northern neighborhood during the winter of 2016. They worked in the US Embassy by the day. Their nights were spent at the shared house.

However, the nights of the couple, who hail both from Michigan were often interrupted by strange, loud, disturbing noises seemingly emanating from their backyard.

Husband described the persistent sound as “kind of at the exact same level every time” and added that it was “very loud”, which was something they could not identify.

Ferguson captured the noise with his iPhone and replayed it for Mitchell in the course of the interview.

This recording, which has a sound that resembles a whistle but with a higher frequency, sounds strikingly like a 2017 AP release on this syndrome.

Husband answered the question, “Are there any others in my neighborhood who have heard similar sounds?”

Following a series of symptoms, the couple were eventually examined at University of Pennsylvania by neurologists.

Ferguson was allowed to return to work early 2017 but Husband was eventually diagnosed with brain injury by doctors and sent to treatment.

Mitchell told Husband that Mitchell told him during her diagnosis that a doctor had told her she was aging 20-25 years at the same time after scanning her brain.

After a severe medical condition, she was forced to retire from her job at the State Department.

Husband revealed further that she has balance problems resulting from the brain injury she sustained after 2017’s diagnosis. It is a feeling that can trigger intense bouts of nausea as well as a fogginess making even simple tasks more difficult.