jewelry display

A jewelry box can quickly turn into a mess when necklaces knot together, earring backs go missing, and rings lose their stones. This common problem can happen to anyone who does not have a good organizational system for jewelry. There is nothing more frustrating for a jewelry lover than to start dressing for an evening out only to discover favorite pieces broken or lost. Fortunately, it only takes a few hours and some outside-the-jewelry-box thinking to untangle this problem.

Do-It-Yourself Jewelry Organizer

Creating a space to hang and organize jewelry can be as simple as buying a few 1 x 2 boards and adding hooks. Painting and decorating the boards can be the most fun part of the project. The top board and hooks should contain the smallest jewelry items such as earrings and rings. Placing boards in this order prevents the board with the largest items on it from concealing the other boards or even falling and knocking everything below down with it.

 A middle board with a long metal rod can hold bracelets, and a third board can be the place to put necklaces. Here are the necessary tools to complete this DIY project:

  • Two or more 1 x 2 boards cut to the desired length
  • Hooks in the preferred color
  • Paint, stain, and decals if desired to decorate the wood
  • Wooden dowel in a size that fits easily into the cup hooks
  • Tools, including drill, drill bit, sanding blocks, pencil, tape measure, and ruler
  • Hanging hardware or command hooks

Pegboards Can Be an Easier Option

People have long used peg boards for a variety of purposes ranging from organizing the garage to hanging artwork. One function they may not have considered is to use a pegboard and hooks to organize a jewelry collection. Anyone who would prefer for the pegboard not to show can complete a different DIY project to place it behind a wooden sign decoration.

Using a pegboard to organize jewelry comes with many benefits. First, people have complete control over the size or color of the board they choose. They can also select a pegboard with few holes or many, depending on the size of their jewelry collection.

Another benefit of pegboards is they contain mostly metal and are much stronger than the typical corkboard. People who have tried hanging jewelry on thumbtacks stuck to a bulletin board made from cork usually have disappointing results. The weight of the jewelry can cause the thumbtack to give way or the bulletin board itself could fall off the wall. Other advantages of using a pegboard to store and organize jewelry include:

  • They are lightweight and easy to transport
  • Numerous options for configuration
  • Easy assembly, just attach the pegboard to a wall and add hooks to it
  • Hooks come with the pegboard and lock easily for a secure hold

Like the wallboard option, people can organize their jewelry by type, size, or weight. The only difference is all items will be in one place on the pegboard instead of separate 1 x 2 wallboards. If the person with the jewelry collection every changes her mind about the location of the pegboard, moving it is as simple as picking it up with no disassembly required.

Image Credit: GLady from Pixabay