Police investigate suicide conspiracy theory after finding couple’s bodies in their bed in pretty hamlet.

  • Claudia Forbes and Andrew Forbes were discovered in Bishopstrow on December 7, 2007. 
  • The length of time the couple remained in bed and how they died are not yet known.  
  • Forbes had been thought to be very sick, but Forbes’ wife was healthy  

As police investigate a possible suicide plot, the decomposing bodies of a couple were discovered in bed together in a charming hamlet. 

Claudia Forbes, 62 years old, and Andrew Forbes were both found at an exclusive property that she rented from an isolated farm in Bishopstrow near Warminster (Wiltshire) on December 7. 

The length of their stay in bed is unknown. Wiltshire Police has refused to confirm if the deaths were suspicious.   

The police aren’t confirming the cause of death.   

Retired Claudia Forbes, 62, and her husband Andrew were found on December 7 at an exclusive property she has rented by an isolated farm at picturesque Bishopstrow (pictured) near Warminster, Wiltshire

Claudia Forbes (62), and Andrew Forbes were discovered on December 7, at an exclusive rental property at Bishopstrow, Wiltshire.

Forbes had been thought to have been extremely ill, but Forbes’ wife was healthy.

Yesterday Mike Perry, the Chair of Bishopstrow Parish Meeting – where less than 120 people live – said this: “It’s shocking. This is not something that happens in our village.

“Obviously, this is quite unusual. This is a strange group of people who have lived there so long, and no one in the village seems to be familiar with them. This is an awful tragedy.

After Alexander Walker, her landlord and farmer raised concerns for his welfare, police found the couple.

He stated, “It was quite shocking.”

It is believed that the property meanders just a few feet from Warminster’s boundary.

It is not known how long they had been lying in bed and Wiltshire Police have refused to say if their deaths are being treated as suspicious. Pictured: Bishopstrow

The length of their stay in bed is unknown and Wiltshire Police has refused to confirm if they are suspicious. Bishopstrow 

On December 7, Salisbury (Wiltshire) was the scene of an inquest. Police were summoned to Bishopstrow property by Alexander Walker because they had concerns about Claudia Forbes’ welfare.

The body of her spouse was discovered beside her, and both were decomposed. 

An autopsy post mortem did not find the cause of death. Toxicology and histology tests were requested.

No evidence was presented to support third-party involvement.

An inquest into her death was ordered because of evidence. M. Walker identified her.

The coroner launched an investigation into the death of her husband and adjourned the inquest to another date.

The cause of death will determine whether an inquest should be held.

Only if the victim’s death is not natural, will an inquest be held.