Patricia Cornwell is a crime writer and reveals her frustration in trying to come up with politically-correct solutions to forbidden words by the woke progressives.

  • Patricia Cornwell (65) says that she must find politically correct words for her books
  • Cornwell explained that some words were forbidden by ‘wokeist progressives’
  • She said that everyone is so concerned about offending everybody in an interview
  • She criticised social media for its ‘brutal categories’ that cause ‘endless rage’

Patricia Cornwall is an American crime writer. She said it was necessary to use politically correct terms to describe people because “everybody’s too worried about offending everybody”.

According to the best-selling author, she spent 45 minutes researching how to describe fisherman. She also spoke out against social media’s alleged discriminatory nature. 

She spoke with Sunday Times about her abandonment by her psychotic father and mother. Then she focused on current political pressures facing writers.

Cornwell, 65-years-old, stated to the newspaper, “Progressives” are wokeists who forbid certain words.

Best-selling author Patricia Cornwell, 65, revealed she recently spent 45 minutes trying to figure out the least offensive way to refer to people who fish before settling on 'fisherfolks'

Patricia Cornwell (65) is a best-selling author. After spending 45 minutes searching for the right way to address fisherfolks, she settled on using the term ‘fisherfolks.

She stated that she deals with these issues all the while. You must “crewe it”.

“It took me 45 minutes to find the right way to address people who fish for their livelihood. They can’t be called “fisherman”. They were called fisherfolks by me.

Everyone is worried about offending everyone. When will they say that you don’t have to call them black holes anymore? I wonder what it will look like? What will it be?

Cornwell also criticized social media’s ‘brutal category’ and ‘endless anger’.

She stated, “Instead bringing everyone together it’s divisive.”

They keep telling us that we’re different. They treat us differently because we are different. It’s a shame.

“This must change or we will all die.”

Cornwell, five years old at the time, described her father’s walk out of their family home Christmas Day.

Marilyn Graham, Marilyn’s mother, was obsessed with Billy Graham. She even moved her children from Florida so she could be near the Graham family in North Carolina.

She lit her children’s clothing and went to Graham’s house. Ruth was given a note by Billy asking for help.

Before the Fostering of their children, they lived with the Grahams for just a few months.

Cornwell stated that her foster parent was an abusive bully and she became anorexic as a teenager.  

Cornwell stated, “I’ve lived a strange life.”

“And it was not my request and I probably didn’t deserve it.” Sometimes it’s felt like a fairytale, and other times it was a terrible fairytale. However, you cannot have fairytales that are good without having bad fairytales.

It is said that the worst things are often your greatest treasures. 

Patricia Cornwell also criticised social media for its 'brutal categories' that cause 'endless rage'. She said: 'Instead of pulling everybody together, it's divisive.'

Patricia Cornwell also condemned social media because of its “brutal categories” that can cause a ‘endless rage”. She stated, “Instead of pulling everyone together it’s divisive.”

Cornwell has just realised her 25th book focused on her iconic character, forensic scientist Kay Scarpetta, who she first introduced in 1990

Cornwell is just finishing her 25th book, which will be a tribute to Kay Scarpetta, the forensic scientist who Kay introduced her first in 1990.

Cornwell was married to Charles Cornwell between 1980 and 1989, but she is now married Dr Staci Gruber. She met him in 2004.

She is a major donor to the Republicans. She owns a helicopter, a Ferrari FF 2012 and a Ferrari FF 2012. However she admits that her Harley-Davidsons have been sold and that she doesn’t keep guns anymore at home. 

Elle added, “I don’t need them… Don’t be surprised if I say I don’t have a gun at the moment.

Cornwell was credited with revolutionizing the crime genre through the introduction of Kay Scarpetta (forensic scientist) in 1990. Scarpetta has featured as the main character in 25 of her novels.

  • Autopsy, the new Kay Scarpetta thriller, is published by HarperCollins, out on November 25 at £25.