All stadiums that host sporting events and the Premier League Football Clubs will be required by government officials to require vaccine passports from all fans starting this weekend.

Boris Johnson today pressed panic buttons, declaring that “Plan B” could be activated in a matter of minutes amid mounting fears about Omicron strain. Plans include a blanket order for remote work and increased mask-wearing.

The Premier League could be informed that vaccination passports are mandatory and all clubs must have proof of vaccine certificates.

The new rules will affect all Football League clubs, Premiership Rugby and horse racing meet participants, as well as every major sporting event this winter, until Omicron’s threat is eliminated.

Covid-19 vaccination spot checks for every fan could come to the Premier League imminently

Each fan may be required to have Covid-19 vaccine spot checked.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson has triggered 'Plan B' restrictions to stop the spread of Omicron

Boris Johnson, the Prime Minister has initiated ‘Plan B’ restrictions to prevent Omicron from spreading. 

Newcastle United player Javier Manquillo has his Covid status checked at St James' Park

Javier Manquillo from Newcastle United has his Covid status checked by St James’ Park

This weekend’s matches include 10 games. Tottenham and West Ham will host European fixtures at home on Thursday, following the introduction of new restrictions.

At the Premier League shareholder meeting last Friday, top-flight clubs debated new regulations.

The disruption will be a major problem for the supporters who have been only spot-checked by the vaccine department for certification within the first four months after the stadiums opened.

Fans are another threat to clubs, as they have allowed large crowds to match without being vaccinated or wearing masks.  

In response to growing alarm over the possibility of the NHS becoming overwhelmed by OmicronCovid variant cases, the Prime Minster introduced tougher restrictions prior to Christmas.

Later, a meeting of the Core ‘CovidO’ Cabinet Committee is planned to finalize the specific details. These include a blanket work-from-home order, compulsory mask wearing, and Covid Passports. 

Every fan attending a Premier League game from this weekend could have their Covid vaccination status checked outside the stadium

Each Premier League fan who attends a game this weekend may have his or her Covid status tested outside of the stadium 

Until now, only spot checks on vaccination status have taken place at football matches

Football matches have been the only venue where spot vaccinations were performed.

However, Johnson’s apparent action will be criticized as a “dead cat” tactic. This is when Johnson makes a huge newsworthy announcement to divert attention from another crisis. 

There had been expectations curbs would be ramped up before Christmas, but sources had been playing down the prospects it would be this week.  

This comes just days after an explosive video of No10 aides laughing about their illegal Christmas party was released. Sajid Javid cancelled interviews today.

Johnson apologized for the video in Prime Minister’s Questions at lunchtime. However, he denied there was a Christmas party. 

He apologized unreservedly. “But, I was repeatedly told that there wasn’t a party and no Covid rules had been broken.” 

Broadcasters brutally chaired Health Secretary Javid after he pulled out of public appearances due to footage of Allegra Straton, former press secretary of the PM, laughing about last year’s lockdown-busting meeting.

The footage of Ms Stratton was filmed on December 22 last year – four days after the alleged ‘boozy’ party and when London was under strict Tier 3 coronavirus curbs. 

This revelation comes after a week-long tortured denision by No 10, that there had been a party. Staff allegedly exchanged secret Santa gifts with each other and then drank into the early hours at what was said to be a party.

In the bombshell video a No 10 aide asks a question about 'a Downing Street Christmas party on Friday night', to which Allegra Stratton laughed and replied: 'I went home.'

Bombshell video: A No. 10 assistant asks about Friday’s Downing Street Christmas party. AllegraStratton replies laughing, “I went home!” 

The clip, discovered by ITV news shows Allegra Stratton, then the PM's press secretary, and Ed Oldfield, No10's head of digital, rehearsing a question and answer session in the No9 briefing room.

ITV News discovered the clip. It shows Allegra Straton (then the PM’s press secretary) and Ed Oldfield (No10’s head for digital), preparing for a question-and-answer session in No9’s briefing room.

The Government is preparing new plans to allow Britons to work remotely and to close offices. However, Tory MPs acknowledged that the video was ‘indefensible and catastrophic. This could lead to public resistance to more restrictions due to a lack of moral authority in No 10.

Some backbenchers have even suggested that Boris Johnson’s could be forced to resign unless he ‘holds his hands up’ because of the video, which calls into question his insistence that all the rules had been followed at the time.

The Covid crisis in Britain continued to rise yesterday amid the Omicron spiralling crisis. Cases increased again last week, and Boris Johnson warned that the super-mutant variant of Omicron is becoming more transmittable.

The government reported that there had been 45,691 additional positive tests in the last 24 hours. That’s an increase of 15% over last Tuesday’s number of 39,716.

Omicron is believed to be responsible for almost 2 percent of new infections. This means that up to 1000 people could become infected every day.

However, the true toll is only 437, as only a small fraction of samples have been analysed. The spread of this disease is already being warned by health chiefs in several regions.

Although the number of cases continues to climb, hospital admissions have remained flat at 0.7%. But they will likely rise as a result of infections in the days ahead. The number of deaths is already rising, with the figure jumping from 13.2% to 180.

Eminent epidemiologist Professor Tim Spector claimed infections of the highly evolved variant were doubling every two days. The above graph, based on MailOnline analysis, shows how the number of daily cases of Omicron could breach the 100,000 barrier before New Year's Day, if that pace continues

Prof. Tim Spector, an eminent epidemiologist claimed that infections from the evolved Omicron variant doubled every other day. Based on MailOnline analysis, the graph above shows that Omicron infections could surpass 100,000 before New Year’s Day if current trends continue.