ITV News will expand to an hour-long program, and Emmerdale’s schedules will undergo a massive shake-up from broadcaster.

  • Channel plans to bring in more news and live coverage from London outside of London 
  • The announcement said that Coronation Street would now be shown at 8pm on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays 
  • Kevin Lygo, ITV’s media director for Media said that Emmerdale would move to 7.30pm.  

ITV will offer hour-long shows, and Emmerdale and Coronation Street will move to new times with a major overhaul that begins March. 

ITV announced today that they will revamp their news bulletins from 6.30 to 7.30 pm to provide greater live coverage. There will be more international reporting and an increased focus on the UK.

ITV said the changes were made to help bolster key programmes in the pre-9pm time slot. Coronation Street will now air hour-long episodes Monday through Friday at 8pm. Emmerdale will then move to 7.30pm. 

ITV has revealed major changes to its schedule, including turning ITV News into a one-hour programme

ITV News has been transformed into an hour-long programme. 

Kevin Lygo is ITV’s managing director media and entertainment. He stated: “As watching habits quickly change, our live audiences to national and international information programmes are still remarkably strong.

“Our evening news show reached an incredible 35.6million viewers in 2021. We are excited to announce this ITV investment. This is high-quality, impartial and trusted broadcast journalism.

He said: “The success of ITV is dependent on the popularity of its two most beloved continuing dramas in Britain, Coronation Street, and Emmerdale. We know, however, that viewers are increasingly able to watch these dramas whenever and wherever they want.

They will now be available on ITV Hub and TV, giving viewers the opportunity to see them on a single screen.

Mary Nightingale will still present the hour-long, national and international news programmes.

To accommodate this expansion, the broadcaster will also need to hire a number of talented new people, such as 27 journalists, producers, and multi-skilled video editors/camera operators.

These new positions include the addition of correspondents to work in Wales and Scotland as well as North England.

The changes will also see ITV flagship soap Coronation Street moving to hour-long episodes on Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 8pm

These changes will see ITV’s flagship soap Coronation Street move to an hour-long episode on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at 8.

Michael Jermey is ITV’s director for news and current affairs.

Millions of people are updated every day by ‘ITV’s digital and television news.

It sits beside strong current affairs output like the Tonight program, Peston and The Martin Lewis Money Show, as well the Bafta- and Emmy-winning Exposure strand.

“ITV’s independent, impartial journalism is a huge contribution to the UK’s public broadcasting system.”

John Whiston is the managing director for continuing drama at BBC. With Coronation Street “bursting at the seams of fantastic story and character” the new format will give the show a brilliant canvas to shine.

He said, “And Emmerdale will continue doing what it does best in its new slot that allows viewers to still enjoy the Dales’ dramatic scenes.”

Scots TV licence area viewers will still be able to view STV News at Six weekdays, followed by an hour-long news program.

STV’s Thursday current affairs show, Scotland Tonight (currently at 7.30pm) will be moved to 8.30pm.