Ghislaine Maxwell was a victim of abuse: A convicted sex-trafficker may be eligible for a mistrial if it is revealed that she was convicted by sex trader member.

  • Ghislaine Maxwell can file a claim for mistrial because a jury convicted her of child sex assault.
  • Scotty David claimed that he was able to help other jurors understand the victim’s perspective.
  • Experts say Maxwell might be entitled to mistrial, if Maxwell did not reveal past experiences that he had prior to the jury’s deliberations. 

Ghislaine Maxill could file a mistrial claim after the revelation that one of her jurors was a child sex victim.

Scotty David stated that he helped other jurors understand the case from the victim’s perspective.

Maxwell also said that five of the guilty verdicts last week which may have condemned Maxwell to spending the rest her life in prison were for “all the victims”. 

Legal experts say that Maxwell may have grounds for a mistrial if he didn’t disclose any of his prior experiences to the jury before they deliberate.

Moira Pennza, an ex-federal prosecutor from New York said, “I definitely hope that the juror disclosed all this on his questionnaire.” 

Scotty David said he had helped the other members of the jury understand things from a victim's point of view. Pictured: A sketch of Ghislaine Maxwell in court at her trial in New York

Scotty David claimed that he helped other jurors understand the situation from the victim’s perspective. Pictured is a sketch of Ghislaine Maxill in New York at her trial.

“Although it was a little odd, he didn’t seem to be bothered by the defense. That could certainly be an issue. 

“In the first instance, it would probably form the basis of a motion for Judge [Alison]Nathan to start a new trial.

Maxwell was convicted on five out of six charges against her by the jury after they took over 40 hours. 

Her sentence could be up to 65 years. 

Jeffrey Epstein was sentenced her to a life sentence for trafficking teenage girls. 

The Independent quoted Mr David as saying that Maxwell had been held responsible.

The jury took 40 hours to reach their decision and convict Maxwell on five of the six counts against her. Pictured: Maxwell in 2013 (file image)

Maxwell was convicted on five out of six charges against her by the jury after they took over 40 hours. Maxwell as of 2013 (file photo)