White woman claims she was accused of being racially confused because her hair is curly and she has used lip fillers. She also loves to fake tan. 

Robyn Warren, from Newcastle-under-Lyme, Stoke-on-Trent, says ‘ignorant’ online trolls regularly tell her she’s ‘blackfishing’ – and have even trawled back through old photos of her to try and prove she once had straight hair. 

She was born to white parents at 22 years old. People have accused her, she says, of trying to alter her natural features so that her appearance is mixed-race.

An anonymous troll created a TikTok profile to look into her past, and pulled up photos from family member’s social media accounts to show that she was once more white-looking. 

Robyn Warren, a 22-year-old betting shop worker from Newcastle-under-Lyme, Stoke-on-Trent, has tight highlighted curls, full lips - thanks to fillers - and admits she loves fake tan

Robyn Warren, a 22-year-old betting shop worker from Newcastle-under-Lyme, Stoke-on-Trent, has tight highlighted curls, full lips – thanks to fillers – and admits she loves fake tan

She says her TikTok account has been targeted by people attacking the way she looks, accusing her of 'blackfishing' and trying to look racially ambiguous

People have been attacking her TikTok page, she claims. They accuse her of blackfishing and trying to appear racially confused.

Some of the comments Warren has received on social media - she denies that she's trying to look different from her white heritage, saying 'not all white people look the same'

Warren received some comments on social media. She denies trying to be different than her white heritage.

Warren says she has Italian heritage on her mother's side, which means she tends to tan easily

Warren claims she is Italian-American and tans easily because of her Italian heritage.

TikToker claims that she is not of mixed race, and that her natural curly hair looks great.

A customer service employee also said that fake tan, and the backlash against them is unfair because she thinks it’s the “norm” among her peers. 

Warren stated that “The entire reason people first started attacking me is because they couldn’t grasp how someone white can have curly locks.”

« I also have a fake tan, and I applied 0.5ml lip-filler.

“It is a very small amount of lip filler. Before that, my lips were already large and naturally dark. I only use fake tan when on vacation.

“Because I have all these aspects, people assume I am mixed-race.” When I told them I was not they suggested that I try to be black. But this isn’t the truth.

‘I do not think that I am mixed race and it is hard to believe. My mom’s relatives are olive skinned. They tan very well, which is why they tan so well while on vacation.

One TikToker set up an account to investigate her heritage, claiming to have found photos of Warren with straight hair to prove she's had a perm

One TikToker started an account to look into her history. It claimed she found pictures of Warren’s straight hair and that they can prove she has had a perm.

The customer service worker reveals she had 0.5ml of lip filler injected into her lips in April this year to even out her lip shape on her already 'naturally big' pout

A customer service employee revealed to us that she had 0.5ml Lip Filler injected in her lips in April of this year. This was done to correct her already large pout.

Warren says she 'can see that blackfishing is an issue. I've seen people when you know they're white and all of a sudden they've got box braids and they're raiding the sunbeds - it's obvious that they're trying to look black' - but says that not what her own style is about

Warren claims she can see the problem with blackfishing. Warren says she can see that blackfishing is an issue.

“A lot of people say that I do a backcomb and make my hair look like an Afro. But it is just me. I wash my hair in the shower, apply a little product and let it dry naturally.

My younger self was photographed when I did my hair daily. People think this was my natural hair, but now my perm is the opposite.

“Once people learn that you have received a little filler, they automatically assume you are trying to make yourself black and unhappy with your white features.” However, most of the girls I know who have used lip filler say the same thing.

“I do the same thing as everyone else, but my hair makes it seem that I’m not white.”

Warren insists that her curly hair is a legacy of her dad, while her mum has Italian roots and her mum tans easily in the sun.

Fake tanning was something she did when she was 18, and it is still something that she does. She now uses a sunscreen every weekend.

After having a period of straight hair during her teenage years, she says she now embraces her natural curls

She says that after having her hair styled in the teen years, her natural curls are now her favorite.

Customer service representative also claimed she received 0.5ml lip filler in April to improve her pout.

People watching her videos on the internet assumed her to be mixed-race because she had curly locks and plump lips.

Unidentified troll made an account of her in order to expose her for “blackfishing”, posting photos from her old days to show she used look more white.

Warren said, “Someone found photos of a girl on Facebook that looked a lot like me. I assumed it was me. But by the time this picture was published, I had not even met my friend.”

“Then they took pictures of me as a child, when I would straighten my hair daily because my hair was so bad.

“They believe that it was my natural hair, and it’s now a perm. But it’s actually the opposite. 

She's hit back at those who've criticised the way she looks, calling them 'ignorant'

She has reacted against those who have criticised her looks calling them ignorant

'I'm just myself': Warren says she just embraces her own individual style and isn't trying to deny her white heritage

Warren: “I am just me” Warren claims she is just accepting her individuality and not trying to hide her heritage. 

 ‘I started embracing my curls when I was 14 and then it took me years to get them to properly come back.’

She claims that the photo on her trolling account, which features a girl with pale skin and blonde hair, is not of her. Instead, it is of a girl from the same area who has similar eyes.

She claims the trolls aren’t believing her. When she said that she wasn’t trying change her race or doesn’t want it to, she was called a racist.

As she’s been subject to a lot of abuse, she had to shut down the comments section for most videos.

Robyn commented, “I do my best to defend myself. But there is no way of winning.”

It’s not fair for anyone to attack someone online just because they want a little lip filler or fake tan. While it isn’t my intention to appear racially insensitive, I am just being myself.

“I received a comment that said “it’s racist” and I replied, “RACIST”.

“It makes absolutely no sense because people are saying they think I’m racist because I try to be black. Then, when I reply that I don’t want black to appear black, it’s also racist. It is impossible for me to win.

“I am not a racist. It’s just that I stand for my rights, and it gets a little too much. It can get upsetting, because it is an awful thing to have been accused of.

Customer service representative slammed angry commenters for being ‘ignorant’. She said that ‘not all white people are the same’ and that certain characteristics, such as her naturally curled hair, do not belong to one race.

According to her, these online trolls that attack girls just like herself are taking away the “real problem” of blackfishing.

She says when she challenges people over the negative comments, she's accused of being racist, saying: 'I know that I'm not a racist, I'm literally just standing up for myself but it does get a bit much. It gets upsetting because it's an awful thing to be accused of'

She says when she challenges people over the negative comments, she’s accused of being racist, saying: ‘I know that I’m not a racist, I’m literally just standing up for myself but it does get a bit much. This is a terrible accusation. It’s upsetting.

Robyn stated, “I believe it’s an ignorant way of seeing things to assume that features such as curly hair and big lips are only for black people when in fact it isn’t.”

‘It’s not as if every white person is the same, with blonde hair and pale skin. But that’s what these people who are attacking me seem to think.

I can see! [that blackfishing is]This is a problem. People can look different from their white counterparts.

“But people who attack someone online to get a little lip filler or fake tan take it too far. This is not my intent to make me look racist, it’s just how I am.