Cost of Christmas dinner for four could soar to almost £28 this year as higher prices for frozen turkeys cause 3.4% rise

Higher prices for frozen turkeys have driven up the average cost of a Christmas dinner for four by 3.4 per cent to £27.49.

This figure represents a modest main dish with a dessert and a glass fizz. Many households will likely spend twice as much.

Kantar, a retail analyst said that many traditional meals are more affordable than they were a year ago. However, the increased cost of turkey has made these savings even greater.

Many people bought frozen turkeys in the face of shortages of locally-produced birds. 

Some retailers may have taken advantage of high prices to increase their profits. The Kantar figures put the frozen turkey up by 7.3 per cent to £12.46. A large, fresh turkey will likely cost more than twice that.

According to the report, there was a 5% increase in sprouts prices, making enough food for four at 92p and sufficient cauliflower for 90p. 

Gravy granules are up 3 per cent to £1.39. In contrast, there has been a 13 per cent fall on carrots, bringing them down to 41p, while parsnips are 6 per cent cheaper this year at 46p and potatoes are down 5 per cent to £1.10. Cranberry sauce costs 3 percent less at 90p.

Despite these rises, he said, consumers are still prepared to pay more for premium food and drink (stock image)

He said that despite these increases, people are willing to spend more on premium food and drinks (stock image).

The survey put the cost of a Christmas pudding at £2.48, up 5 per cent, and it prices a bottle of budget sparkling wine at £6.47, which is unchanged.

Fraser McKevitt of Kantar said: ‘Across the board, grocery prices are up 3.2 per cent in the latest four weeks.’ 

He stated that even with these rising prices, many consumers still are prepared to fork out more for high-quality food and beverages.

He said: ‘It’s clear shoppers want to make this Christmas extra special. Last December we saw sales of premium own-label lines hit more than £587million, and the figure could be even bigger this year.’