The victim of a violent sexual assault allegation against her victim was allegedly a part of her BDSM fantasy. This civil servant, who is entitled and self-obsessed, now faces jail.

Vidul Vithlani, 27, claimed he had ‘sexted’ and discussed rough sex before he arranged to meet the complainant in his car to listen to music and smoke cannabis on August 24, 2018.

He claimed that the woman liked fantasy roleplaying, spanking, and BDSM. However the Old Bailey jury denied his defense and unanimously convicted him for rape as well as sexual assault. 

According to the woman who couldn’t be identified, Vithlani placed his hand on her forehead as he made her perform oral sex at a west London car park.

An 'entitled and self-obsessed' civil servant, Vidul Vithlani, 27, who claimed his victim's violent sexual assault allegations were part of her BDSM fantasies is facing jail after being charged with rape at the Old Bailey (pictured in a file image)

An ‘entitled and self-obsessed’ civil servant, Vidul Vithlani, 27, who claimed his victim’s violent sexual assault allegations were part of her BDSM fantasies is facing jail after being charged with rape at the Old Bailey (pictured in a file image)

Although she admitted Vithlani did it before, she said this time that Vithlani was more violent.

It was before it could be more [like]His hand was on the table. This one gave him a hold.

Judge John Hillen stated that he was an entitled, self-centered man when he gave his evidence. Most of the evidence he presented was focused on him.

“Really, what worries me is his attitude towards women in general.”

As the jury rendered their verdicts, the politics and international relations graduate was left hanging.

Before his sentence of 23 December, he was taken into custody at Belmarsh prison.

Vithlani claimed that Vithlani consented to the rape, but an Old Bailey jury convicted him of sexual assault and rape after a two week trial. 

Neil Griffin, who was defending, had read Vithlani’s texts to the complainant.

Vithlani stated that he didn’t force himself on the women and said: “This is within the context of consensual sex things that we like.

“It was fantasy roleplay. It was actually sexting.

“This was our backdrop for meeting.”

He also sent another message to his wife: “Lol, you don’t like to be told what to do. I like to fight, and you also enjoy putting up a fight.

Vithlani responded: “This was within the context of our consensual sex encounters.

“She was very clear about what she wanted in her early years – BDSM and being controlled.

Mr Griffin read the responses of Vithlani and said that Vithlani seemed to be in agreement.

Vithlani acknowledged that sometimes he got rough with Vithlani in their sexual encounters.

“When she performed oral sex upon me… I would hold her. I would either hold her head, or her hand. Sometimes I would even spank her bum when she was doing oral sex.

“I’d never done this kind of thing before.”

“It wasn’t something that I had done before with someone and she encouraged it.

She just loved resisting.

“She wouldn’t resist physically, or she would say no explicity.”

He explained how she might say, “Oh no, it’s not yet” or “What’s your plan?”It was part of the process to advance the sexual encounter.

Vithlani claimed that he always did so with consent from the complainant.

“I would never, ever force someone to tell me no when I’m outright saying no.”

“She never pulled away. She never made me feel scared, fearful, or afraid. And I didn’t do anything to make her scared.

An audio recording was made by Vithlani to her during a telephone conversation.

Vithlani can be heard saying “I’m sorry, I raped You.”

Jurors heard that the victim’s former assistant had written a note to her saying “You are making my head hurt by how confusing you are.”

Vithlani stated that he felt’shocked and scared’ after his November 2018 arrest by the police.

Although he claimed he felt like ‘a dead man walking’ when he was charged for rape, his father didn’t tell his parents as he didn’t want to endanger their lives.

Vithlani (from Pinner) denied the charges but was found guilty of rape as well.