The World’s Best Bar Awards voted London’s Connaught Bar, located in Mayfair’s opulent Connaught Hotel, the best bar anywhere in the globe for the second time in a row.

The swanky cocktail bar, where handcrafted drinks cost between £20 and £24, was praised for staying ‘true to its principles of presenting artful, modern drinks with graceful service’.

In second place was another London bar –  Tayēr + Elementary – in Shoreditch. This bar took over from Dante in New York, which dropped to the 30th spot on the list.

While British bars took the top two spots they were almost absent from the rest of the top 50, only taking one more spot at number 31 for Kwānt in London’s Piccadilly.

These accolades were given out last night at a ceremony in London as part of Perrier’s World’s 50 Best Bars 2020 awards. 

This award recognizes the achievements of all bars over the past year. It aims to motivate and support hospitality outlets in their next stage. There are 17 countries on the list.

London's Connaught bar inside Mayfair's opulent Connaught Hotel has been named the best in the world for the second year in a row at The World's Best Bar Awards

The World’s Best Bar Awards has voted London’s Connaught Bar, located in Mayfair’s opulent Connaught Hotel, the top bar in the world. This is the second consecutive year.

For 2021, the 50 top bars worldwide

1. Connaught Bar in London, UK

2. Tayēr + Elementary, London, UK

3. Paradiso, Barcelona,  Spain

4. Athens: Greece’s Clumsies

5. Florería Atlántico, Buenos Aires Argentina

6 Licorería Limantour, Mexico City Mexico

7. Coa. Hong Kong, China

8. El Copitas, St Petersburg, Russia

9. Jigger & Pony, Singapore, Singapore

10. Katana Kitten, New York, USA

11. Barcelona, Spain – Two Schmucks

12. Hanky Panky, Mexico City, Mexico

Moscow, Russia – 13. Insider Bar

14. Baba au Rum, Athens, Greece

15. Manhattan, Singapore, Singapore

16. Atlas, Singapore, Singapore

17. Zuma, Dubai, UAE

18. Tokyo, Japan – The SG Club

19. Drink Kong, Rome, Italy

20. 1930, Milan, Italy

21. Presidente, Buenos Aires, Argentina

22. Maybe Sammy. Sydney, Australia

23. Cantina OK! Sydney (Australia)

24. Madrid, Spain: Salmon Guru

25. Mexico City, Mexico, Handshake Speakeasy

26. No Sleep Club, Singapore, Singapore

27.Camparino in Galleria,  Milan, Italy

28. Café La Trova, Miami,  USA

29. Little Red Door Paris, France

30. Dante, New York,USA

31. Kwānt, London, UK

32. Bar Benfiddich, Tokyo, Japan

33. Tres Monos, Buenos Aires, Argentina

34. Attaboy New York USA

35. Lucy’s Flower Shop in Stockholm, Sweden

36. MO Bar, Singapore, Singapore

37. Sips, Barcelona (Spanish)

38. Baltra Bar, Mexico City, Mexico

39. Sober Company Shanghai, China

40. Tjoget Stockholm, Sweden

41. Epic, Shanghai (China)

42. Charles H, Seoul, South Korea

43. Tippling Club, Singapore, Singapore

44. Above Board Melbourne, Australia

45. Galaxy Bar Dubai UAE

46. Re, Sydney (Australia)

47. Sidecar, New Delhi, India

48. Union Trading Company Shanghai China

49. DarkSide Hong Kong (China)

50.Quinary Hong Kong China


Speaking of Connaught, judges said: ‘Under the masterful leadership of Agostino Perrone, the venue’s Director of Mixology, Connaught Bar stays true to its principles of presenting artful, modern drinks with graceful service in an elegant setting. 

“Designed by David Collins, this Cubist-inspired bar features a Martini trolley that bartenders customize for guests. 

‘Perrone has developed a strong and dedicated leadership team including Head Mixologist Giorgio Bargiani and Bar Manager Maura Milia, who embody hospitality and drinks craft, as well as providing inspiration to a talented ensemble of junior bartenders who aspire to follow in their footsteps. 

The Connaught Bar, located in London’s Mayfair District, is a swanky hotel. It is famous for its martini cart and consistently ranks among the top bars around the globe. 

Cocktails cost between £20 and £24. Their signature Connaught martini is a  classic aperitif, served with a unique twist, tailored to each customers individual taste with handmade bitters, made with Tanqueray No.10 Gin, blend of dry vermouths, selection of bitters. 

Tayēr + Elementary, which was awarded the Disaronno Highest New Entry last year when it placed No.5, takes the No.2 spot on this year’s list, showcasing the diversity of London’s bar scene. 

In second place was another London bar - Tayēr + Elementary (pictured) - in Shoreditch. It took the place from New York's Dante, who dropped to 30th on the list.

In second place was another London bar – Tayēr + Elementary (pictured) – in Shoreditch. New York’s Dante fell to 30th place on the list.

While British bars took the top two spots they were almost absent from the rest of the top 50, only taking one more spot at number 31 for Kwānt in London's Piccadilly.

While British bars took the top two spots they were almost absent from the rest of the top 50, only taking one more spot at number 31 for Kwānt in London’s Piccadilly.

A humble bar above a Greggs has been praised for showcasing artistry, sustainability and incredibly inventive cocktails, Lab 22 takes to the stage with the Siete Misterios Best Cocktail Menu Award

Lab 22, a bar just above Greggs is admired for its artistry and sustainability. The Siete Misterios Best cocktail menu Award goes to Lab 22

Inside the best bar in Wales: Outside the main list, the UK also takes the title for Siete Misterios Best Cocktail Menu, with Cardiff's Lab 22 winning the award. This award was open to any bar in the world, not just those in the 50 Best list

In the top bar in Wales. Outside of the main list, UK wins Siete Misterios Best Cocktail Menu title. Cardiff’s Lab 22 was awarded the prize. All bars around the globe were eligible for this award, including those listed on the 50 best list.

Revealed: What the judges thought about the best bars in Britain

Connaught bar, London

Connaught Bar has been a success from its inception. It continues to improve every day. Although it is the most iconic London hotel bar, Connaught Bar has a distinctive Italian touch thanks to its elegant, sophisticated design and the guidance of Agostino and Giorgio Bargiani. The bar has a high standard of excellence, from the warm welcome at the entrance to the cubist-style decor by David Collins, through the attentive service and cocktail creations that blur the line between modernism and classicism.

The Dry Martini is its main act, according to its apostles. It arrives in a trolley which can be used as a stage or temporary set for you personal performances. Thrown between shaker and mixing glass is your choice of gin – try the bar’s own, distilled at the hotel – and bitters from an aroma-daubed flavour card inspired by perfumeries. You can also take a look at Impressions from January 2022. It draws inspiration from our encounters. The Eclipse cocktail stands out – from the white page and the black tables. The Eclipse cocktail, inspired by photography’s contrast, is housed inside a stunning white glass that has been painted black so the liquid doesn’t fade. This gin cocktail leaves a lasting impression just as the Connaught.

 Tayēr + Elementary, London

A venue of two parts, Elementary is the industrially styled space you first encounter: a casual all-day spot where cocktails are prepared in seconds, thanks to a draught system, while the bar’s own-label wine and beer are a frequent presence. While most visits start with the bar’s signature One Sip Martini, the menu here takes in other spins on familiar classics, with a weekly rotating menu in sync with the seasons and their bounty. Everything is served without garnish or affectation in identically squat glasses – here the deliciousness of the liquid does the talking.

Through the partition at Tayēr, the drinks are even more loquacious, with esoteric ingredients harnessed in a daily carousel of new recipes; always in step with the seasons and the kitchen’s latest creations. Be it here in Tayēr’s open kitchen-like theatre, or a fleeting drink in the bustling, bar industry-strewn Elementary, this is a venue through which the small details of the future of bartending have been foreseen – and forensically executed.

 Lab 22, Cardiff

Lab 22, a humble bar located above a Greggs, has received praise for its ability to showcase artistry and sustainability as well as incredibly creative cocktails. Lab 22 is awarded the Siete Misterios Best Cocktail Menu Award. With each menu, this new establishment, located in Cardiff (the capital of Wales), UK is pushing the limits of mixology and design. 

Lab 22’s recent edition takes cues from the future of science and invention. These cocktails are based on urban farming practices (Concrete Daisy makes use of rooftop honey) as well as marine exploration. Point Nemo’s cocktail is topped with salt-salted chocolate fish scales. Beautiful artwork is included on every page. You can also access additional information via the QR code, including the science behind each drink.

Lab 22’s ideological values: accessibility, transparency and community, are present throughout the menu. The text is available in both English and Welsh to accommodate its multilingual guests and the flavour combinations are explained in a ‘drop matrix’ in the centre of the menu, to aid drink decision-making. Every cocktail contains ingredients that are locally grown and sourced. The sharing drinks support selected charities such as Cardiff Foodbank, The Drinks Trust, and other funds.

Guests are also encouraged to support more of the city’s local businesses through the ‘decision tree’ flowchart at the denouement of the menu, which suggests where drinkers might want to head to next.

KWANT London

Descending the steps and opening the doors to Erik Lorincz’s Kwānt is to find yourself in a different time, a different place. It’s hard to put your finger on just when and where – there are brushstrokes of the 1940s classic Casablanca, but in the herringbone-patterned carpet, palms, rattan chairs and bamboo-styled ceilings are shades of tiki too. 

It all comes together with the impeccable service of white-jacketed, bartenders: it is a 5-star tropical bar. 

And the name Kwānt? It’s a derivative of ‘quaint’ and, in feel, decor, and the vintage spirits collection it is just that, though the cocktails have one foot in the past and one in the future. 


Other than the main list of countries, the UK takes the title for Siete Misterios best cocktail menu, Cardiff’s Lab 22 being the recipient. 

This award is available to anyone in the world.

The unassuming bar – above a Gregg’s – serves the likes of Carbon Cooler (Reyka Vodka, Cacao Blanc, Mint³, Reclaimed Citrus, Soda), Casual Loop (Hendricks Gin, Pressed Watermelon, Bandarra Rose, Soda) and a Make Me Famous (Tanqueray Gin, Passionfruit Wine Vanilla, Disco Dust).

London is the leader, but Spain takes second place with four bars from 17 in Europe. This includes Barcelona’s Paradiso, No. 3., followed by Two Schmucks which rose 15 spots to No. 11. 

Paradiso in Barcelona, Spain was number 43 on the list and the top bar in Spain

Paradiso Barcelona in Spain, was number 43 in the ranking and the best bar in Spain

The Clumsies in Athens, Greece was the number one bar in Greece and the fourth best in the world

Athens’ Clumsies was the best bar in Greece, and fourth in the entire world.

Mark Sansom, Content Editor for The World’s 50 Best Bars, told FEMAIL: ‘Connaught Bar, we salute you – to be named The World’s Best Bar for two consecutive years is a feat that previously only two bars have achieved in the awards’ 13-year history. The Martini Cocktail’s modernization is proof of Ago Perrone’s and his team’s dedication to excellence. 

“We want to also send huge congratulations all venues that are on The World’s Best 50 Bars 2021 List. This has been an extremely difficult year for hospitality. The industry’s strength through all of this is inspiring. The positive stories surrounding the success of the bars in these awards should help drive business growth in the coming weeks and months.

Elisa Gregori, Perrier International Business Unit Director, says: ‘On behalf of Perrier – and as the leading partner of The World’s 50 Best Bars since 2014 – we feel proud of the strong collaboration and solidarity we share with the international bar community. We are proud, just like last year to express our gratitude to the many bars who made it to the top despite the difficult and uncertain times. 

The number five best bar in the world went to Florería Atlántico, Buenos Aires Argentina

The number five best bar in the world went to Florería Atlántico, Buenos Aires Argentina

Licorería Limantour in  Mexico City, Mexico came top in Mexico and number six in the world

Licorería Limantour in  Mexico City, Mexico came top in Mexico and number six in the world

“Even though there is still a pandemic affecting the hospitality sector, the industry has demonstrated remarkable resilience over the last months and learned how to adapt to local conditions. These turbulent times are not ours to conquer and we remain here to support you as the international bar community grows stronger.      

To adapt to the effects of the pandemic on bars all over the globe, the World’s 50 Best Bars has made several changes for 2021. The voting requirements and guidelines were revised to take into account the limited travel possibilities in 2021 and 2020.

The World’s 50 Best Bars Academy members’ bar experiences over a period of voting between March 2020 and September 2021 are the basis for this list. 

The World’s 50 Best Bars Academy was not allowed to cast international votes this year. But, members who had the opportunity to travel abroad were encouraged to let these experiences inform their voting choices. They were also asked to rank 7 bars. 

The voting process is anonymous and secured. Results are also independently adjudicated and approved by Deloitte.

These are the top 100 UK restaurants in 2021

OpenTable, the leading online restaurant reservation service in the world, has released their annual top 100 UK restaurants list. The ranking is based upon nearly one million verified reviews. There are many cuisines to choose from in the UK. These include Preuvian restaurants COYA Mayfair and Sohe in Newcastle Upon Tyne.

Robin Chiang (VP OpenTable) commented that despite a one-year hiatus from our Top 100 List, it was a pleasure to share once more a list of diners’ favourite restaurants. This showcases the incredible breadth and variety of eating experiences in the UK.

OpenTable’s reviews feature allows customers to share their experiences and helps others find great restaurants. London’s amazing selection of restaurants was still available in 2021, and the list clearly shows the affection diners feel for the local hotspots.

Restaurant Restaurant Cuisine Localization
215 Kitchen & Drinks Modern British Oxford
Afternoon Tea at Mad Dogs & Englishmen English Leigh-on-Sea
Andrew Edmunds Modern European London
Berts Jazz Bar Bistro Belfast
Bistro Union British London
Blacklock City Steak London
Blacklock Shoreditch Steak London
Brawn European London
Bright Modern European London
Bucks Bar American Glasgow
Burnt Truffle Bistro Heswall
Cafe 1. Scottish Inverness
Cambio de Tercio Spanish London
Casa italia Pizzeria Liverpool
Cecconi’s Italian London
Cento Uno Pizzeria Surbiton
Chakana Peruvian Birmingham
CHIMICHURRIS Argentinian London
Churrasco Steakhouse Steakhouse Liverpool
Claude Bosi at Bibendum French London
Clipstone Modern European London
Coal Office Mediterranean London
Clare Smyth’s CORE British London
COYA Mayfair Peruvian London
Cub Mayfair Japanese London
CUT 45 Park Lane Steak London
Daphne’s Italian London
Dean Street Townhouse British London
Dinners SW3 Japanese London
El Bar de Tapas Spanish Hertfordshire
Fig & Thistle Bistro International Inverness
Frederick’s British London
Handling Frogs by Adam British London
Gold Notting Hill European London
Wandsworth Common, Good Earth Chinese London
HarryÕs Dolce Vita Italian London
Harry’s Restaurant Comfort Food Exeter
Harwood Arms Gastro Pub London
Hawksmoor Air Street Steakhouse London
Hawksmoor Borough Steakhouse London
Hawksmoor Guildhall Steakhouse London
Hawksmoor Knightsbridge Steakhouse London
Hawksmoor Manchester Steakhouse Manchester
Hawksmoor Seven Dials Steakhouse London
Hawksmoor Spitalfields British London
Hispi Bistro Manchester
Il Portico Italian London
Ivy Asia, Spinningfields Modern Asian Manchester
Jolene Bakery British London
Kala Bistro Manchester
Medlar Modern European London
Mere European London
Mandarin of Michael Wan Chinese Blackpool
Michael Wan’s Wok Inn Pan-Asian Blackpool
Minster Inn Pizza Bar York
Morso Kensal Rise Italian London
No. 97 Modern European Surbiton
No. 11 Market Place Tex-Mex Whitehaven
Odette’s restaurant British London
Ognisko Polish London
One one four Modern European Teddington
Peace and Loaf Restaurant British Newcastle upon Tyne
Perilla Modern European London
Petrus Ñ Gordon Ramsay French London
Pia Mexican Sheffield
Pinion Bistro Prescot
Saltwater Fish Company Seafood Newcastle upon Tyne
Scott’s restaurant Seafood London
Skyline Lounge Scottish Edinburgh
Smiths Restaurant Wapping Seafood London
Sohe Pan-Asian Newcastle upon Tyne
Sotirio’s bar and restaurant International Folkestone
St. John British London
St. John Bread and Wine British London
Sticky walnut Bistro Chester
Stones Restaurant Matlock British Matlock
Sushi Murasaki Sushi London
Tanakatsu Japanese London
The Atlas Pub Gastro Pub London
Britannia Richmond Gastro Pub Richmond
Broad Chare British Newcastle upon Tyne
The Elephant Restaurant Modern European Torquay
The Fox & Hounds Gastro Pub London
The Fox & Pheasant Gastro Pub London
French Table Modern European Surbiton
The Greyhound Pub & Dining British Beaconsfield
The Melusine Seafood London
Matfield’s Poet British Matfield
Quality Chop House British London
The Refuge’s Restaurant Global and International Manchester
The Swan Pub Gastro Pub London
Beverley, The Westwood Restaurant English Beverley
The White Onion French London
Wolseley European London
Trinity European London
Westerns Laundry Modern European London
Wreckfish Bistro Liverpool
Zafferano Restaurant Italian London
Zaks – Mousehold American Norwich