Clerical Medical has been criticized by many customers who claim it failed to pay its policy payments. 

Money’s Grace on The Case investigated a Clerical Medical case that had been sitting for months, awaiting the payment of his endowment.

A large number of customers and their relatives who were customers of the deceased wrote in to complain of similar problems. Many are still waiting to receive substantial amounts of money.

Others are waiting even longer for thousands of pounds in payouts from matured policies or relatives’ policies. Many have called the service disgusting and outlandish. 

Clerical Medical customers have complained after they were told to wait months for payments

Clerical Medical customers complained that they had to wait for months before receiving payments.

Many complain of being unable to talk to staff regarding their problems, while others are told that they will have to wait several months before receiving their funds.

Many readers felt they were being lied to by the company, despite receiving promises of callbacks, letters, and emails which never arrived.

This has caused much stress and frustration to customers – many of whom are grieving a close relative and trying to resolve their finances as quickly as possible.

Also, online reviews have been negative about the firm. It has since been acquired by Lloyds Banking Group (Scottish Widows) and received only one-and-a half stars from Trustpilot. They also got a ‘bad rating’.

Here are some of the stories that We have heard from This is Money.  

“I tried for many months to find a solution.” 

Stephen wrote: “My mother passed away last Christmas Eve, after a short battle with Covid. I tried, but failed, to cash out a with-profit bond in her honor with Clerical Medical.

“Everytime I call, it cannot explain the delay and promises to escalate the process. But I still have not received any communication from them. This is what we need to get closure.

A with profits bond is a life insurance-based investment and normally requires lump sums to be paid in. 

The majority of these bonds held are for growth, not just life protection. 

Stephen had been waiting months to receive the funds from the account and close it but it wasn’t until This is Money contacted Clerical Medical that he received full payment of £669.44 from the firm as well as £520 compensation.

Although he’s happy with the results, he felt frustrated that It took This Is Money to fix the problem.  

“It won’t provide me with the proper documentation to transfer my pension …’ 

Another reader, Stuart, had a different issue with the firm after it failed to transfer his pension correctly to another pension provider, Vanguard UK.

Stuart stated that he discovered earlier this year that his two pensions had to be crystallized before his 75th birthday, January 2022. This would allow him to receive a lump sum of 25% tax-free.

Clerical Medical gave him the documents to transfer and he opened an account with Vanguard. Vanguard confirmed the opening in May. 

It wasn’t until July that Clerical Medical transferred the sum of £74,273.37 to Vanguard.

Vanguard told Stuart however, that these funds were no longer possible to keep without correct documentation. Instead it was required to transfer the funds to Clerical Medical. Clerical Medical did so. 

He says that multiple incorrect forms have been sent to him and that they were not correct.

Stress: Some customers are waiting for payouts after relatives died, leaving them funds

Stress: Many customers wait for payments after their relatives die, which leaves them with funds

Clerical Medical was contacted by This is Money to investigate the problem. The company stated that the funds could not be invested after they were transferred to Vanguard.

The funds were instead returned to Clerical Med on 26 July because Vanguard didn’t have the necessary customer information to allow the transfer to occur.

Vanguard finally received the required information on 13 October. 

Clerical Medical now talks to Vanguard about how much interest should be paid to the pension because of the delay.

Stuart is content with how the funds have been transferred to the new provider. However, he worries that interest may not be paid. 

“I’ve waited months for my deceased father in law’s insurance to pay out.” 

Tim (another reader) said, “My father-in law died in August, and I’ve been calling, emailing, writing and sending Clerical Medical correspondence on a daily basis since that time.”

I have tried to find a claim package from the company for my grandfather’s 70-year-old with profit policy. None of the people I’ve spoken to seem to recognize his name, which is a surprise to me since each year it mails him a statement about benefits and bonuses. 

Clerical medical by This is Money brought the case to their attention. It stated that it had identified a problem on September 20, 2021 regarding Tim’s father-in-law’s insurance policy.

The company stated that it had to have recognized this might take some time. A claim value should be calculated, and the appropriate information should be sent in a letter.

Fortunately, a payment of £29,139.80 was made to Mr Robinson’s bank account on 10 November 2021 and this has been received.

It added it made a payment of £514.60 in recognition of the service he received and the delay which includes £214.60 interest calculated at 8 per cent on the claim value of £29,139.80 from 5 October 2021 to 15 November 2021.

Many people put funds into Clerical Medical years ago & are waiting for thousands of pounds

Many people put funds into Clerical Medical years ago & are waiting for thousands of pounds

“I was advised that it would take approximately 125 days to resolve the claim.” 

Sally, an additional reader, stated that her friend had died in May and she left me as the sole beneficiary. 

“The executor handled the bank and her pensions. But Clerical Medical have been a nightmare.

They sent an August claim form to him after several phone calls. They told him that it would settle 12 days after receiving the claim form.

“He reached out to them by phone and postal mail again in September and Oct, received two more explanations that the situation had escalated, made a formal complain, was instructed to make another complaint last week and was told it would take 125 business days to resolve the claim. This will happen sometime around February.”

This situation was very stressful and the policy was a substantial amount at £23,000 with Sally saying the whole process was too much to cope with. 

Clerical Medical have now settled the claim with a compensation payment of £460.43 – however, again, only after contact by This is Money. 

“My brother passed away and I cannot complete probate without settling his pension.”

Adam Reader had problems with Clerical Medical following the death of his brother earlier in this year. He was left as executor. 

He stated that he found out his brother was a member of Clerical Medical and had received an annual pension statement. The value on death before retirement at that date was £115,165.77. My brother was still waiting to receive his pension.

“My probate solicitors wrote an initial letter to me in July, which Clerical Medical received. Four times have the solicitors called since that time. The average wait time was about an hour, which clearly incurs costs.

“I made numerous complaints, but it took 104 days to process a claim form. Then another 108 days for payment. 

“The advisor said that it was due to system integration after the merger with Scottish Widows. There are thousands of people in this same situation. I was offered £300 compensation but I refused it.’

Clerical Medical claimed it is investigating the situation. sorry for the delays experienced and have worked quickly to progress this case. 

Adam was asked questions by solicitors, and he has been given a colleague to ensure that progress continues. 

He claimed that it will settle his claim within the shortest time possible.ecognises that the quality of its service is not at par with what its customers are used to. 

A Clerical Medical spokesperson said: ‘We’re sorry for the difficulty these customers experienced. We have paid additional compensation in acknowledgement of the service we provided. Three cases were resolved. 

“We are aware that delays can be unacceptable. We have therefore increased resources and modified our processes to ensure we provide better service. 

This is Money was able to expedite the return process in many cases.

Many other customers are also waiting for their money, with little to no idea when.

People are still relying on their investments made years ago for their future. With the nation in serious financial difficulties after the Pandemic and the rising inflation, it’s crucial that they obtain the funds quickly.

If you are someone still waiting for your funds, you can contact Clerical Medical on 03457 883 333 if you are a policyholder and it relates to life or individual pensions or investments. You can also email 

Meanwhile, if it relates to company pensions, call 03456 036 770 or email  

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