Janey Godley urged women to recognize the signs and symptoms of ovarian Cancer. She revealed that she will be having a total hysterectomy. 

The Scottish comedian – who is currently isolating at home in Glasgow with her husband and daughter with Covid – was forced to cut her UK tour short earlier this year after noticing ‘horrible pain’ in her stomach, bloating and exhaustion.     

The famed 60-year old standup gained viral popularity with her Nicola Sturgeon coronavirus news briefings, which she called pastiches of Scotland First Minister.

Following an investigation by Daily Beast.com, it was discovered that she had made offensive tweets and her adverts for coronavirus were being used by the Scottish Government.   

Janey, who appeared on Lorraine today said that while it is difficult to prepare for a diagnosis of cancer, she is positive about the situation and has begun resting before the big operation. 

Appearing on Lorraine today, Janey Godley urged women not to dismiss symptoms of ovarian cancer as she revealed she's set to undergo a full hysterectomy

Appearing on Lorraine today, Janey Godley urged women not to dismiss symptoms of ovarian cancer as she revealed she’s set to undergo a full hysterectomy

Janey said, ‘I remember being in London at the time and walking through Soho starting from Leister Square theatre. The tour was full and I could not eat because of the terrible pain I experienced in my stomach. 

“Everytime I went for a meal, I felt full and I had to pee all the time. My stomach just felt wrong. 

“Exhausted. I could sleep all night until I got on the stage. [spend]Spend two hours in front of the camera and then get to sleep. It was clear that something wasn’t right. 

Janey returned home after being advised by her agent that she should return. Janey saw her GP because Janey noticed a bulge in her stomach. She sent Janey to blood tests and the results showed that Janey had a problematic’ hormone. 

The 60-year-old stand-up, pictured in July this year, found viral fame with her dubbed pastiches of Scotland First Minister Nicola Sturgeon's coronavirus news briefings during the pandemic before they were pulled over offensive tweets

The comedian, 60, was pictured as a stand-up in July 2012. Her dubbed Pastiches of Scotland First Minister Nicola Sturgeon coronavirus news briefings – which were held during the pandemic before it was swept under suspicion for offensive tweets – made viral fame. 

Janey had a scan the next day which showed a cyst on her ovary. This was confirmed to be ovarian carcinoma.  

It all happened very quickly, she stated. Worst is that we all have Covid. But I am the most healthy person in my house. 

“My husband and my daughter have been absolutely shocked by Covid. I’ve had to take care of them. They have made me sick to my stomach. 

An ovarian cancer is a growth that could be either benign or cancerous.

Ovarian tumors can be malignant or cancerous and start inside the ovary.

Nine out of ten cancers are caused by cells that line the fallopian tubes and ovaries. This is epithelial or ovarian cancer.

Out of every ten epithelial cases, six are diagnosed with high-grade serous cancer. The majority of cases are found in the fallopian tube.

This type of growth is usually treated with radiotherapy or chemotherapy.  

Only one percent of epithelial cases are caused by low-grade, serous cancers. These cancers are less common and occur in younger women. 

Low-grade, non-serious epithelial tumors can be treated with surgery.

A small proportion of epithelial cancer is caused by mucinous tumors. 

There are also other types of ovarian cancers:

EndometrioidEndometriosis may be a possible cause. One third of those suffering from endometriosis also have precancerous thickening or womb cancer.

Clear cellThe following ovarian tumors account for four percent

UniqueIt is composed of undeveloped cells, so it’s difficult to determine where their source came from.

Brenner1 to 2 percent of all ovarian cancers are caused by this. They are most common in women aged 40+ and benign. Less than 5% are potentially cancerous.

BorderlineThey are also called ‘tumours low in malignant potential’. These tumours can be slow to grow and very unlikely to spread.

CarcinosarcomaThis tissue may contain both connective and epithelial cancers (sarcomas).

Source: Obstruct Ovarian Cancer 

Elle added, “It’s something you don’t prepare for. Someone saying “We have discovered cancer.” 

“So just do what you want, and the Covid won’t allow me to have the operation for 7 weeks. Therefore I must mentally prepare but speak up about the situation. 

Her advice to other women was not to ignore any unusual symptoms. She also said that although she had ‘let a lot of people down by cutting short her tour, her health is the most important thing.  

She said, “Please do not ignore it.” Don’t do the same thing as me. Wait until the end and watch what happens. It didn’t happen. My agent advised me that I should not stop until this was done. 

“My instinct and my instinct were right, and I let many people down. But, my health always comes first.” 

Janey, despite her diagnosis is determined to go back on the stage. However she knows that she needs to prepare mentally and physically for her hysterectomy.  

She said, “I want to be back on the stage.” “I feel good. “I want to be back on stage. I think this is a temporary thing. I’ll be fine with it. 

“I must prepare for it. It’s an extensive operation. I need to mentally prepare and be physically prepared. 

Janey made headlines when she posted tweets that were found and provoked a fierce backlash.  

She referred to Destiny’s Child star Kelly Rowland in one post as ‘the black horse from USA’, and said of rapper 50 Cent ‘If it wasn’t the fact he is a big black man talking about his d**k I wouldn’t have known he was a rapper?’

The news broke soon after the Covid-19 ads featuring Ms Godley, for which she was paid £12,000, were released.

Godley has since apologized profusely for her tweets, and she donated the fees that the Scottish Government paid to charity. 

She had already apologised for other messages on her Twitter feed but added a new apology in September, admitting that comments have ‘terrible, horrific undertones’.

When the tweets came to light in September, First Minister Sturgeon was accused of ‘casually dismissing racism’ after she described her apology as ‘dignified’. 

Addressing the unearthed tweets, Ms Sturgeon said: ‘Look – these things happen. It is important that you take action. 

Since the beginning of this pandemic, the most important thing for me has been to ensure the integrity and effectiveness of our public-health message. It has taken me difficult decisions in the past 18 month and this is the reason we’ve given this incident priority.

“Janey has apologized – I believe she was quite straightforward and dignified with her apology. 

‘She was a comedian, she stated that that allowed her to speak in a way that was completely inappropriate and unacceptable.