Brits worried about another lockdown are scrambling to make last-minute appointments at stylists or barbers before Xmas, after having had enough of festive cocktails at the pub.

  • Fears of new restrictions led to women taking pictures while getting fresh haircuts.
  • The hairdressers claimed that they were run off the floor by their clients as they fought to book appointments
  • They have flocked to clean up their bars despite staying clear of clubs and pubs.
  • To avoid the Covid Omicron variant, many Britons have stayed inside.

Britons had to rush to their hairdressers in the run-up of Christmas, just in case Boris Johnson closed down salons.

The government is feared to drop additional curbs on Omicron cases, so women took pictures of their new trims.

Stylists said that they felt rushed as customers fought to secure the final bookings before the holiday season.

They flocked to tidy up their barnets despite steering clear of pubs which started shutting amid a scarcity of customers.

Britons have been working remotely and staying inside for many years to escape the Covid virus that is threatening their health.

Some women chose to take the risk to keep their hair healthy in preparation for the holiday season.

Laura Pearce shared a photo from the chair of her hairdresser while she was half-way through getting treated.

She explained that the government had no plans to lockdown her.

Lucy Bishop from Peterborough, said that her hairdresser had cut the hair extra in case of another lockdown.

Stonehouse Salon Wigan stated that the salon had been asked a lot for services during Christmas.

The backlog of men’s hairdressers was also apparent. Many reported opening later hours next week.

Devonshire Gent Barbers Harrogate announced that: “We will be open late next week starting Monday through Christmas Eve.”

The tweets added that they had a few slots left for a festive trim, before the big man comes!

Dam Fine Barbers of Lichfield stated that they are now open for business from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm today.

However, some people reported that their custom was dropping and they were experiencing financial difficulties due to the cancellation of Christmas parties.

Natalia Hair Studio, Rochdale in Manchester said that it was just trying to make ends meet and earning half of what it should at this point.

Owner Natalie Gaughran said customers had been dropping like flies over the last two weeks when they realised they would not need a glow up for work events.

According to her, the MeN was told by She: “Huge numbers were booked in for colours and blowaways. All have been cancelled.”

“I believe people also fear this new variant, and no one knows how to deal with it.

“Everybody seems know somebody who has Covid.

She added, “I’ve owned my business for fifteen years and it’s the worst I’ve ever seen.”

The UK was plunged into Level 4 Covid restrictions earlier this week as fresh restrictions were brought back in.

In February 2002, the threat level was last reached by the country. Hairdressers as well as barbers had been closed at that time.

However, the Prime Minister is refusing to submit to health chiefs’ demands to lock Britain again and to impose harsh measures.

Boris Johnson (pictured today) insisted that the Government does not want to 'lock stuff down', with Britons instead urged to 'prioritise' social events, get a booster and do a lateral flow test before meeting people

Boris Johnson (pictured today), insisted that Government is not looking to ‘lock things down. Instead, Britons were urged by Boris Johnson to prioritize social events, take a booster, and perform a lateral flow testing before meeting others.

Pubs across the country are closing due to lack of demand amid concerns about the Omicron variant.

But in a boost for boozers Rishi Sunak will return early from his trip to California to hold more talks with business chiefs in response to the crisis on Friday.

On Thursday, the Chancellor met with representatives from a variety of business and hospitality organizations.

Sunak stated that the Government had done everything possible to help people and their livelihoods during this pandemic. We will keep doing so.

“We know this is an extremely difficult time for businesses. Myself and my larger team spoke with business leaders earlier today. We listened and we will work together with them over the coming days.

“To preserve our economic recovery, the lives and livelihoods the British people’s priority is to now make sure that everybody has an opportunity to be boosted.