Australian drivers are taking inspiration from a Freedom Convoy to Canada in order to drive to Canberra, protesting against mandatory vaccine mandates. But Victoria’s Premier warns that booster shots may soon be required. 

As part of the “Convoy to Canberra” demonstration, protestors from across the country arrived Monday in Canberra.  

For several kilometers, the convoy of vehicles between Pheasants Nest in NSW and the capital travelled.  

A police officer attempts to stop a vehicle from driving on the lawns of Parliament House during the protest

Police officers attempt to stop vehicles from parking on Parliament House’s lawns during the demonstration

The truck had the words 'convoy for freedom' written on the side and carried several flags

A number of flags were carried by the truck, which had the words “convoy to freedom” written on its side.

Police monitor protesters as they gather on the lawns of Parliament House in Canberra, Monday

The police monitor demonstrators as they gather in front of Parliament House, Canberra on Monday

One truck on the convoy had the words 'hands off our kids' written on the side in reference to child vaccinations

The side of one truck in the convoy was marked with the words “hands off our children” to refer to child vaccines.

This nationwide demonstration mirrors the protest by 50,000 truckers, who traveled to Ottawa (the capital of Canada) to oppose vaccine mandates.

Daniel Andrews has warned that booster shots could soon be necessary for Victorians to become fully-vaccinated. 

Andrews claimed that there has been mandating for third doses and more to come. 

There was a significant police presence at the protests which took place on Monday

On Monday, there was significant police presence at protests.

The demonstrators gathered in a group after driving from across the nation to Canberra

After traveling across the country, they gathered together to form a large group and drove from Canberra.

Some protesters stood on the lawns near Parliament House while others drove past

Some protesters stood out on the lawns in front of Parliament House. Others drove past.

On Saturday, many drivers drove thousands of kilometers in trucks, vans, and SUVs from their home in New South Wales and Queensland to reach their destinations in Western Australia, Victoria, Victoria, and Western Australia.

They have all been in different accidents. One Land Rover was among five cars that collided near the Hawkesbury River.

Facebook posted photos of the accident, showing the blue ute’s front completely mangled and the back of its trailer raised with a Land Cruiser attached underneath. 

Two drivers have already crashed their cars as a 'freedom convoy' makes its way to Canberra to protest vaccine mandates - echoing mass demonstrations in Canada

A ‘freedom convoy,’ which is traveling to Canberra to protest the vaccine mandates of two Canadians has already driven into their cars.

Protestors from all around the country are expected to begin arriving in the nation's capital on Monday as part of the 'Convoy to Canberra' demonstration

As part of the “Convoy to Canberra” demonstration, protestors from across the country will begin to arrive in Canberra on Monday.

The nationwide protest is a direct reflection of the 50,000 strong truckers who travelled to Ottawa, the capital city in Canada, to demonstrate against vaccine mandates and Covid lockdowns

National protests are a result of the nearly 50,000 truckers that traveled from all over Canada to Ottawa to oppose vaccine mandates. 

One member of the convoy claimed that the car was written off and called it a “casualty” of war. 

Videos showing protestors moving down roads and cheering fans have been flooding social media.

A supporter claimed that she was waiting with a “tribe” on North Sydney’s Mount Street Bridge and waving Australian flags when a convoy went underneath.

Her words were: “What an extraordinary day,” “I drove to North Sydney, waiting for the convoy to arrive. Half of me thought I would be driving alone. 

‘In no time at all a tribe appeared … and just kept growing (the photo was taken early on). It was an honor to share the boot on the ground with others today. I spent an afternoon waiting to see if another group of amazing humans would drive past. 

A truck driver put up a billboard at the back of his trailer in order to promote immunizations for children.  

It stated that there were side effects of the Covid-19 vaccine. ‘Don’t risk your child.’ 

Supporters waved banners while cheering on drivers going by.

It comes as Victorian premier Daniel Andrews warned that booster shots may become mandatory in order for a resident to be considered fully-vaccinated

The warning comes from Daniel Andrews, Victorian Premier. He warned residents that booster shots could be mandatory to ensure they are fully vaccinated.

Protestors have flooded social media with videos showing long lines of convoys driving down highways and passing groups of cheering supporters

Social media has been flooded with video footage of protestors driving along highways, and cheering support groups. 

Photos of the crash were uploaded to Facebook showing the front of a blue ute completely squashed and its back trailer lifted up with a Land Cruiser pinned underneath it, and a Mercedes Benz hooked under the back bumper

Facebook posted photos of the accident showing the blue ute front completely crushed and the trailer lifting up, with a Land Cruiser pinned below it and a Mercedes Benz hooking under its rear bumper.

One supporter said she waited with a 'tribe' on the Mount Street Bridge in North Sydney and waved Australian flags as a convoy passed underneath

A supporter claimed that she was waiting with a “tribe” on North Sydney’s Mount Street Bridge and waving Australian flags when a convoy went underneath. 

Supports stand over a bridge and wave the Australian flag as a convoy passes underneath in Queensland

While a convoy of Queenslanders passes under a Queensland bridge in Queensland, supporters stand above it and wave the Australian flag

One of the posters read, “God will protect freedom fighters,” 

Another read, “Leave my children alone.” Statistics prove that no jabs are necessary 

ACT Police reported that residents were warned to stay off the main roads due to the arrival of the first driver wave expected to enter the city at midday. 

A spokesperson stated, “ACT Policing expects protest activity today, which includes vehicles entering the ACT via Federal, Barton, or Monaro highways.” 

“Further disturbances may occur on Northbourne or Commonwealth Avenue as vehicles travel through the city toward Parliament House.

Police will monitor the protest and there may be some traffic disruptions. The police ask drivers to please avoid this area.

Canada’s ‘Freedom Convoy’ 

Up to 50,000 truck drivers drove their giant rigs into the Canadian capital Ottawa on Saturday as part of a self-titled 'Freedom Convoy' which started as a protest against vaccine mandates required to cross the US border

On Saturday, more than 50,000 truck drivers drove huge rigs through Ottawa as part of an unofficial “Freedom Convoy” protesting the US vaccine mandates. 

Up to 50,000 truck drivers drove their giant rigs into the Canadian capital Ottawa on Saturday as part of a self-titled ‘Freedom Convoy’ which started as a protest against vaccine mandates required to cross the US border.

Elon Musk, founder of Tesla and SpaceX, tweeted that the Tesla/SpaceX founders had endorsed the movement. The cause célèbre has also been celebrated by many in America’s right-leaning political parties.

The truckers carried the Canadian flag, waved banners demanding freedom, and shouted slogans against Justin Trudeau. Thousands of protesters joined them, angered at Covid-19 restrictions, as well the wider discontent that the government is causing.

The sound of hundreds upon scores of trucks, with their loud engines revving, made a huge ringing. There are estimates of between 10 and 200.000 truckers.

Families marched peacefully closer to Parliament on a bitterly cold and noisy day. Young people sang and the older crowd banged their pots and pans under Justin Trudeau’s windows. 

Canadian media reported that the Prime Minister and his family were taken out of their homes and to a hidden location in the capital. Much of the anger directed against Trudeau was captured on camera.

Philippe Castonguay (31-year-old businessman) protested outside Parliament Building.