Don’t moo-ve! ROOF cow gets stuck after it walks up the snow “ramp” which melts in Mongolia.

  • To get their cow off of the roof, the owners used a forklift. 
  • It ran onto roofs nearby after being unable to pull the cow’s skittishness down.
  • You can easily see the tiles that are damaged as the cow runs along the roofs  
  • The cow eventually jumped from the lowest point of the hill without any injuries. 

A group of people from Inner Mongolia attempted to save a cow stuck on a roof.

This video, uploaded to YouTube December 28th, shows the cow’s confused owner and other locals trying to figure out how they can get her down. The snow which formed a ramp on the roof had melted just as fast as Christmas Day. 

It had fallen to an extremely high level at Tongliao, a prefecture-level town in the eastern Chinese region of Inner Mongolia. The snow had to be shoveled against the building in order to remove the road.

A cow got stranded on a roof in Mongolia after heavy snowfall on Christmas day shovelled into a pile formed a temporary ramp, which soon melted, leaving the adventurous bovine stuck

After heavy snowfall in Mongolia on Christmas Day, a cow became stuck on Mongolia’s roof. A temporary ramp was made by a stack of shovelled snow, but it soon melted and left the brave bovine stranded. 

It was shoveled on the side and formed a ramp to the roof. The curious cow then walked up it.

It refused to go down once it was there and became stuck even after the snow melted quickly.

The owner of the large animal tried to lift the cow with a forklift, but it was too heavy and the stocky beast ran onto nearby roofs.

The cow's owners tried using a forklift and hay to tempt the bovine down, but to no avail

Although the owners of the cow tried to get it to stop using forklifts and hay, they were unsuccessful

Eventually, the wayward cow jumped down on its own from the lowest point - with no injuries

The cow, who was in a coma, jumped from its lowest point and landed on her own.

Even though several people tried to stop it from running, they couldn’t catch it. Instead, the tile fell down an incline, breaking the tiles and landing on the floor.

After the cow failed to move towards the forklift and the property owners became disillusioned, the ranchers tried again to capture it with hay.

To minimize damage to the roof’s roof, the team left the cow. However, the cow found a solution when it reached the lowest point of the roof and jumped onto the ground.