Dan Brown (author of “The Da Vinci Code”) has settled his lawsuit against his ex-wife. He was accused of living a double life and having spent money on women with whom he had an affair, which included her horse trainer. 

Blythe, aged 69, filed a lawsuit against the author last year. This was one year after their divorce. In a lawsuit, she accused the author of having’sordid extramarital affairs’ as well as’secretly plundering substantial amounts of marital assets.

It is not known what the details of this settlement will be. Author, who had a net worth of $160million at the time, filed countersuits for slander, libel and defamation, but she claimed that her accusations were fiction.

The 53-year old writer was initially worried about the allegations affecting his career. However, his publisher assured him that it would benefit his sales.

‘Are you kidding? Everyone thinks you’re the most boring guy in the world… multiple affairs with beautiful women, finally there’s a story!’ According to Sunday Times, the publisher said that he had told the truth. 

Brown claimed that the claims of his ex-wife were unfounded in an interview with Mail, Sunday August 2020. 

“She was trying to throw everything at the wall hoping that something would stick.” Although we both understand why she was angry, she also had the right to be upset. But we weren’t alone and looked elsewhere for fulfillment. 

Her claims were not entirely false. Brown admitted to having affairs with a 30-year-old Dutch horse trainer, Judith Pietersen, whom Blythe had hired look after her own prized show ponies.

According to the Mail, the author said that the affair began after his divorce. 

Dan Brown with his ex-wife Blythe, at The Da Vinci Code Party on the 59th International Cannes Film Festival 2006.

Brown confessed to affairs with Judith Pietersen (30 year old Dutch horse trainer), whom Blythe hired to look after her prized show ponies. 

Pietersen was able to spend extravagantly and gave Pietersen LimiTed Edition, a Fresian horse named LimiTed Edition for $350,000.

Brown claimed that Brown’s ex-wife had 10 top-quality horses and outed him only because she wanted to own the animal for herself ‘to inflict pain upon the woman her husband loved’.

Brown said to Mail last Sunday that they are happy and still very much together.

According to him, his ex-wife received plenty.

The Da Vinci Code, published in 2003, was Brown's fourth novel

The Da Vinci Code was Brown’s fourth novel, which was published in 2003.

He stated that he had given Blythe half the amount of my earnings and added more.

Blythe is also a writer and claimed she created the original concept for author’s bestseller, “The Da Vinci Code”. This book has been sold over 80 million copies around the world. It was later made into a movie with Tom Hanks, which grossed $758 millions at the Box Office.

Actually, in 2006, during the trial against The Da Vinci Code’s publisher, witnesses testified that Blythe had been an integral contributor to the thriller. 

This book was written by a professor and revealed the truth about Jesus’ marriage to Mary Magdalene. It launched him into a career that drew the fury of the Vatican.

Ex-wife claimed that he kept future projects from her like a children’s book that was worth millions.

Harvey Wolkoff’s lawyer for Blythe Brown stated, “Blythe Brown, Dan Brown, have achieved an amicable solution to their disagreements. They request privacy and closure.

The settlement was not further described.

In his first interview since July's sensational lawsuit, the American author reveals that he is countersuing Blythe (pictured), his wife of 21 years, in part for libel and slander, saying her claims are so far-fetched they belong in a novel

The American writer, who is his 21-year-old wife, has revealed that he’s countersuing Blythe (pictured), in his first interview since the sensational lawsuit in July. He said her claims were so absurd they should be in a novel.

The author spoke out to the Mail on Sunday, August 20, 2020. He said that he had been countersuing Blythe (his wife of 21-years) in part for libel, slander and other claims.

“I am not going to make fun of my ex-wife like she made fun of me.” However, the suit was written without regard to the truth.

“She was given half the amount of all things [in the divorce, which was finalised in December]It was more than half, in fact. I am shocked she is coming back to get more. I also completely disagree with her version of events. This has been quite sobering. 

His counter-claim claimed their marriage had been ‘increasingly disorganized’. He said that 2004 was the start of the end due to the influx in wealth after publication of The Da Vinci Code.

Brown also claims that she was not a “devoted wife” or an “innocent victim”, but rather, she engaged in “conduct that made the marriage one in name only by the end 2014,”

He claims in one instance that his wife told him after he had given a New York speech in 2013: “It turns me stomach to see you on stage.” You are no longer who I recognize. 

He claims that his passion for exercise and physical fitness was also mocked by her, calling it “vain and superficial”. 

He says that Blythe abandoned him when his mother died in June 2017, after having fought with cancer for many years. She was on vacation in the Caribbean with her companions.

According to their story, their intimate relationship ended in December 2014. They both tried to find their own way of filling the gap in their lives.

It was Brown's relationship with their Dutch horse trainer, Pietersen, which appears to have rankled the most. While reluctant to talk in depth about his Dutch lover, Brown says: 'We're very much together and very happy'

Brown’s relationship to Pietersen, their Dutch horse trainer was the one that seemed most tense. Brown, who is reluctant to discuss his Dutch girlfriend in great detail, said: “We are very much together and very happy.”

Blythe spent increasing amounts on equestrianism during their marriage (it allegedly cost her more than $10million to keep up with the hobby). It was also about dating.

“Our marriage ended a long while ago. He said, “We just parted ways.”

“We had a great time and we were great together for quite a while, but then, life happened, and it was just that we evolved apart, as people do. We were great together, but it was hard to part with our love. 

“It was sad but it hurt deeply.” He claims he tried very hard to make the marriage work.

He took up riding lessons to try and close their ‘growing gap’. “I asked her many times if I could go to marriage counseling, and she declined.

Brown’s relations with Pietersen, their Dutch horse trainer was what seems to have ranked the highest.   

Brown, who is reluctant to speak in detail about his Dutch love, says that he and his Dutch partner are very close.