In a bizarre scene, two cars collide with each other at high speed on a motorway. Then one driver pursues the other along the road brandishing his vehicle’s fragments as weapons in an outrageous road rage attack.

  • Incredible footage captures roadrage incidents on Sydney’s Motorway.
  • Video captures hatchback smashing into another car and then again hitting the vehicle. 
  • A man in high vis blocks traffic while displaying a piece of his vehicle, and he is wearing a mask.
  • The clip shows the man following another while holding on to the car. 

One man, holding a fragment of his wrecked car, chased another driver. The pair had been playing dodgem cars along a busy motorway.

Video from a Dashcam shows a silver hatchback trying split two cars during a dangerous overtake at a Sydney road. 

A silver Toyota hatchback collides into a station wagon in white, but later footage shows that it was attempting to run over the white vehicle.

Shocking footage of a road rage incident in Sydney shows a man brandishing a piece of his smashed car before chasing after the driver of the other vehicle

The silver hatchback collides with a white Toyota station wagon, before later footage shows it appearing to ram the white vehicle on purpose

Amazing footage shows an Australian man taking out a chunk of his broken car and chasing the driver behind it.

As he tries to turn off traffic, Nissan stops him. At some point, he is seen having an accident that will write off his car. 

Video cuts to an orange-colored man with high-vis sitting next to his wrecked hatchback, its bumper bar broken off and lying on top of it. 

The footage is even more bizarre, with the man following another man (presumably the driver of the station wagon), holding a fragment from his wrecked car.

He is wearing white and has a bag on his stomach. The man behind him, a man dressed in high-vis, chases after the man who’s furious. 

The dashcam footage from a driver behind the silver Nissan show the driver dangerously attempting to split two cars before clipping the back of the white Toyota. 

The Nissan then cuts off traffic attempting to take an offramp, with a man in orange high vis standing on the freeway with a piece of his broken car

As traffic attempts to turn off the Nissan, the Nissan cuts them off. A man dressed in an orange high-vis standing by the road with his broken car is also present.

The man in orange high vis chases another man up the motorway brandishing a piece of his smashed car

One man is wearing an orange hi vis and chases the other man on the motorway with a piece from his car smashed.