Segregate the unvaccinated To combat the Omicron Covid variant, football clubs are instructed to divide their players into two jabbed, boosted and previously infected groups.

  • According to reports, the English Football League issued new guidance for segregating players
  • Football body has taken steps in effort to limit Omicron spread within the sport
  • Instructions have been given to the 72 clubs regarding how they group their players

According to reports, the English Football League issued new guidelines for segregating players into groups that are doubled against coronavirus and boosted by team coaches.

To combat the Omicron variant spreading, the Government introduced new measures. Now, the EFL (which covers all three leagues below the Premier League) has made steps to reduce the effect on football.

According to the League Two, League One, and Championship clubs, they are asked to consider how their teams split up players on trips to and from matches. The Telegraph 

According to the report, goalkeepers in the EFL divisions are not supposed to train together to reduce disruption and the risk of being ‘close contacts’ should they be positive for Covid.

In an attempt to stop matches being postponed during this typically busy holiday period, The EFL has reportedly sent new guidelines to all its members until the end next month.

Football clubs 'are told to split players into double jabbed, boosted, previously infected and unvaccinated groups' on team coaches as the EFL look to limit spread of Omicron variant

“Football clubs have been instructed to break players into two jabbed and boosted previously infected or unvaccinated groupings” on their team coaches, as part of the EFL’s efforts to control Omicron variant spreading.

EFL Players have been told to be aware of contact outside their own bubble, social distancing, and not everyone sitting down at the table at the same meal.

This news is coming after Tottenham’s Premier League match against Brighton was delayed due to the Covid epidemic at the camp. Spurs were also forced to postpone Thursday’s European Conference League game against Rennes.

Coronavirus is threatening English football. Top-flight officials sent an email to all clubs to inform them that they have decided to return to emergency measures.

The English Football League have reportedly issued new advice on coronavirus to 72 clubs

According to reports, the English Football League has issued new guidance on coronavirus for 72 clubs

Although teams were forced to adhere to stringent protocols following the return to football in June 2020 (including social distancing) they have gradually relaxed due to increased vaccination rates.

However, the Premier League informed each team that all long-standing emergency measures have been reinstated.

After the announcement by the Government, ‘Plan B’ will be implemented in England and spectators must show proof of vaccinations or negative lateral flow tests.

Boris Johnson, the Prime Minister of Russia, hosted a press conference on Wednesday at Downing Street in an attempt to unveil new measures as a response to the Omicron variant’s spread and rising numbers.

The new rules, which are expected to be in effect within a week, will require double vaccinations or negative lateral flow tests for anyone wishing to enter any venue that has more than 10,000 attendees. Next Wednesday will see four Premier League matches. 

A spokesperson for the EFL stated, “In light of Plan B Covid-19 mitigation measures being activated by the Government, the EFL will support all clubs required to admit Covid-certified fans from Wednesday December 15, onwards.

“Despite the difficult circumstances of the pandemic,” EFL clubs were able to adapt to meet the needs of their fans and have prepared for the extra layer in their matchday operation to make sure that supporters are able to continue watching their favorite team’s games with comfort over the winter.