Tonight, eight hours of the NHS Covid Pass App will be down as the NHS provides ‘essential updates.

Those looking to travel between 10pm and 6am were urged to download their proof of a negative result.

According to the Department of Health, the interfering with the digital service was part of “planned maintenance”.

It comes as Britain’s response to the Omicron variant looks ever more chaotic, with the government website temporarily suspending the ordering of lateral flow tests.

The UK Health Security Agency (UKHSA) said people were stopping from getting them due to ‘exceptionally high demand’.

On Monday, the website advised users to either ‘try again later’ (or to make an appointment at a coronavirus testing site).

Those looking to travel between 10pm and 6am were urged to download their proof of a negative result

People who plan to travel from 10 pm to 6 am were encouraged to obtain their negative results.

The UK has no home lateral flow test available. Any supply will not be made before 7am today, at the same time as the Government telling many people to use them daily.

Twitter official account for the NHS announced that the Covid Pass app was going down on Tuesday afternoon at futon.

The message stated that the NHS COVID Pass would not be available from 10PM tonight to 6AM tomorrow morning in order to perform some necessary updates.

“If your Pass is needed to travel at these times, ensure you’ve downloaded a copy or saved it to your Apple Wallet/Google Pay.

According to the Department of Health, “Due to planned maintenance”, the digital NHS Covid Pass service will not be available from 10:00 on Tuesday 14th December.

“It will be again available at 6 a.m. Wednesday 15th December.

If you have to access your NHS Covid Pass at this hour, please download or print a copy before 10:59 PM.

“From December 15, you’ll need to make offline copies of the domestic COVID Pass before being able to use it in England or Wales.

You can either download a new PDF file or copy your current domestic NHS Covid Pass into your Apple Wallet, Google Pay or Google Pay.

You can use the app to show proof that you have a negative coronavirus testing result.

If the Parliament adopts new restrictions, then everyone in England must show proof of their Covid or vaccination status before they can enter any venue.

To get in they will needed to have had two jabs of vaccine, have taken a PCR or rapid lateral flow test within the last 48 hours, or are exempt from vaccination.

Meanwhile, the UKHSA announced that the Government’s website had been temporarily suspended for lateral flow testing because of “exceptionally high demand”.

It stated that the pause in service is temporary. The site’s availability will be refreshed each day. Users are encouraged to visit the site again starting on Tuesday.

Boris Johnson, a broadcaster was asked by BBC about the supply of vaccines during a trip to Paddington vaccination clinic in west London. Johnson replied that there is an’ready supply.

UKHSA spokeswoman said, “Everyone can obtain a lateral flow check at any local pharmacy or other community site. It is also available in schools and colleges.”

“Due in part to high demand for lateral flow testing on, we have temporarily suspended the order of these tests to fill existing orders.”

He also stated that there are plenty of LFTs available and that the government has adequate stock to satisfy demand.

According to the Prime Minister, they can obtain those tests because we have an abundance of lateral flow test.

“If it is impossible to get an item online, there will be plenty in stores.

“But, I think that, if I can say so. It also shows that people are doing sensible things, getting tested as well.



Double-jabbed individuals identified in England as contacts of Covid-19 will be asked to complete a rapid screening for Covid-19 every day starting Tuesday.

The new regulations will be up for debate in the Commons and voted on by the public this week. They could see the NHS Covid Pass, which is a digital version of the NHS app, becoming compulsory for club entry and large-scale gatherings. However, there may also be a home screening as an option for those who are not vaccinated.

On Twitter, one person wrote: “Tried ordering a lateral flow testing kit but the NHS site said they don’t have any!” I don’t know what’s happening!

Angela Rayner (Labour deputy leader) tweeted “Testing and safety are absolutely essential for keeping us safe, and allowing our people to make safer choices.”

“The government’s inability of procure properly, plan for civil contingencies and is reckless” Boris Johnson is not putting his priorities right.

Paul Taylor (a 37-year old pharmacy technician from Leeds) said that he is ‘frightened at the thought of not being able to order any flow tests.

“(I’ve) just recently begun to socialize normally (going to the gymnasium, attending large events, etcetera).

“Doing LFTs regularly has helped relieve the fear of possibly passing on anything that I felt during the pandemic.”

‘I’m scared because there are only two options for me without testing: 1) go out and risk spreading the virus to others or 2) stay in to return to my self-imposed lockdown.

Jessica Keogh (32-year-old London executive assistant) said that she was out of lateral flow testing and couldn’t order any more.

She said, “It is actually my concern that I won’t be able get them before Christmas. I will also worry about not being able visit my family.”

However, the availability of PCR home testing kits appeared to be unaffected.

Whitehall Source: “We have lots of tests. People can continue to get them through pharmacies and other websites.

“We have witnessed a surge of demand which has put pressure on the delivery system, rather than stock levels home test kit stocks.