Along with his mother, a company director shot his love rival in the leg using a shotgun was jailed.

Jonathan Smith (25 years old) was shot in the leg with a shotgun. He had been lured by his boyfriend, who found out he had been texting him. 

After being found abandoned on the streets of Rochdale in Greater Manchester by Mr Smith, he underwent 56 hours worth of surgeries that ultimately resulted in doctors amputating his leg below the knee.

Bolton Crown Court: Mr Smith was diagnosed with PTSD. He still has shrapnel and bullet fragments embedded in his legs. Former company director Vincenzo De Falco (30) was sentenced to three years and 11 months imprisonment after admitting that he intended to cause grievous bodily damage. 

He had to leave Ashton-under-Lyne with his partner, aged 25, and move in with Lisa, his aunt Lisa. Lisa quit her job as a full-time caregiver for him. 

In an emotionally charged statement the father of three told the court how the attack had cost him his job, home, girlfriend and ‘himself.’

Vincenzo De Falco (pictured left) has been jailed after shooting a love rival in the leg which caused injuries that meant it had to be amputated while De Falco's mother Patricia Dean (pictured right) was jailed for helping him clean up the blood from the car used in the attack

Vincenzo De Falco, pictured below left, was sentenced to prison for shooting his love rival in the leg. The injuries caused by the incident required it be amputated. Patricia Dean (pictured right), De Falco’s mother, was also jailed because she helped him remove the bloody car involved in the attack.

“The impact this horrible crime had on my life has been unimaginable,” he said. My leg makes me sick every time I glance at it.

“Any dignity that I had when I was a 25 year-old male has vanished and now I’m dressed and washed daily by my auntie. My auntie now takes care of my daily needs and feeds me.

“Both of my daughters are suffering, which is what kills me. Because they fear of seeing my injuries, and are unable to comprehend the situation, they won’t come see me.

‘They don’t understand, they are too young. I am heartbroken to see their sadness and fear when they meet. 

De Falco, who earlier said to friends that he wanted to ‘put the jitters on’ someone else, lured Mr Smith into a Mercedes C350 Sport E vehicle.

Philip Barnes was the prosecution. He stated: “Jonathan Smith got in to the Mercedes rear only for De Falco to confront him, who then asked Smith if he had been sending texts to Lucy Flux.

Vincenzo De Falco

Patricia Dean

Pictured are Vincenzo De Falco (left), and Patricia Dean (pictured left). They were both taken into custody today

“Smith stated that he was in touch with Lucy. However, De-Falco did not need to be concerned about it and they just remained good friends.

“You think you’re a muppet?” De Falco began shouting at Smith.

“He turned to face Smith from the driver’s chair. He saw that he was holding a shotgun in one hand, and pointed it at Jonathan Smith’s legs. De Falco shouted again at Smith: “You think that I’m some kind of muppet?” He added: ‘You want your life to end?

Mr Smith grasped the barrel of the gun, tried to move the muzzle towards his leg and then moved across the chair in the hope of getting out.

De Falco then shot at Mr Smith with the shotgun, at point-blank aim. Then, he pushed Smith from the car and left him on the ground.

Although passers-by quickly helped Mr Smith, it became clear that his injuries had been very serious. Jonathan Smith, and all those caring for him have felt the worst effects.

Vincenzo De Falco

Patricia Dean

Mother of Vincenzo, Patricia Dean (left), a 59-year-old hospital nurse, was sentenced to 18 months in prison for helping an offender.

Whilst he was in hospital in the days after his leg was amputation, Miss Flux’s sister visited Smith and offered him £3,000 as ‘compensation’ for his injury. He declined to take it.

De Falco, who used to run a media agency was stopped by police while he was driving in a BMW with Patricia Dean.

While he didn’t respond in an interview, he said in a statement that he felt sorry for Smith and that it was so.

‘I assume full responsibility. I truly wish I could make a difference. Can you imagine Mr Smith’s pain and the family?

According to the court, the shotgun had never been recovered.

De Falco was sentenced by Judge Tom Gilbart. He said that the gross act of violence and brutal attack were planned and premeditated and involved the use a dangerous weapon. It has also changed people’s lives.

The victim was unable to grasp that you were feeling ill towards him. Yet, you opened fire on him and dumped him out of the street. He bled profusely. This was a shocking act of criminality.

Your actions have changed almost every facet of Mr Smith’s lives. His entire life was turned around, both mentally and physically.

“You ought to be ashamed of yourself and shocked that this could happen to any other human being.”

Patricia Dean, his mother and a hospital nurse, was sentenced to 18-months in jail for helping an offender. After Mr Smith had been shot, she cleaned the Mercedes of the blood.