Coastguard pulls 100 migrants from rough seas, including infants, into the UK. This is despite the fact that 27 people drowned in Channel waters just over a month ago.

  • Numerous migrants were brought to the Port of Dover via Lifeboat.
  • The Channel on Four Dinghies was home to around 100 people, including children. 
  • The Coastguard Spotter plane from Doncaster was called in to investigate reports of torch flashing in the waters.
  • This comes just one week after Channel drowned 27 people in Channel.

Numerous migrants were saved from rough waters by the English Channel, and transported to Britain in an overnight rescue operation.

Photos show Border Force and Lifeboat vessels at Port of Dover, helping people disembark at the arrival gates.

It is believed that around 100 persons, including small children and babies were pulled out of just four dinghies.

Dozens of migrants have been rescued from the English Channel amid rough seas and brought to Britain overnight

Many migrants were saved from rough waters by the English Channel, and transported to Britain in an overnight rescue operation

The dozens of migrants were found in rough conditions after setting off under the cover of darkness from the French coast

After setting out under darkness to reach the French coast, the dozens of migrants arrived in difficult conditions.

Several small children were seen among those rescued this morning by an RNLI lifeboat

Several children, including small ones, were rescued by the RNLI’s lifeboat this morning.

Even though 27 people died last week, the Channel reported that several others were also killed when their boat, a small one, sank. 

It is believed that the dinghies of the migrants entered the water in Gravelines (just south of Dunkirk) at around 6:00 AM.

Reports suggest that a Coastguard Spotter plane was called in from Doncaster after being alerted to ‘torches flashes’ coming from boats in the Channel at around 2am.

A RNLI ship is reported to have found approximately 100 migrants aboard different boats in choppy water. The migrants were brought aboard the lifeboat to Dover.

Pictures show a Lifeboat and Border Force vessel at the Port of Dover helping them disembark to be screened at arrival gates

Photographs show Border Force and Lifeboat vessels arriving at Port of Dover to assist passengers as they disembark at immigration gates.

The migrants' dinghies are understood to have entered the water at the French commune of Gravelines, just south of Dunkirk, in the early hours this morning

According to reports, the migrants’ dinghies entered the waters at Gravelines in France, south of Dunkirk.

Fog and swirls of two metres have hampered operations this morning, mainly because of poor weather conditions. 

The incident occurred after 27 people drowned, seven of them pregnant and three kids, when the boat they were on capsized in Channel.

At most 14 other people died trying to complete the trip this year. 

The two sole survivors – an Iraqi and a Somalian – told police their poorly made dinghy was hit by a container ship, puncturing its thin rubber hull.

Five people have been arrested in France over the 27 deaths, including one man held overnight driving a German-registered vehicle packed with inflatable ribs, although there is ‘no provable link’ with the sinking, according to prosecutors, despite French Interior Minister Gerald Darmanin insisting all were ‘directly linked’ to the drownings.

Reports suggest that a Coastguard Spotter plane was called in from Doncaster after being alerted to 'torches flashes' coming from boats in the Channel at around 2am

According to reports, a Coastguard Spotter aircraft was dispatched from Doncaster in response to the ‘torches flashes coming from Channel boats at 2am.

People who want to travel to the UK will pay thousands to people smugglers, who may be able to buy vessels at a fraction of the cost.

This comes after furious Tories warn that Emmanuel Macron’s petulance’ could cause Channel deaths. After Boris Johnson spat at him and Priti Patel were excluded from a crisis summit, the French president has now made it clear.

After the PM had sent Mr Macron an open letter requesting action on the migration flows, Mr Macron vented furiously. He also called Mr Johnson “not serious” during a press conference in Italy. 

Meanwhile, the presidential spokesperson said that Premier’s mediocre proposals “don’t correlate at all” with the talks the leaders held Wednesday.