Humbug bear! A curious cub stores an inflatable snowman ornament in Florida’s front yard.

  • Bear captured destroying Christmas decoration overnight in Apopka, Florida
  • Mother bear and three cubs seen walking through backyard by doorbell camera
  • A cub is seen removing a snowman by light display on December 14.

Security cameras captured a bear in Florida destroying Christmas decorations.    

A mother bear and her three cubs were filmed wandering onto the lawn of a house in Apopka, Florida when one of the intruders launched an attack on an inflatable snowman decoration on December 14. 

A doorbell camera captured the footage at 4:15am. The large ornament from the Christmas lights display was used to capture the suspect.  

A mother bear and her three cubs wandered onto the lawn of a house in Apopka, Florida when one of the cubs launched an attack on a snowman decoration on December 14

A mother bear, her three cubs and a baby wandered onto the Apopka lawn. On December 14, one cub attacked the snowman ornament.

The footage, taken by a Ring doorbell camera at around 4:15am, shows the furry culprit getting into a wrestling match with the large decoration

This footage was captured by Ring’s doorbell camera around 4:05am. It shows the furry victim engaging in a wrestling match using the large decoration

The cubs can be seen walking on the lawn before one stands up on his hind legs and pushes down one of the two snowmen.

While the cub is still walking behind, the bear pulls down the ornament as the bells of the decorations jingle.

MSN was informed by the homeowner that a mother bear with her cubs had been foraging in my backyard when one cub decided to engage in a wrestling match against the snowman I have lit up at Christmas. The bear was victorious.  

But this isn’t a first sighting of a cub bear doing festive decorating. 

Neighbor Donna Hargett of Monrovia shot a video of a furry cub ‘attacking’ an inflatable reindeer Christmas decoration in California.  

Last week she filmed the hilarious scene of Rudolph the Reindeer grappling with the inflatable.

KCBS-TV was told by her that she looked up to see the reindeer jumping onto it. “I laughed out loud in the street.  

Video shows the young cub wrestling with the inflatable in vain as a larger bear believed to be its mother looks on calmly

A video of the little cub grappling with an inflatable is shown. The mother bear, who was believed to have been larger than the cub, watches the action calmly.

A bear cub has been spotted attacking an inflatable reindeer Christmas decoration in California

California’s bear cub was seen attacking a Christmas ornament made of reindeer inflatables.

The video shows the cub fighting with the inflatable, while a bigger bear that is believed to be the mother watches calmly.

As the big decoration keeps resurfacing after it’s attacks, all efforts by the cubs to defeat their foe fail. 

Hargett stated that he believed it was pissed at its territory. “And then, you could see it was the motherma who had the baby.”