An employee died at the party, so a college that held it on Christmas day is now facing criminal charges.

Since December 18, 2020, the incident at Burnley College (Lancashire) has been almost one year old.

Up to 50 people allegedly met in No10 that day. According to some reports, they drank wine together and exchanging Secret Santa presents. Jack Doyle, the then-Deputy Director for Communications of the PM, was said to have given a thanks speech.

Stephanie Coleman (42), whose sister Donna died of Covid-19 at the college, stated that HSE should also investigate the government.

Stephanie Coleman, (front) whose sister Donna, 42, (right) worked at the college and died from Covid-19, said HSE should now investigate the government too

Stephanie Coleman (front), whose sister Donna (right), 42, worked at the college. She died of Covid-19. HSE is now investigating the government, according to Coleman

She explained that she believed the government should be investigated as well if it can handle an inquiry like this.

“I was shocked that college had a party while they were locked down after my sister and staff contracted Covid.

“I was surprised to learn that the PM’s colleagues and I had been doing exactly the same thing,” he said.

On the afternoon of December 18, college hosted a few small parties that were faculty-based. These included karaoke and alcohol.

Donna was unable to attend, but she had raised questions about college’s apparently lax Covid rule approach.

Investigators have examined a video from one party that was held under strict lockdown and prohibited Christmas parties.

One member of staff is seen walking into a darkened sports hall wearing an open-chested Santa’s jacket. He then performs a song.

A seated audience of people who are not socially distant cheers as he sings ‘It’s Raining Men’ by The Weather Girls.

Lancashire, at the time, was classified as a “very high alert” tier. This meant that socializing was prohibited in outdoor spaces, and all hospitality and entertainment venues were shut down.

Donna did not attend the parties but had previously raised concerns about the college's allegedly lax approach to Covid rules

Donna was unable to attend, but she had raised concern about college’s apparently lax Covid rule approach.

Stephanie (39) said that it was heartbreaking to see the video. She was also angry at the fact that the government and the college had not decided to follow her example.

She stated that it was heartbreaking to see people celebrating when they are having to grieve for Donna’s first-anniversary without her, even though this could have been prevented.

“People can have fun, but it shouldn’t be allowed on these grounds. It’s important to set an example. It’s disgraceful.’

Stephanie (Burnley) said that Donna, programme leader for the FE college, started to express concerns regarding her safety when students were returning to school in September.

She said that she was being asked by a colleague to return to the office to file some claims.

“At that time, she stated there was nothing in the place. But it was okay because she brought her own mask, and had taken her own hand sanitiser into.

“But in September, 100% of staff and students were returned.

“She said to me that there were 15 people in the staff room and no social distancing on ”.’.

Stephanie, from Burnley, said that programme leader Donna began to raise concerns about her safety in the lead up to students returning to the FE college in September. Donna is seen on a night out - she did not attend the college Christmas parties

Stephanie (from Burnley) said that Donna the programme leader began to express concerns over her safety during the September students’ return to the FE college. Donna was seen out on a night; she didn’t attend the college Christmas party. 

Stephanie stated that there was at that time a culture denial of Covid in college. Staff often commented that Covid didn’t exist on campus.

“Well, Covid does not exist at Burnley college. Do you not know?” “Well, Covid doesn’t exist at Burnley college – do you not know?” she replied. She said, “But Burnley had one the highest rates of crime in the country.”

Stephanie advised her sister not to be upset, but she stated that she was scared of losing her job.

She stated that they spoke every day. They were extremely close and she stated, “Steph. I feel scared about my job. I cannot afford to not be in ”.’.”

HSE spokeswoman said, “We were contacted in early 2021 regarding concerns related to COVID. We also recommended appropriate controls at Burnley College.

“The concerns also refer to the death of a COVID-related staff member. Our investigation will be completed by January 2022.

A spokesperson for the College stated that they were aware of the footage.

“As the investigation remains active, we have no further comments.

Burnley College said at the time: ‘The college is in dialogue with the Health and Safety Executive in relation to Donna’s tragic death.’