There’s no more Mr. Chairman or Madam! As Woke council’s “small win for equality” is called ‘nonsense”, it has dropped gender-specific terms from senior positions.

  •  Bournemouth, Christchurch and Poole Council dropped gender-specific terms
  •  Move will see chairman and vice-chairman referred to as chair and vice-chair
  •  Councillors L.J Evans and Lewis Allison put forward the proposal last year

In an attempt to not offend people, a council decided to drop gender specific terms from its top positions.

Bournemouth and Christchurch Councils of the Conservative Party voted to drop masculine and femininity terms and will now adopt Senior positions require a gender neutral language

This move will be a success. Chair and vice chair of committees are referred to together as vice-chair and chairman. 

In the future, people will be called “they” rather than being called “they”. They are also known as: ‘he,’she,’ or ‘Mr. Madam chairman’.

L.J Evans from Poole People, along with Lewis Allison, Labour councillor, presented the suggestion last year. He said that these changes were a’small win in equality’, and not political correctness.

Bournemouth, Christchurch and Poole Council (pictured) has voted in favour of dropping gender-specific terms for its senior positions

Bournemouth (pictured), Christchurch, and Poole Council voted to drop gender-specific terms from its senior positions 

Poole People Councillor L.J Evans

Labour councillor Lewis Allison

L.J Evans, Poole People Councillor and Labour councillor Lewis Allison presented the idea last year.

One elected representative of the local authority thought the move was “nonsense” and stated that changing the language was an ‘inconvenient exercise’. 

Last year councillor Evans argued that using masculine or feminine terms was ‘unnecessary’, and removing ‘he and she’ would prevent unconscious bias and stop people using ‘reinforced historic gender stereotypes’.     

Cllr. Evans from Poole Town spoke out about the recent change. He said, “Over the last year, a working committee has been reviewing BCP Council’s constitution.

“They made sure that no gender-specific pronouns were used and that chair and vice chairman have been replaced by chair and vice president.

“One year after my original motion was made, I’m happy to announce that the full council has now approved these changes.

“Officers also decided to indicate their pronouns in communications, so it’s clear to whom they are addressing.

“This win is small but significant for equality. I am happy to see these improvements continue throughout BCP.

“This is not political correctness made mad.

“Language influences perceptions, attitudes and behaviours.

“By switching to gender-neutral terminology, we prevent implying one gender as the norm and can help tackle unconscious bias.

Councillor Ann Stribley, of the Parkstone ward, deemed the move 'nonsense' and said changing language was 'just a pointless exercise'

Councillor Ann Stribley, of the Parkstone ward, deemed the move ‘nonsense’ and said changing language was ‘just a pointless exercise’

“The government has committed to addressing violence against women, girls, and other forms of violence. One way is to ensure that they are valued and respected in society.

The members supported this change in the context of several alterations to BCP Council’s constitution. This was done after other amendments were made at an earlier council meeting. 

A second councillor, however said the situation had gone too far and called gender neutral pronouns “nonsense”.

Ann Stribley from the Parkstone ward said, “I am all for equal opportunities and against discrimination. I began my career in teaching in the 50s. But, this all has gone a bit far.

“We are all human beings. Were we to make’man’ obsolete and become ‘hubeings?

“A chair” is an object made of metal or wooden that can be used as a seat.

“We used to be Mr. Madam Chairman. What is wrong?

The truth is we all are either male or female, so changing our language is pointless.

“It’s nonsense.”