Unnerving moment: 21-year-old woman spots creepy male taking pictures of her while she is alone on the beach.

  • As she sunbathed on the beach, a young woman captures a man snapping photos.
  • This 21-year old was enjoying sunbathing in Melbourne’s Bayside.
  • Quickly, she started to record unwelcome visitors prompting them to leave. 
  • A woman from Melbourne said that she uploaded the video to remind people to be vigilant 

One young lady shared her disturbing encounter with a creepy man while sunbathing on a Melbourne beach. 

Ruby Dow (21 years old) was enjoying the sunshine in the Bayside Area this weekend, when an unsolicited spectator grabbed his smartphone and began snapping pictures. 

Ms Dow decided that the man needed a little taste of her own medicine. She pulled out her cell phone and started recording. The onlooker quickly turned around. 

Ms Dow wanted to offer the “creepy” spectator some of her own medicine. She pulled out her smartphone to record, prompting him quickly to walk away.

‘I didn’t pull out my camera until I realised what he was doing… the second I did he turned around and left,’ she explained in the comments of the video. 

Daily Mail Australia spoke out to Ms Dow, saying she shared the footage with TikTok so that other young beach women would be reminded to stay vigilant.

“My intent to post this incident was to only remind other women that their safety is not guaranteed, particularly when out in public alone,” she stated. 

Viewers quickly sympathized with the 21 year-old, and others also shared stories of scary encounters. 

Ruby Dow, 21, (pictured) was soaking up the sun in the Bayside Area over the weekend when an unwelcome onlooker pulled out his phone and started taking photos of her

Ruby Dow (21 years old) was enjoying the sunshine in the Bayside Area this weekend, when an unsolicited visitor pulled out his smartphone and began taking pictures of her

“It’s terrible that this has happened!” One said that some people should be left alone. 

‘I had one old buzzard hounding me the last time I went solo it’s so s*** you can’t sit at the beach and just enjoy it,’ a second woman commented. 

“Oh, babe! I am so sorry that this has happened to you!” This happened to me once before, so I can understand the terror it causes.’ A third person shared. 

“Yes, always be alert, someone was at the beach in the bushes taking photos of mum,” a fourth remembered. 

Ms Dow told Daily Mail Australia she posted the footage to TikTok to remind other young women on the beach alone to remain vigilant

Daily Mail Australia was informed by Ms Dow that she uploaded the footage to TikTok in an effort to warn other beach-going young ladies to be vigilant.