An autistic young girl died after she was treated for sepsis.

Coco Bradford, who had been receiving treatment at Truro’s Royal Cornwall Hospital, died on July 17, 2017.

The hospital was previously the subject of an independent investigation that found doctors and other consultants having missed numerous opportunities to save the child’s six-year old life.

It included not ordering basic stool and blood samples, or giving Coco (who was suffering from vomiting and diarrhoea) a course of intravenous fluids. 

Today at Coco’s inquest, Rachel Bradford her mother stated at today’s hearing that hospital staff had tried to justify their failings and blame her daughter for her autism.

According to her, medics also believed that her autistic daughter was difficult to treat.

Mrs Bradford spoke today to Andrew Cox, the senior Cornwall coroner. She said that her family had been treated with ‘utmost disregard’. 

Coco Bradford's died in hospital in July 2017 after attending Royal Cornwall Hospital in Truro.

Coco Bradford died at the Royal Cornwall Hospital, Truro in July 2017.

Today, at an inquest into Coco's death, her mother, Rachel Bradford (pictured here with Coco), said staff at the hospital had 'unforgivably' tried to cover up their own failings by blaming her daughter's autism

Rachel Bradford (pictured with Coco today at an inquest regarding Coco’s passing) stated that the staff at Coco’s hospital had tried to cover-up their mistakes by placing blame on her daughter’s autism.

Rachel, worried, and Luke, husband, rushed Coco to Royal Cornwall Hospital (known as Treliske Hospital) on July 24, 2017. Coco was suffering from vomiting and diarrhoea.

After being informed she had likely developed Gastroenteritis, they were both sent home by the Emergency Department.

It was clear that she continued to experience fluid and bloody stool.

The family begged for more, but doctors determined that her condition wasn’t serious at the time she was admitted.

Her condition continued to deteriorate and she was transferred from the Treliske days after admission to the Bristol Children’s Hospital – where she died of multiple organ failure caused by sepsis and e.coli. 

Mrs Bradford of St Ives in Cornwall told today’s coroner that she had fought four years to uncover the truth about her daughter’s Treliske death. 

An independent report into the care Coco received at the Royal Cornwall Hospital (Treliske) in Truro (pictured) revealed 'a series of failures in care and missed opportunities to treat Coco'

A report by an independent investigator into Coco’s care at Truro’s Royal Cornwall Hospital (Treliske), in Truro, revealed that there were a number of care failures and missed treatment opportunities.

Coco Bradford (pictured), six, died from sepsis at the Royal Cornwall Hospital on July 31, 2017 just days after doctors assured her family she was healthy 

Coco Bradford, six years old (pictured), died at The Royal Cornwall Hospital from Sepsis on July 31, 2017, just days after her family was assured she was in good health. 

She cried as she explained that they had discovered multiple opportunities for Coco to be treated by medical professionals, which could have saved her life. 

Elle added that “None of them were actually acted on.” It is unacceptable that human error be considered a factor. This is the lowest level of care.

“Every employee denied being aware of bloody vomit, faeces and other bodily fluids. However, it was in all the notes.

“Notices were left blaming Coco’s incooperation. They saw her in terrible pain, and she was dying right in front of them. 

Rachel Bradford said the death of her daughter Coco (pictured) had 'broken [her] mentally, physically and emotionally' and that it had had a 'devastating effect' on the family as a whole

Rachel Bradford stated that Coco’s death (pictured) was a ‘broken. [her]The family was affected emotionally, mentally and physically.

Rachel stated that she had not been provided with all the details regarding the clinical picture. She asked for your help to understand how Chelsea feels.

A fellow physician told her she shouldn’t worry, and her little sister was okay. She was actually dying, so all concerns about sepsis were dismissed.

“Had we stopped persisting, and if Chelsea wasn’t a health professional, we wouldn’t know the truth about Coco. Although we are still waiting to find out the truth, I believe it may never come.

Rachel said that Rachel found the delays, failures and inability to get treatment “staggering” in today’s modern medical system.

According to her, “Luke became increasingly upset by the lack of concern shown by staff about my condition.” She seemed like they didn’t know what was going on with her.

They didn’t know she was so close to death. They assured us she would be alright and that a stool sample had not been requested.

“It was clear that they thought I overreacted and worried for nothing whenever we asked questions.

“Blaming Coco for her autism and their incompetence is completely unacceptable.”

Coco (pictured) has been described by her mother as 'an inspiration to others' by her mother Rachel. She said at a meeting on Friday that Coco 'would definitely have grown up to be a world changer'

Rachel has called Coco (pictured) a ‘inspiration for others’. On Friday, Rachel said Coco would have been a world changer if she had not spoken up at a meeting.

Rachel claimed that she was informed by e-coli 157 that if it is treated aggressively with fluid rehydration, the survival rate for infants and elderly who have worse conditions than Rachel’s would be 97 percent.

She told the coroner that the loss of her husband had had an indescribable effect on her family.

Rachel described her daughter Coco (pictured) as someone who loved the beach, swimming, eating chocolate and listening to music 'all the time' especially Justin Bieber and Little Mix

Rachel described Coco, her child (pictured), as someone who enjoyed the ocean, chocolate, and music, especially Justin Bieber’s Little Mix.

“To love Coco was to meet her,” she said. She was enjoying a better life and learning to communicate with us.

“A week before she became ill, she posted that I was happy. It was a wonderful place for her and it was clear that we felt she would live the life she deserves. She went to regular school full-time.

“If only I could’ve stayed in bed with Coco and died as good, then I would. Coco was my world, and it is nearly impossible to imagine life without her.

“Coco” was six-and-a-half years old and strong. It has had such a profound and divisive effect on our entire family.

“Life is not the same.” It is a forced life that we are made to lead. We do not deserve. Our loss of Coco has left us without the opportunity to make her happy. We are also broken beyond repair.

She claimed that her family has spent the past four years fighting for truth and having been lied about as they tried to uncover the truth.

She said, “We have been treated in the worst possible manner.”

“There were tears, more tears every day. The truth is what we all want. You will never feel the truth until it is.

Coco was seen first by Dr Saul Diaz Reales at Treliske’s Emergency Department. She was then taken home by him.

Coco pictured with her sister Biancia Bradford. Another of Coco's sisters, Chelsea, said Coco, known by her nickname Coco-bean, was an adorable six year old girl

Coco is shown with Biancia Bradford her sister. Chelsea, one of Coco’s sister said that Coco, also known as Coco Bean, was an adorable six year-old girl.

According to him, he didn’t have evidence that her blood pressure wasn’t normal.

He said, “I would like to have seen a blood sample” if this was indeed the case. With the benefit to hindsight, it’s difficult to find a case for Coco that should have been denied. 

“Looking back at all the evidence that I have at the time, I don’t see how I could do better.”

He stated that he didn’t have evidence of blood in her stool and was happy and content to send her home at the moment.

Truro Coroner Court is continuing the inquest.