It was announced last night that mandatory vaccines could be delayed by half an year for NHS employees. This revelation came after nationwide protests and demands from Tory backbenchers not to remove the rule. 

According to the Telegraph, Boris Johnson may be thinking of ‘kicking it down’ in order to prevent another humiliating Tory rebellion.   

This is just two weeks away from the time that medical staff will need to verify their vaccination status. February 3, however, marks the end of the days when they are able to book in for jabs. We will issue dismissal warnings to those who have not had their jabs administered by the hospital on February 4. They will be asked to extend their notice period until March 31, and they will receive dismissal warnings. 

Despite the threats to their career and several booster campaigns, more than 80,000 NHS staff – six per cent of the workforce – remain unvaccinated.

Many joined the anti-vaxxers in protest against mandatory vaccination rules across the nation on Saturday. Many health professionals were seen in London throwing their scrubs at officers on Downing Street. Others laid their uniforms down in Trafalgar Square.

Piers Corbyn is a well-known anti-vaxxer. He was one of the protestors who gathered in front of BBC Broadcasting House. Another protestor wore a Squid Game mask with biohazard suits, which included a blow-up pen and an syringe.

The uniform of an Ambulance worker was found hanging in Regent’s Park. It had a message on its back that read: “Paramedic 9 Years, Clapping on Thursday, Spit out on Monday.” 

These so-called “freedom rallies”, also took place in Manchester, Birmingham and Leeds as well as Newcastle. There, protestors displayed signs saying: No vaccine mandate’, heros zeros – from clapping, to sacking’.  

Even though the UK has seen a drop in mortality rates as more people get vaccinated than ever before, many anti-vaxx nurses believe that the vaccine is an experimental drug.     

As the Royal College of GPs demanded that the Government extend the deadline for preventing mass staff shortages within the Health Service, Saturday’s demonstrations were a result.

Martin Marshall Chairman stated that mandatory vaccination of health workers was “not the way forward” and around 10% of employees at hospitals and GP offices had not received the Covid jab.

Christabelle Gregory (32-year-old ambulance worker) protested in London. I’m still young. I’ve developed antibodies while working in the frontline. I do not want to get the vaccine. 

In London, dozens of health workers were seen throwing their scrubs at police officers outside Downing Street (pictured), while others dumped their uniforms on the ground by Trafalgar Square

London: Many health workers were seen throwing their scrubs towards police outside Downing Street (pictured), and others dumping their uniforms in Trafalgar Square.

NHS 100k dump their scrubs in Trafalgar Square in Central London during 'March for Freedom' protest against mandatory vaccines

NHS 100k throws their scrubs into Trafalgar Square during the March for Freedom protest against mandatory vaccinations 

All frontline workers who have not received a jab will be called into formal meetings from February 4 and given a warning that they face dismissal (Pictured: NHS scrubs dumped on Trafalgar Square in protest)

Frontline workers not receiving a jab from the NHS will be summoned to formal meetings starting February 4, and warned that they could face dismissal. (Pictured – NHS scrubs left on Trafalgar square in protest). 

Victoria Kesserwan from Oxford was a 36-year-old emergency care assistant. She added that the vaccine would cause her to lose my job. We don’t know enough and it is still too young. 

Over 1,000 anti-vaxxers, and others joined the march.

Blue hoodies were worn by many NHS protesters, who were opposed to the NHS mandate. According to the group, up to 100,000 NHS workers could lose their jobs if there is no Government U-turn.

The Mail on Sunday could reveal that the group is linked to conspiracy theorists against anti-vaxxers and Far Right politicians. 

NHS100k urges its supporters to sign up for Rebels On Roundabouts. This anti-vaxxer group has supporters who stand at roundabouts with yellow signs declaring vaccines are killing children. According to the website of the group, vaccine rollout “is a sinister control strategy and depopulation agenda”.

NHS100k responded to this newspaper by saying that it had taken down any mention of Rebels On Roundabouts. 

Placards from NHS 100K members discarded outside Downing Street following today's demonstrations in London. NHS workers protested across the country today at the move to ensure all staff are fully vaccinated against Covid

After today’s protests in London, Placards belonging to NHS 100K members were thrown out of Downing Street. Today, NHS staff protested in the UK over the decision to fully immunise against Covid.

NHS uniforms outside Downing Street. Although the UK's mortality rate has dropped massively as more of the population has been vaccinated, some anti-vaxx nurses maintain the life-saving vaccine is an 'experimental drug'

NHS uniforms outside Downing Street. The UK’s mortality rates have dropped dramatically as more people get vaccinated. However, anti-vaxx nurses insist that the life-saving vaccine remains an “experimental drug”.

Discarded NHS uniforms outside Downing Street in London following today's demonstrations. More than 80,000 ¿ 6 per cent of the workforce ¿ remain unvaccinated despite repeated efforts to boost take-up

Following today’s protests in London, many people left their NHS uniforms behind Downing Street. More than 80,000 – 6 per cent of the workforce – remain unvaccinated despite repeated efforts to boost take-up

Protesters with placards saying 'NHS - 100K Heroes to Zeroes' standing outside Downing Street, along discarded NHS uniforms. All frontline workers who have not received a jab will be called into formal meetings from February 4 and given a warning that they face dismissal

Standing outside Downing Street were protesters carrying placards that read “NHS – 100K Heroes To Zeroes”, and discarded NHS uniforms. Every frontline worker who has not had a jab from the NHS will be summoned to formal meetings starting February 4, and warned that they could face being fired.

A woman holds a placard promoting NHS 100k, a group of anti-vaxx ambulance workers who 'stand united in favour of freedom of choice, bodily autonomy and informed consent'. More than 150,000 people have died from Covid in Britain but the death rate plummeted after people started taking vaccines

One woman is holding a sign promoting NHS100k. It’s a group anti-vaxx ambulance workers that’stand together in favor of freedom, bodily autonomy, and informed consent. Covid has claimed the lives of more than 150,000 British citizens, but this number dropped after vaccines were introduced.

A man smiles as he holds a flare and a drum during a march in London for NHS staff against vaccine mandates for workers in the organisation

A smiling man holds a flare, a drum and smiles during the march to London against mandatory vaccinations.

The infamous anti-vaxxer Piers Corbyn, brother of former Labour leader Jeremy, gathered with other protesters outside BBC Broadcasting House, London, to demonstrate against vaccine mandates

Piers Corbyn, the anti-vaxxer and brother to former Labour leader Jeremy joined other protesters at BBC Broadcasting House London to show support for vaccine mandates

A person wearing a Squid Game mask and a biohazard suit holds a blow-up syringe and they protest against the vaccine

The person in a Squid Game suit with a mask and biohazard suits holds a balloon syringe as a protest against the use of vaccines.

A woman jokes as a person in a mask with a blow-up syringe injects her rear. More than 5.5 million people have died from Covid worldwide

As a man injects his rear into a woman wearing a mask and a blow-up needle, a woman laughs. Covid is responsible for the deaths of over 5.5 million people around the world.

Many NHS workers who have worked decades for the organisation face being sacked if they cannot prove their vaccination status

Many NHS workers, who worked for many years in the NHS, could lose their jobs if they can’t prove their immunity.

NHS workers holding up signs, from the newly formed group 100K, gather at Regent's Park in London before joining the demonstrations today

The new group 100K is composed of NHS workers who hold up signs at Regent’s Park. They then join the demonstrations in London today.

An NHS worker leaves a uniform shirt saying 'paramedic 9 years, clapping on Thursday, spat out on Monday' on a railing in Regent's Park in London today

Today, an NHS worker left a shirt that said “paramedic9 years”, clapping in London on Thursday. The shirt was then thrown out on Monday by a London railing. 

NHS workers holding up signs saying 'NHS-100K Heroes to Zeroes' and 'no vaccine mandate' as they march through London today

As they marched through London, NHS workers held signs that read ‘NHS 100K Heroes to Zeroes’.

NHS100k also encouraged its many thousands of supporters to join the Workers of England Union. It is headed by Far-Right English Democrats.

Although the union says it isn’t affiliated with any party, Stephen Morris is its leader and national party secretary for English Democrats. Robin Tilbrook (leader, founder, chairman, English Democrats) is the union’s legal adviser.

Former members of the BNP were welcomed into Mr Tilbrook’s party. He has also met with the English Defence League (EDL) and Britain First previously. He appeared in December 2020 on an internet video channel hosted by Mark Collett (a former leader of the BNP’s youth wing). Collett heads the Hard-Right organization Patriotic Alternative.

NHS100k stated that it wasn’t aware of any claims that Workers of England Union was run by individuals who identify themselves as “Far Right”. It stated it has ‘no affiliation’ with any political party or organisation.

Morris explained that members of the Workers of England Union will be drawn from a variety of political parties. The Workers of England Union, however, is neutral politically. We don’t have any political funds and we don’t support any political parties. Our union is an independent trade union.   

Managers of the NHS have been informed that they are able to move non-vaccinated doctors from the frontline into positions which don’t involve patient contact. 

Redundancy payments won’t be paid to employees who have been dismissed and bosses will no longer need to assist staff in finding’suitable alternatives employment.  

NHS workers join the protests bearing signs and flares as they march across streets in London. A Covid 'no jab, no job' policy for the NHS is to be implemented by the Government in April 2022

NHS staff join protests in London, carrying signs and flares. The Government will implement a Covid “no jabs, no jobs” policy to the NHS in April 2022.

A protester holds up their uniform top saying 'RIP NHS' in Trafalgar Square during the protests in London today. All frontline staff are required to have both doses of the Covid jab by April 1, meaning that by February 3 the first must have been given

During the demonstrations today in London, a protester held up their uniform and said “RIP NHS” in Trafalgar Square. The Covid jab is required for all frontline employees. This means they must get both doses before April 1 and the second by February 3.

Demonstrators, including some NHS staff, hold up signs against the vaccine at Portland Place in London today. Managers have been advised they can move unvaccinated medics from the frontline into roles which do not involve direct patient contact

Portland Place, London, is home to protestors and some NHS workers. Managers were advised that they could move non-vaccinated doctors from the frontline to roles that do not require direct patient contact.

NHS staff with balloons hold up signs saying 'medical apartheid is wrong' in Trafalgar Square as they join the protests in London today

Staff from the NHS holding up balloons and stating that’medical apartheid was wrong’ at Trafalgar Square, as they joined today’s protests in London

An NHS worker from the newly formed group NHS100K holds up a sign saying '2020 clapped, 2022 sacked' as protesters gather at Regent's Park in London today

As protesters gather in Regent’s Park, London today, a worker for the NHS100K has a sign that reads “2020 clapped and 2022 sacked”.

This demonstration forms part of an ongoing national campaign to give healthcare workers freedom of choice.

A Yorkshire NHS nurse stated that she chose to quit her job after 30 years of service rather than get the Covid vaccination. 

Cara Barnes from West Yorkshire has been a nurse specialist for the past three decades. 

However, she’s about to lose her job since she won’t have the Covid-19 jab. She claims it’s an “experimental drug”.  

Trafalgar Square saw a large protest as well, as hundreds gathered to demonstrate against vaccine mandates in the UK

Trafalgar Square was also the scene of a huge protest, with hundreds gathering to oppose vaccine mandates in Britain.

Demonstrators descended on the BBC's London offices as NHS nurses and key workers joined forces with anti-vaxxers

As key staff and nurses from the NHS joined hands with anti-vaxxers, demonstrators gathered at London’s BBC offices.

Many of the signs suggested NHS staff who are not vaccinated shouldn't be sacked because they were clapped during the pandemic

The signs indicated that NHS workers who were not vaccinated during the pandemic shouldn’t lose their jobs.

NHS nurses protest against vaccine mandates that will make it compulsory for nurses to have the life-saving drug

NHS nurses protest against mandates to make vaccines compulsory for nurses

Hundreds of demonstrators took to the streets of London with flags and placards decrying Covid measures in the UK

Many demonstrators marched in London carrying placards and flags protesting Covid’s actions in the UK.

Cara attended today’s ‘World Wide Rally For Freedom,’ which was held in Leeds City Centre. She said that she intends to remain firm. 

Leeds Live spoke to her and she stated that she was not ready to inject experimental drugs. 

“Coercion is not an option” Although it isn’t the NHS’ fault, I was disappointed that my 30 year career ended in this manner. 

For today’s protest, hundreds gathered at Leeds’ town hall. To symbolise their feelings of being “left out to dry”, NHS employees were seen leaving their uniforms outside the hall’s entrance. 

David Hesford is 52 years old and has served 26-years in the NHS. He currently serves as a senior support officer for health care. 

More than 52 million people have taken at least their first dose of the vaccine, which protects people from dying of Covid

Over 52 million people have received at least one dose of the vaccine. This prevents them from contracting Covidolemia and causing death.

The Covid death rate in the UK plunged massively from January 2021 when Britain's population started to get vaccinated

Since January 2021, when Britain began to get vaccines, the UK’s Covid death rates have plunged dramatically

A woman holds up a sign that says 'I love my job'. More than 80,000 people in the NHS remain unvaccinated and as such face the sack

One woman raises a sign saying “I love my job” Over 80,000 NHS patients remain unvaccinated, and face losing their jobs.

NHS staff protest against the coronavirus disease vaccine rules as they face losing their jobs if they don't take the vaccine

NHS workers protest against coronavirus vaccine rules. If they refuse to take the vaccine, they could be fired.

Army veterans salute in support of NHS staff marching in a protest against the coronavirus disease vaccine rules in London

Army veterans march in solidarity with NHS staff in London to protest the new coronavirus vaccine rules

Although he said that he was told he would be fired if he doesn’t have the jab, he chose not to reveal his status. 

David stated, “If they are going to dismiss me, then it is clear that they don’t care about me.” 

Freedom is your first choice. I have chosen not to divulge my vaccination status – it is about choice.’ 

People held signs protesting against the BBC, COVID vaccinations and NHS vaccine mandates.

Last week, Sajid Javid, Health Secretary to Sajid Shahid, told the Commons that the government was committed to these plans.

MrJavid had previously voiced his disapproval at the NHS workers against compulsory vaccination, and encouraged the public to get their immunity boosted.

He explained that he understands it. However, we must weigh the implications for social and health care. It will continue to be controversial. 

However, he said the government was taking advice ‘from people who are actually experts’.

A man dressed at the grim reaper with a syringe merged with a scythe. Just 1,645 people out of a total 52 million who have taken the vaccine in the UK have died as a result of it, amounting to a minute 0.003 per cent

A man dressed at the grim reaper with a syringe merged with a scythe. Just 1,645 people out of a total 52 million who have taken the vaccine in the UK have died as a result of it, amounting to a minute 0.003 per cent

Demonstrators with signs reading 'the media is the virus' and 'we do not comply' protest against vaccine measures in the UK

Protest against UK vaccines in the UK by protestors holding signs that read “the media is the disease” and “we don’t comply”.

Anti-media protesters and anti-vaxxers joined to make their displeasure known against the coronavirus pandemic and vaccines

Anti-vaxxers, and anti-media protesters, joined hands to voice their disgust at the coronavirus vaccine pandemic.

A woman smiles as she holds a cardboard sign that says 'jobs over jabs'. NHS staff without all their jabs will lose their jobs at the start of April

As she is holding a sign made of cardboard that reads “jobs rather than jabs”, a smiling woman laughs. Staff of the NHS without their jabs at the beginning of April will be fired.

Mr Javid has stuck by the move, saying it was the ‘duty’ of NHS workers to get the jab in order to protect patients, and insisted that he does ‘not want to see anyone have to walk away from their job’.

“This is about patient safety. We know vaccines are effective, and we also know they can reduce your risk of being infected. It reduces the spread,’ he stated to BBC Radio 4’s Today. 

“People in hospitals or care homes are especially vulnerable to the virus. It could prove fatal.” We have a responsibility to do everything possible to help them. 

A 'Worldwide Rally For Freedom' protest march takes place in Newcastle this afternoon outside the BBC's offices in the city

This afternoon, a protest march called “Worldwide Rally for Freedom” takes place outside of the BBC’s Newcastle offices

A man with a placard attacking vaccines for teens takes part in an anti-vaxx protest in Newcastle. It is unclear where the man has sourced his claims from

Newcastle Anti-Vaxx Protest: Man holding a sign attacking vaccinations for adolescents takes part. His claims are not known.

According to Mr Javid, the public would question why the country did not adopt the policy when it is in place in other countries. “I believe you would have me on the program saying, “Why didn’t your government do something about it?”He said, ”  

Covid cases were down 6 per cent from 81,713 to 76,807 this week, while deaths stayed at a fairly similar level, up from 287 to 297.

Over 52.2 million Brits have received their first shot, 48.1 million receiving their second dose and 36.7 million getting their third.  

SWEDEN: A group marching as people demonstrated against vaccine passes in the Swedish capital Stockholm today. More than 3,000 attended

SWEDON: Today, a group marched in Stockholm as protestors gathered against the Swedish vaccine laws. Over 3,000 people attended. 

SWEDEN: Hundreds of protesters gather to protest vaccine passes, which in the country are required for indoor events with more than 50 people, in Stockholm

SWEDEN: In Stockholm, hundreds of people protest the use of vaccine passes in protest against indoor events that have more than 50 participants.

SWEDEN: Thousands of protesters in Stockholm gather, some holding placards, to protest the Swedish government's rules regarding Covid

SWEDEN: In Stockholm, thousands of people protest against the Swedish government’s Covid rules, with some even holding placards

SWEDEN: Demonstrators gather to protest against Covid-19 restrictions and requirements during a rally 'for a free Sweden without vaccine pass'

SWEDEN: During a protest rally “for a free Sweden, without vaccination pass”, demonstrators gather in Stockholm to oppose Covid-19 requirements and restrictions.

SWEDEN: The protests in Stocholm were organised by FrihetsrorelseFreedom Movement.

SWEDEN: The protests in Stockholm were organised by Frihetsrorelsen (Freedom Movement). Swedish media claimed that some neo-Nazi organizations attended as well with a banner.

SWEDEN: Demonstrators in Stockholm march with a banner saying 'no to vaccine pass'. Another placard translates 'don't be children'

SWEDEN – Demonstrators march in Stockholm with a banner proclaiming “no vaccine pass”. A placard that says “Don’t Be a Child” is another.

GREECE: People hold banners, one of them reading, 'Money for health and education-stop military spending', as they demonstrate against the government's handling of the Covid-19 pandemic in Athens

GREECE: People hold banners, one of them reading, ‘Money for health and education-stop military spending’, as they demonstrate against the government’s handling of the Covid-19 pandemic in Athens





GREECE: Protesters take part in a rally at the Syntagma square in Athens. Hundreds gathered to demonstrate against staff shortages in the state's heath sector as well as compulsory vaccinations

GREECE: Protesters take part in a rally at the Syntagma square in Athens. Many protestors gathered at the Syntagma square in Athens to voice their disapproval of state staff shortages and compulsory vaccinations.

GREECE:  Hundreds marched across Athens today to protest against mandatory vaccination's and the government's handling of the pandemic

GREECE:  Hundreds marched across Athens today to protest against mandatory vaccination’s and the government’s handling of the pandemic 

Chiefs of the NHS have criticised the rules to make sure all NHS staff are vaccinated. They fear it will fuel a staff shortage. 

To avoid similar shortages in key workers, the Trades Union Congress (TUC), called for the NHS policy to be “delayed with immediate effects”.

According to the report, the NHS cannot afford losing skilled and experienced personnel. 

FRANCE: Crowds march in Paris as demonstrators, some bearing the French flag, protest against vaccine passes and vaccinations against Covid

FRANCE: Paris crowds marches as protestors, many wearing the French flag, march against vaccinations and vaccines against Covid.

FRANCE: A protester holds a sign saying 'no to the vaccination pass' as people protest against the country's Covid policies in Paris today

FRANCE: As Parisians protest the Covid policies, one protester holds up a sign protesting against them. 

FRANCE: A protester holds a 'stop' sign as crowds march through Paris to demonstrate their opposition to vaccine passes and vaccines

France: Protester holding a “stop” sign during a march through Paris protesting vaccine passes and vaccinations

FRANCE: A man wearing a Donald Trump cap holds a mask depicting French President Emmanuel Macron during a demonstration called by French nationalist party 'Les Patriotes' (The Patriots), to protest against the country's vaccine pass

FRANCE: A man wearing a Donald Trump cap holds a mask depicting French President Emmanuel Macron during a demonstration called by French nationalist party ‘Les Patriotes’ (The Patriots), to protest against the country’s vaccine pass

FRANCE: Protesters hold up signs saying 'freedom', some waving French flags while another holds up a US flag, in today's demonstration in Paris

FRANKLAND: In today’s Paris demonstration, protesters wave signs that say ‘freedom’. Some are waving French flags, while others hold up American flags.

SPAIN: A protester wearing a costume walks down the street during a demonstration against Covid passport rules in Barcelona today

SPAIN: A protester wearing a costume walks down the street during a demonstration against Covid passport rules in Barcelona today

SPAIN: A man holds up a badge saying 'the health dictatorship is modern Nazism' and a sign calling for the stopping of vaccine passports in Barcelona today

SPAIN: This man is holding a badge that says “the health dictatorship in modern Nazism” and holds up a sign asking for the halt to vaccine passports being issued today in Barcelona

SPAIN: A protester in costume holding a prop syringe during a demonstration against Covid restrictions, including vaccine passports, in Barcelona today

SPAIN: Today’s demonstration in Barcelona against Covid restrictions and vaccine passports saw a protester dressed in costume, holding a prop needle. 

SPAIN: Protesters holding placards, one saying 'unvaccinated sperm, new bitcoin' following demonstrations in Barcelona today

SPAIN: Protesters in Spain holding signs that said ‘unvaccinated Sperm, New Bitcoin’ after demonstrations today in Barcelona

Medical trade unions argued that the policy should be reversed to allow hospitals to have more time to convince staff to consent to an injection.

Royal College of Nursing declared that this move is likely to go wrong and was ‘an act of suicide’. Royal College Midwives warned that compulsory vaccinations could cause staffing declines and other serious consequences.

And the NHS Confederation, which represents NHS trusts in England, said hospitals’ frontline staff will be pushed out of their roles, leading to ‘more gaps in capacity at a time of intense pressure and patient demand’.

Stephen Powis was the NHS England’s national medical director. 

He stated that the NHS employers would continue to encourage employees who are not yet vaccinated, to accept the second and first doses before April 1st when the regulations go into effect.