Council worker killed his brother over a disagreement about the dog of their family has been sentenced to life in prison

Samuel Campbell, 24, died from a single knife wound to the chest during a ‘scuffle’ with his sibling William at their mother’s home in Sunderland in June.

William Campbell 26, from Stokesley in North Yorkshire was charged with murder. However, a jury found him guilty after an investigation at Newcastle Crown Court.

William Campbell, 26, has been found guilty of murdering his younger brother Samuel after he stabbed him in their mother's back garden in June

Samuel Campbell, 24,(pictured)  died from a single knife wound to his chest during a scuffle in Silksworth, Sunderland, with his sibling William in June

William Campbell, 26, left, has jailed for life after murdering his younger brother Samuel right,  in their mother’s back garden in June 2021

In the video, Campbell quizzes the police officer on the 'protocol' of his arrest, and says: 'What does that entail? I understand the protocol but what does that entail? 'What do I have to do?'

Campbell asks the police officer what the protocol is for his arrest. Although I know the protocol, what does it entail? What do I need to do?

Jurors heard Campbell attacked his brother after they argued because Samuel had 'raised his voice to the dog'. He claimed he wanted Samuel to 'apologise' to the dog for shouting at it but instead plunged a knife into his chest. Pictured: Forensics  and police at the scene of the family's home in Sunderland in June 2021

The jury heard Campbell attack his brother Samuel after they disagreed over Samuel raising his voice to the dogs. Instead of apologizing to Samuel for his behavior, he stabbed a knife in his chest. Pictured: Forensics  and police at the scene of the family’s home in Sunderland in June 2021

Today Judge Paul Sloan, QC sentenced him to death and ordered that he serve at least 21 consecutive years in prison before he could apply for parole.

Campbell was placed in custody on December 1st, awaiting his sentencing hearing today. 

Video footage shown to the jury at Newcastle Crown Court features the moment Campbell was arrested on suspicion of murdering his younger brother after Samuel Campbell had shouted at the family dog.

Samuel Campbell (24 years old) died of a knife injury to the chest in a fight with William. The incident occurred just after midnight, on June 18th 2021. 

The ambulance and police arrived at the Silksworth house, Sunderland. Samuel lay in a pool in his blood just moments after they arrived.

A bodycam video taken by the police showing Campbell calmly confessing that he attacked his brother out of anger to an officer during the trial was shown to a jury.

The officer is then questioned about the “protocol” of his arrest.

Officer: “I stabbed him in rage.”

The policeman replies: ‘You’re under arrest.’

Campbell asked: “What does it entail?” What does the protocol mean?

Police bodycam footage, which was played to a jury during the trial, shows William Campbell calmly admitting to an officer he stabbed his brother 'out of rage'

The bodycam video of William Campbell, a police officer, was shown to the jury as he calmly admitted to his brother’s stabbing ‘outrageously’ to one another.

Campbell, of Allen Court, Stokesley, North Yorkshire was told he must serve at least 21 years of a life sentence by Newcastle Crown Court, pictured

Campbell from Stokesley’s Allen Court was ordered by Newcastle Crown Court that he serve at least 21 consecutive years of his life sentence.

What do I need to do?

Paramedics are heard trying desperately to save their brother in the video footage. He was then declared dead on the spot.

The jury heard Campbell attack his brother Samuel after they had disagreed about Samuel’s ‘raised her voice to the dogs’.

Instead of apologizing to Samuel for his shouting, he inserted a knife in his chest.

Northumbria Police Detective Chief Inspector Jane Fairlamb said that this was a very sad case, which has witnessed a devastated family split in the worst of times.

After an argument with his brother’s father, William decided to grab a knife and ruin more than just one life.

There is no reason for anyone to carry a knife, but this sad case does not have winners. Our thoughts remain with Samuel’s family at this most poignant of times.

“I truly hope this reminds everyone of the possible dangers that come with having a knife in your hand – as well as the dire consequences.

Jurors heard that the brothers were the same as ‘chalk cheese’ and had spent the night in their mothers’ garden. Samuel was drinking Bourbon there and Marley had been listening to the music at the firepit.

Campbell had returned from a night out, and she ‘disapprove’ Samuel’s absence of a fulltime job, as well as Samuel’s reliance upon their mother to care for the dog.

Mother Carolyn Campbell claimed she heard voices from the home in Silksworth (Sunderland) and that they were raising their voices. She went down to the neighbors to ask them to be quiet so the noise would not disrupt the peace.

Campbell, who was now 26 years old, took a knife out of the kitchen to stab his brother in the backyard.

Following Campbell’s conviction, Judge Paul Sloan (QC) warned Campbell: “There is only one sentence for the crime of murder. That sentence is life imprisonment.”

‘I am required to specify the minimum sentence you have to complete before being released by the parole board. This will be done after I have reviewed submissions, and any other materials that were presented before the sentence hearing.

Toby Hedworth QC, Prosecutionary for Mrs Campbell told court she was disturbed by the voices of her boys and that she woke up to say so.

“There was some fighting, which the mother ended up breaking up. Samuel said something according to his mom and went outside with her dog.

“The defendant said that he just had told his brother to stop talking to the dog the way he was.

“Then his mother observed that defendant became frustrated. She said, “I’m not going to have this.” He stated, “I am getting a knife.”

He went in the kitchen. He didn’t go in the kitchen with Mrs Campbell, but he did venture out to the backyard and she recalls trying unsuccessfully to reach the boys.

“There was, she later described as a little scuffle. Samuel took off his hoodie and noticed blood on his chest.

“At one point their mother remembers Samuel having a hard time getting on her brother’s nerves and telling him, “You’ve stabbed my son” then Samuel fell to his knees.”

Campbell claimed that his brother was dead and that he had suffered from a flesh wound.

Campbell said, “It is his fault this mam.”

Campbell said to a cop on the spot that he had attacked him with rage, and then claimed that he deserved to die.

He told the jury from the witness box that he was “absolutely devastated” by the events.

He stated that he told his mother it started when he raised his voice to the dog.

But he added: ‘At one stage I go “I’m not having this”. This was the only way he spoke to the dog.

“My sole intention was to apologize for my actions to Sam. I asked him to do the same to me and to the dog.

Campbell claimed that when Campbell got out, apologies were exchanged. However, trouble flared once more and Samuel was allegedly to blame for the fatal injury. Jurors were informed.

Samuel, his brother and mother still resided at the home of their parents. Samuel had just moved to North Yorkshire with him for work. Samuel came for a visit for a couple days.