One woman who is colorblind has shared how she shops for clothes even though she only can see black and white. 

In a viral video on TikTok, Natasha Caudill, from Chicago, According to her, she uses a colour-naming app in order to identify the color of the garment she selects. She also consults with friends about their opinion and whether or not the two items are compatible. 

Additionally, she stated she prefers clothes that have a pattern to them because they can be enjoyed even when black or white is not an option. She also said she often doesn’t know which color clothes are because the fabric she was wearing makes it easy for her to wear them. 

Natasha posted two different versions of the video to TikTok. One was in black-and-white, the other in color. 

Natasha Caudill, from Chicago, who can only see in black and white

She shared how she picks her clothes in a viral video on TikTok

Natasha Caudill from Chicago shared her experience of picking clothes through a TikTok viral video. Here’s what she saw in black and white and here is what the other viewers see in color.

Natasha is monochromatic, meaning she sees only black and white. She cannot distinguish colors. 

Monochromacy refers to the inability of people to see all three colors cones, green, blue or red. It is also known as seeing only black and white. 

She explained that she likes patterns and buys them in the back-and-white version because it allows her to ‘enjoy their even though they are expensive. [she]Can see the color.

The app can identify the exact hue of clothing, which she said is a plus. But she stated that not all apps are reliable and would not buy an item if the color was not correct. 

Natasha said she usually buys clothes with patterns, and uses a color naming app for items which come in solid colors

Natasha indicated that her preference is for clothes in patterns and she uses a color naming application to name items with solid colors.

Natasha said she can enjoy patterns on clothes even though she does not see their color, but also buys plain clothes

Natasha claimed that even though she doesn’t see the color of clothes, patterns are something she likes. She also loves plain clothing. 

How colorblindness affects people and the different kinds

There are many kinds of colorblindness. 

Normal color vision sees all three types of light cones (blue, red and green) correctly and is known as trichromacy.

Anomalous Trichromacy is one type of colorblindness.

It occurs when all three cone types are perceived by a person, however, only one of them is seen out of alignment. This can cause vision problems in three different ways. 

Protanomaly is an abnormal sensitivity to the red light.

The most frequent form of colorblindness is Deuteranomaly. This condition involves a decreased sensitivity to light green.

Tritanomaly is an extremely rare condition that results in a decreased sensitivity to blue lights.   

Another type of colorblindness is Dichromacy.

When people see only two of the three types of light cones, it is called “blind spot”. It can be blue, red, green, and blue. 

Monochromacy refers to the inability of people to see all three colors cones. It means they can only see black and white.  

Globally, 8% of men have color vision problems and 0.5% of women do not. 


Natasha said that she had bought a black shirt with black dots at the end of her shopping spree. She thought it was black and white.

Additionally, she stated that the sweater she purchased was not in her exact color choice but because it fit her taste. 

For simplicity, she says that her shoes consist of black and white. 

She laughed, stating, “I’m working smarter and not harder.” 

Video color: Natasha bought a top in black and white. The sweater she purchased was gray, which worked well with her black shoes. 

Many people said that Natasha’s video in black and white helped put things in perspective. Others were confused about how she could know which colours looked like.  

The color apps are so clever. It was amazing to me that colorblind people could do this, one of them said. 

‘I can’t lie, this video was frustrating because I couldn’t see the color. It really puts everything in perspective,” another commented. 

One person said that he wouldn’t let his friends tell him the colour of the skin if he was color blind. 

‘But how do you know the colors when you’re colorblind?’ One asked. 

Natasha revealed that she relies on the advice of her friends when she shops and she will often send pictures to them showing items in-store so she can identify which colors. 

She said, “This is the reason I like clothes that have the name of each color listed,” 

Natasha, on her YouTube channel, revealed that she can identify which colors are darker and lighter than others even though they don’t have the exact hue. 

You can see her painting and coloring her own makeup videos. She explained that makeup companies don’t always specify the exact color of products so there is a lot of guesswork in her makeup routine.  

The TikTok user, pictured, said she uses an app to name the color of the items she likes, but added she does not buy an item when she is not sure of the color

In the photo, the TikTok user says she uses an app that names colors for her favorite items. However, she also said she won’t purchase an item if it isn’t clear what color the item is.

Natasha relies on a color naming app to find out what color the clothes are. However, it sometimes does not work

Natasha uses a color-naming app to determine the color of her clothes. Sometimes, however, the app does not always work. 

In the video, Natasha explained she sometimes asks her friends for their opinion

Because of her monochromatic vision, she could not see that the shoes on the left were actually orange

Natasha said in this video that Natasha sometimes seeks the opinions of her friends. Her monochromatic vision made it difficult for her to see the orange shoes in the middle. 

Some people said Natasha's black and white video put things into perspective. Other asked how she differentiate between colors she likes and dislikes when she is colorblind

Many people thought Natasha’s video in black and white put everything into perspective. Another person asked about her ability to distinguish between colors when she is colorblind.