Steer clear! State troopers are assisted by cowboys who come to their aid and round up the cattle that have been running on an Idaho highway.

Two cowboys assisted Idaho State Police in capturing two calves that ran along an Idaho highway Sunday after they had run from their pasture.

Amanda Chapman captured the footage at I-84, an interstate highway connecting Idaho and Oregon. It was shot around 1.15 p.m. on January 2.

The footage shows cowboys riding on horses trying to herd the cow. One of the cattle is seen running out onto the roadway, passing Ms Chapman. 

The Facebook video was viewed more than 137,000 times by Ms Chapman. Idaho State Police released a statement condemning anyone who tried to slow down and film the cows.

Around 1.15pm on January 2nd, Idaho Police dispatchers were contacted by calls regarding cows that blocked traffic on the Idaho-Oregon interstate.

Idaha state trooper Weinstein and Sergeant Farley found two cows at a site where they were constructing. The other was safely away from the highway. 

Troopers initially tried to manage the cows with their patrol cars and direct them into their owners’ trailers, but that didn’t work.

Two cowboys riding on horses arrived and were able to bring the cows into their wagons after they had been removed from the roads.

The cattle bolt across the interstate in the footage as the people on horseback attempt to wrangle them back into their trailer in Idaho

While the horseback riders attempt to get the cattle into their Idaho trailers, the cattle run across the interstate.

The standoff between the bovine and the cowboys took hours to reslove before the cows were back in their pen

It took several hours for the cowboys and bovine to come to an agreement before they could return the cows back inside their pen.

It took several hours for the wrangling to be completed, with only a short closure of the highway as a reuslt.

All witnesses and cows were safe, and bovines are back inside their pen. 

Amanda Chapman, who filmed the scene, is heard narrating the footage saying: ‘We’ve got some cowboys and an angry cow taking off on the freeway’.

The Idaho State Police used Facebook to criticize drivers for speeding on interstates in an attempt to capture bizarre scenes.

They posted: ‘The happy ending almost didn’t happen. Passing motorists kept their eyes open and focused as Troopers and cowboys tried to get the cattle out of trouble.

State troopers had initially fails to marshal the bovines using their state police cruisers

Initial failure of state troopers to marshal bovines with their state police cruisers

In the footage, the cow bolts past police officers and cars to run back down the highway

The footage shows the cow running past cars and police officers to get back on the highway.

“However, other drivers kept their eyes on the road and took their hands from the wheel in order to take photos or videos.

“Several stopped on the interstate in the middle with cameras, and collisions were avoided because of those who kept their eyes focused.

‘To those alert drivers – thank you.’