No doubt, the Civil Service as well as sclerotic agencies of government that have a major impact on our daily lives are in dire need of reform.

They performed poorly during lockdown. Even with Covid restrictions removed, the situation remains dire.

The DVLA’s apparent institutional incompetence has caused drivers to have to wait up to three months to get a driving license. This frustrates motorists as well as worsening the HGV driver shortages.

Long delays in the delivery of new passports can ruin holidays. Similar problems exist when it comes to granting probate.

Boris Johnson has described their attitude as a ‘manana culture’ – never do today what you can put off until tomorrow.

He is correct to order a “bonfire of bureaucrats” in an attempt to address this problem.

This philosophical attack is long overdue. 

Boris Johnson has described the attitude of the Civil Service as a 'manana culture' and has ordered a 'bonfire of bureaucrats'. He is pictured at the Churchill China Factory in Stoke yesterday

Boris Johnson has described the attitude of the Civil Service as a ‘manana culture’ and has ordered a ‘bonfire of bureaucrats’. Yesterday, he was photographed at Stoke’s Churchill China Factory.

The great blob of Left-wing, Remain obduracy at the heart of Whitehall tries to thwart or slow down every Conservative reform – from post-Brexit trade deals to the Rwanda immigration policy.

By slashing the size of the Civil Service by 91,000 – a fifth – and investing in new technology, the Prime Minister hopes to clear backlogs and free up billions of pounds to ease the cost of living crisis.

Ministers are likely to face fierce opposition from Labour and unions. However, staff numbers will return to levels of 2016.

These reforms, no matter how successful they may be, take time. Families don’t have time, especially with the current living crisis. 

Johnson is open to the possibility of a windfall income tax on profits from energy giants to assist struggling households.

While this newspaper believes strongly in free market principles, corporations have been stealing loyal customers for years.

While we are not opposed to a grab at once, it is hard in light of the hardships that it would cause to be condemned.

Given that this will reduce the likelihood of Labour government 2024, firms need to know which side of their bread is buttered.

Additionally, the PM must increase income by reducing tax and VAT as well as scrapping hated and green levies.

For tomorrow, long-term solutions can be very useful. They won’t be able to heat or pay for the mortgage, nor will they provide food and shelter for the family.

Smart M-ways are not so clever

For years the Department for Transport and National Highways have been trying to tell us smart motorways were safe – safer even than traditional highways.

We knew this was impossible based on common sense. The hard shoulder is the last defence against the carjacking motorist. 

They said no. Smart motorways are associated with fewer fatalities and accidents, according to research.

The Department for Transport and National Highways have been saying for years that smart motorways, like the M3 pictured here in Surrey, are safe

For years, the Department for Transport and National Highways has maintained that smart motorways like this one in Surrey are safe.

Today, this myth is debunked. 

An investigation by the Mail revealed that fatalities and serious injuries for motorists who were not in good health on motorways was significantly higher than those of other drivers.

Do we need any more evidence to prove that these roads are death traps?

Sadiq is now addicted to marijuana

Sadiq Khan, in a pathetic effort to seem relevant, has created a commission that will examine the UK’s decriminalization of cannabis.

The showboating London mayor decided to announce the move here and instead went on a photo shoot at a Los Angeles cannabis farm.

However, cannabis is intrinsically linked with the gangs that bring violence to our streets.

Sadiq Khan, the Mayor of London, visited a cannabis farm in Los Angeles as part of his tour of the US

Sadiq Khan was the London Mayor and visited Los Angeles’ cannabis farms as part his US Tour.

Khan does not have the power to amend laws. Instead of engaging in extravagant stunts, Khan should focus his efforts on fighting the growing problem of capitalist drug- and knife crime.

While it’s less fun than Californian excursions, his wage is far more valuable to the people who employ him.