A cooking teacher shares a simple way to make stale bread taste fresh again – it doesn’t cost anything

  • Cher Loh is a British cook who says you can revive stale bread with water
  • The best way to bake unsliced bread is to soak it in warm water.  
  • According to Mr Loh, his method does not just revive bread, but also keeps it fresher longer.

One cooking instructor shared his best-practice method of freshening up bread that has been stale.

Cher Loh asserts that by soaking unsliced bread in water, and baking it at 180° Celsius for approximately five minutes, you can restore its life.

The head tutor at the Good Housekeeping Institute Cookery School in London says his method not only revives, but keeps loaves fresher for longer provided they haven’t been sliced beforehand.

His claim is backed by dozens of Australian mums who have been using the trick and posting about it on social media.

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The Good Housekeeping Institute shared other tips for keeping bread fresher, including keeping bakery-bought bread inside the paper bag it comes in (stock image)

Another tip from The Good Housekeeping Institute was to keep bread fresher is keeping baked bread in the bag that it came in. (stock image).

Judy, a mother of three posted her trick to a Facebook group. She said she used the method to restore stale bread rolls.

She stated that she was conscious of decreasing her waste, and that the task of using up old bread rolls had always been an issue.

“There are only so many breadcrumbs that I can store in the freezer, and my children don’t like defrosted rolls.” This trick my mom used back in the days worked, said mum. 

How to keep your loaf of bread fresher for longer

* Keep bakery loaves in brown paper bags at room temperature.

* Keep store-bought loaves in plastic bags at room temperature.

* Never keep your bread in the fridge.

* Revive stale loaves with a splash of water and then heat in the oven at 200 degrees Celsius for several minutes.

* Freeze what you don’t use.

* Make breadcrumbs or bread and butter pudding with the stale slices. 

Judy stated that she just runs the bread under the tap to ensure it gets moist, and then bakes it.

‘Honestly, it’s like you just bought it from the bakery – so fresh, so yum,’ she added.

This post received widespread online praise, drawing enthusiastic responses from frugal mother who wanted to save money on grocery purchases.

“This is such a great idea. One woman responded, “I threw away some bread last week because it was stale. But I won’t do that again.”

“I totally tried this!” An additional option was added.

Good Housekeeping Institute experts shared previously tips and tricks for keeping bread fresher and longer. This includes keeping loaves inside the bag that they were sold in, and never placing them in the fridge.

Because of the moisture in bakery loaves, it is best to keep them in a brown paper bag. This will prevent any hardening and rubbery crusts.

Loaves purchased at the shop should be stored in an airtight container at room temperature.

Keep your bread cool to prevent mold growth. However, bread that is not chilled can become stale much faster.