Media manager Bruno Bouchet shared a photo of the $600 to Instagram on Monday

Bruno Bouchet, Media Manager shared an image of the $600 on Instagram Monday

The father of two revealed to his child that the tooth fairy had paid $600 to her for the loss of her first pearly white. However, he admitted that the rate has increased in recent years.

Bruno Bouchet is a media manager based in Sydney. He shared an image of the hard money to Instagram Monday night, before his family fairy placed it under the pillow of his oldest child. 

‘Far out! Since I was young, the going rate of the tooth fairy has risen dramatically. Juliette received $600 for her first tooth,” he said.

His explanation was that $600 was the fair price for their first tooth, and $400 each for any subsequent ones.  

‘The price of toys nowadays has skyrocketed, for example the LOL Surprise doll house is $400… which is what every four-year-old girl wants at the moment,’ Mr Bouchet told Daily Mail Australia.

“The going rate appears really high, but we don’t want our girl to be left behind in the world of other children.”

One in every twelve of Mr Bouchets’ 12,000 followers was shocked at the cost of a single tooth in 2021.

“She made more this week than I did,” said one man. One man stated, “I am going to get all my teeth out tonight.”

‘Now I feel like a real tighta*** lashing out a whole $5 for my kids’ first teeth,’ said another.

He explained that the family were told $600 was a fair price for the first tooth and then it's $400 for every other tooth they lose

His explanation was that $600 was the fair price for their first tooth, and $400 each for any subsequent ones.

TV personality Beau Ryan (left)commented that his son Jesse received $700 for his first tooth

Beau Ryan (left) commented on TV that Jesse got $700 for his first teeth.

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The third was: “Back in the day, all we got to be $2.”

Beau Ryan, a TV personality commented on the $700 his son Jesse got for his first tooth.

Breakfast radio host Jackie “O” Henderson stirred controversy in 2017 when she revealed that her daughter got $10 per tooth. 

KIIS FM: The mother stated that her note was left under Catalina Kitty’ Mae’s pillow by Catalina ‘Kitty’ Mae after losing two of her front teeth.

Jackie O stated, “Well, I did $1-$2 to get the bottom tooth and then I discovered that the market rate for teeth is $10.”

“I did not know that I had been underpaying, but the tooth fairy knew. Her friends were getting $10, and she just began to tell them. There is no [she didn’t cry]But she was thrilled to have $10.

Plenty of Mr Bouchet's 12,000 followers couldn't believe the price of a tooth in 2021

Many of Mr. Bouchet’s 12,000 fans couldn’t believe what a single tooth cost in 2021.

A mother-of-one shared in the humorous segment that $5 was added to her bill after she failed to get the tooth taken with her the night before.

‘[I told Kitty]The tooth fairy was probably distracted, so it’s possible she will return tonight to collect the money. Jackie O confirmed that she had done so and left behind $5. 

Justin Coulson is an Australian parenting expert. Six of his daughters claimed that paying $10 for a wedding was excessive, however he did not consider it to be outrageous.

Daily Mail Australia learned that his 6-year-old daughter lost one of her teeth the week before.

The letter from the tooth fairy stated that she had lost her tooth and needed a payment. She didn’t mind how much, but she wanted to leave a note.

“So, I gave her $10 since she took so much effort to send me a note. She’s such an adorable girl and I thought her note was fair.

Jackie 'O' Henderson revealed she paid her six-year-old daughter Kitty $10 per tooth in 2017

Jackie “O” Henderson disclosed that she paid Kitty $10 per tooth for her 6-year-old daughter in 2017.

His daughter, who had lost another tooth, wrote him a second letter the next day.

“This time, she requested a $20 or $50 gift card… So, I gave her a pair of my dollars,” the father stated.

He stated that tooth fairy is a fun concept and should be enjoyed with family members. Parents shouldn’t compare themselves to others. 

“I don’t believe there should be any rules. Give what you feel most comfortable with. There are nights when I am unable to give any money, while others where I feel generous. 

A treat for $10 doesn’t sound bad. However, think about their age and which tooth they had. Also, look at what your wallet has. And remember that it might be completely different next month.

“Every family’s story is different. There is no consistency. It doesn’t seem like there is an answer. [to how much is too much]. It’s all just a little bit of fun to be a tooth fairy.