We are looking for a home for our cocker spaniels. As Britain grows into a nation that is more passionate about animals, we come across a couple who want their dog to be moved.

  • A couple is moving to help their two cocker spaniels Fudge and Toffee.
  • A couple is looking for a new Berkshire home with large gardens and kennels. 
  • They are the story of 3.2 million households that added pet animals to the pandemic. 

There are many reasons to move house, however, most common ones include changing jobs, moving closer to schools or growing families.

The pandemic brought renewed attention to extra space for both families and their pets. Many of these animals were obtained during lockdown.

A couple are moving from London and want to be able to move their dogs, Fudge & Toffee.

Lynne and Mark Baker-Cowell are moving home after 17 years at this two-bedroom property in London's Blackheath

Lynne Baker and Mark Baker Cowell, who have lived in this property for 17 years, are leaving it to move home.

Pictured: Lynne with their dog Toffee

Pictured: Mark with the couple's two dogs Fudge is centre)

To accommodate Fudge (left), and Toffee, the couple is moving to Berkshire.

Lynne Baker-Cowell, a business manager, and Mark Baker-Cowell her store manager husband have been living in their home in Blackheath, London for the past 17 years.

The couple reviewed their lives after Mark fell ill from Covid in January.

Lynne grew up and had always lived in the area of London they were in, but the couple decided to take the leap and move house – the main motivation being to find more space for their two dogs.

The couple lives in a pet-friendly area near Greenwich Park and the Heath. They’re looking to purchase a house with an enclosed yard for Fudge or Toffee.

The couple have made a decision to move to Berkshire. They hope to find a home with a large yard.

The couple's home fronts Blackheath common and is currently on the market via estate agents Savills, with a price tag of £900,000

The couple’s home fronts Blackheath common and is currently on the market via estate agents Savills, with a price tag of £900,000

Lynne outdoors with dog Toffee

The couple's two dogs are Toffee (left) and Fudge (right)

They are looking for a home that has a big enclosed yard to house their dogs. 

The property boasts plenty of space internally, which extends across three separate floors

This property offers plenty of interior space that spans three floors.

The couple have a conservatory at their current home opening onto the garden

They have a conservatory in their home that opens onto their garden.

Lynne said, “We have enjoyed our time in Blackheath over the years. The local lifestyle has been fantastic. It’s also been a wonderful place to take Fudge and Toffee for walks.

“But, however we made the decision that earlier in the year we would like a huge garden for the dog’s enjoyment. It was this that drove us to decide to live in the country.

“We are looking for a house we love, and most importantly, a large, enclosed space that the dogs can enjoy, as well as allowing us all to call it home.”

This couple’s decision demonstrates the need for pet-friendly homes by many buyers, which will only have increased with pet ownership increasing through the lockdowns and pandemic.

According to figures compiled by the Pet Food Manufacturers’ Association, 3.2million households in the UK have acquired a pet since the start of the pandemic. 

The report states that the UK has 34 million pets, 12 million of which are cats and 12 millions dogs.

The kitchen at the Blackheath property has wooden cabinets and dark worktop surfaces

Kitchen at Blackheath has dark cabinets and worktops.

The property extends across three floors, which are linked by a feature spiral staircase

This property is spread over three floors that are connected by a spiral staircase.

The period property is Grade I listed and has two bedrooms, with the main bedroom on the top floor

It is a period home that has been Grade I listed. There are two bedrooms and the master bedroom is on the upper floor.

The couple’s existing period property is in Blackheath and is currently on the market via estate agents Savills, with a price tag of £900,000.

The Paragon is a historic piece of architecture that dates back to around 1800. It consists of Grade I-listed houses on a private road at the border of Blackheath Common.

This property spans three floors and is connected by a spiral staircase.

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