He was a charmer with a larger than life personality. In a highly-paid job, he ate at exclusive restaurants and smoked the best cigars.

So the question on everyone’s lips yesterday – following the shock death of Sex And The City’s Mr Big – was did he have it coming to him?

After a Peloton session, his fatal heart attack was caused by a Peloton workout. The company sent a cardiologist who assured him that it had nothing to do.

A detailed analysis of the background and lifestyle would back this up.

Big loves a glass of wine, ever since his 1998 debut on The Big Show. We’ve seen him sloshing down hundreds of large glasses of wine – red and white – on dates, at home and at parties. In times of emergency, he has also shown a keen interest in Martini cocktails with large amounts of whisky and a wide range of whiskey-based drinks.

Regular boozing can raise blood pressure. Uncontrolled blood pressure could lead to stroke or heart attacks.

His love for tobacco was the best part. For the first five series, Big – said to be in his mid-60s – was an enthusiastic cigarette smoker.

Mr Big's fatal heart attack after a session on his Peloton exercise bike had the company producing a cardiologist to insist it certainly had nothing to do with his workout, writes Alison Boshoff

The fatal heart attack of Mr Big after his session on the Peloton exercise machine caused by a workout had led to Alison Boshoff, a company representative to produce a cardiologist who insisted it had nothing to do his work out. 

This was the one thing that bind him to Carrie Bradshaw, played by Sarah Jessica Parker, a fellow smoker. A blocked artery causes him to quit smoking but he continues to smoke once per week.

The experts believe about one-fourth of all heart attacks are directly connected to smoking. High cholesterol, obesity and stress are all risk factors for heart attacks.

It’s not like Big, played by Chris Noth, didn’t have heart issues.

The 2003 series includes an angioplasty which unblocks a coronary vessel. He also has a stent installed.

Blood clots may form in stents following angioplasty. This can cause a heart attack by closing off the blood vessels.

No doubt, Big’s stressful job won’t have helped – but he’s also been through a lot of romantic angst.

Five series and two films later, they finally find marital bliss but only after a series of betrayals, affairs and heartbreak

After five films and two series, the couple finally finds marital bliss, although it took a lot of heartbreak, betrayals, and affairs.

The sexy and complicated love story he has had with Carrie over the years has been a frustrating one. They caused one another severe anxiety from the beginning. Their high-octane relationship began when they met on a New York street. He won’t let her know he is “the one” and they split at series two.

They finally found marital bliss after five series and two movies, but it was only after many betrayals and heartbreaks.

Big is a brilliant financier who, although he’s not in the grip of passion, manages to make enough money to afford the Manhattan apartment they want.

High blood pressure can cause chronic stress, increasing the chance of heart attacks and stroke. Stress also contributes to patients overeating, smoking and drinking alcohol – all of which are also bad for heart health.

Fine dining is another option. Big loves good food and especially meat. He has always enjoyed cooking for Carrie. Carrie’s domesticity was so poor that her sweaters were kept in the oven she never used when they started dating. One occasion she rose to her feet and told her friends that Big was coming over to prepare her veal chops.

Chronic stress can lead to high blood pressure, which raises the risk for stroke and heart attack

High blood pressure can cause chronic stress, leading to increased risk of heart attacks and stroke.

Heart attacks are most often caused by coronary heart disease. In this condition, the blood vessels that supply the heart to pump blood can become clogged up with cholesterol.

Being overweight is a risk factor – and Big wasn’t. His love for meat could have made him more at-risk.

The University of Oxford’s Nuffield Department of Population Health revealed that the consumption of processed meats increased heart disease risk by one fifth in July. Due to its high sodium content, 50g of processed meats such as sausages or ham increased coronary heart disease risk by 18%. The high amount of saturated fat in unprocessed meats like steak (a big favourite) also increases the chance of developing heart disease by 9 percent.

Candace Bushnell was the writer behind the popular series. The Big character is a fictionalized version of Ron Galotti who used to be a publisher for GQ and Talk magazines. Big drives a limousine everywhere he goes. Inactivity can cause fatty deposits to build up in your arteries. It can result in a heart attack, if this becomes coronary-heart disease. You can decrease your chances of getting some circulatory or heart disease by being active.