Columbia University doctoral candidate was knifed and killed Thursday near Manhattan’s Ivy League College campus. He was just one of three individuals attacked by an infamous gang member in a brutal stabbing spree.

Davide Giri (aged 30), was a PhD student in computer science. At 11pm, he died after being stabbed in stomach by Every Body Killer, a 25 year-old Bloods member. Every Body Killer has had 11 arrests since 2012.

The unidentified suspect was arrested in Central Park. He had been “menacing” a man (29 years old) with a large knife just 20 minutes before he had stabbed another tourist from Italy, 27.   

A nearby hospital treated the injured tourist and declared him in stable condition. 

Giri’s fatal stabbing occurred just one block from Tessa Majors (Bern College Student) was viciously stabbed in the face in December 2019, as New York City continues to see an increase in violent crime. 

Davide Giri, 30, a PhD candidate in computer science at Columbia University, died after being stabbed in the stomach

Davide Giri (age 30, was a Columbia University PhD student in computer science). He died from a knife wound to the stomach.

The gang member moved south on his stabbing spree, moving from Morningside Heights to Central Park

On his stabbing spree the gang member moved from Morningside Heights towards Central Park.

The NYPD said the gang member that left Giri dead and an Italian tourist injured on Thursday night had a lengthy rap sheet

NYPD stated that the NYPD had an extensive rap sheet for the gang member responsible for Giri’s death and the injury to an Italian tourist Thursday night.

The suspect, a 25-year-old member of the Bloods off-shoot gang Every Body Killer, was taken into custody after police found him threatening a third man with a large kitchen knife

After police discovered that he was threatening to kill a third person with a large knife, the suspect (a 25-year old member of Every Body Killer’s Bloods offshoot gang) was taken into custody

Investigators said Giri was attacked at 11pm on Thursday just outside the university's historic NYC campus

According to investigators, Giri was attacked on Thursday at 11pm just outside of the historic NYC campus. 

Police continue to investigate the fatal stabbing, which occurred a block from where Tessa Majors was killed in 2019

The fatal stabbing occurred just blocks from the spot where Tessa Majors died in 2019. Police are still investigating.

Columbia University President Lee Bollinger wrote in an email to students, ‘I write with great sorrow to share the tragic news that Davide Giri, a graduate student at the School of Engineering and Applied Science, was killed in a violent attack near campus on Thursday night.’

“This is a deeply saddening news that occurred just a few steps away from my campus. On behalf of the entire Columbia community, I send my deepest condolences to Davide’s family.’  

The police said that the 25 year-old member of the gang has a long rap sheet, which includes assaults and robberies as well other criminal acts. 

Davide Giri, a man from Italy was brought to St. Luke’s Hospital. He was declared dead there.

According to records of the State Department of Corrections, he had been convicted of Gang Assault in 2015. He served two years imprisonment. 

Police stated that Giri was the victim in the initial stabbing spree. She was attacked at 11:01 p.m. Thursday on Amsterdam Avenue and 123rd Street, Morningside Heights. 

Giri, an Brooklyn resident was taken to St. Luke’s Hospital and declared dead. 

After studying abroad in Torino (Italy), Shanghai, China, and Chicago, the PHD student settled in New York City to complete his doctorate at Columbia. 

Bollinger claimed that Bollinger and the NYPD are working together to find out more about the attack. 

These are the moments where being part of a community truly matters. Bollinger encouraged students to be open to finding and being with other people, as they will also need you,’ Bollinger said. 

The murder rate has dropped by 0.7 percentage in Big Apple compared to the previous year. It was 436 to 433 but overall, homicides are up by 42 percent since 2019. 

In 2021, felonies of assault have increased by over 9 percent. They rose from 19,046 in 2017 to 19,861 this year. Also, 12,318 robberies were reported to have increased by 3.7 percent. 

Rapes increased from 1,329 – 1,357. This is an increase of over 2 percentage points. The number shooting victims went up from 1,724 – 1,725.

 Overall crime in New York City has gone up by 3.14 per cent so far this year. 

The attacked took place near the Columbia University campus at 123rd Street and Amsterdam Avenue, in Morningside Heights

The attacked took place near the Columbia University campus at 123rd Street and Amsterdam Avenue, in Morningside Heights

Columbia University tweeted out a message about Giri's death as they continue to work with police investigators

Columbia University posted a Tweet about Giri’s death while they work alongside police investigators

Rising crime: NYC has seen an explosion in the incidences of violent assaults, murders, robberies and muggings in the past two years. Overall crime this year has gone up by more than 3 per cent

Rise in crime: NYC has witnessed an increase in incidents of murder, violent assaults, and robberies in recent years. This year, overall crime has increased by over 3 percent 

Giri died in a similar manner to Tessa Majors’ brutal stabbing death at Morningside Park, December 11, 2019.  

According to the prosecution, Rashaun weaver (16), Luchiano, Lewis (16) and Zyairr Davis (14) wanted to mug somebody when they visited Morningside park. Majors was spotted there.  

Lewis, who was 14 years old at the time of the crime, was charged with adulthood and sentenced to nine years in prison. Justice Robert Mandelbaum observed that Lewis lacked any remorse. 

On the count of robbery, Lewis was sentenced to between 40 and 12 years. The sentence will either be administered concurrently or sequentially. 

Lewis claimed that Weaver was a knifeman and that Majors had been stabbed by him. Weaver pleaded not guilt, but he was also charged with adult offenses. 

Davis was sentenced for the murder of his wife and given an 18-month sentence in juvenile court  

Tessa Majors, 18, a Bernard College student, was stabbed to death as teens mugged her at Morningside Park in 2019

Tessa Majors was an 18-year-old Bernard College student who was stabbed and then mugged by teenagers at Morningside Park.

The park lies in Morningside Heights between the Bernard College campus and Columbia University Campus

It is located between Columbia University Campus Campus and Bernard College Campus in Morningside Heights.